Best Years for Boy Groups – Part 2/3

Here I will go through another 14 boy groups and tell you which year I think they were at their best, and why. This is entirely subjective, and based on how much I liked their music for each year, and has very little to do with their views or sales etc. No groups that debuted later than 2017 will be included in any of these posts, since I wanted a few years to choose from. Also, I will include disbanded groups, because they were great and I miss them. Continue reading

The 14 Kpop Artists Who Impacted My Music Library Most in 2018


Hey, guys! It’s been a while. It feels like I’m only posting when something awful has happened lately, but not today! I got in this crazy blogging mood, so I decided to ride that wave. Therefore, starting with this one, you can expect a whole slew of posts coming up, all of them concerning the kpop released during 2018. This first one will count down the 14 kpop artists who contributed most to my music library during the past year, i.e. the ones I’ve downloaded the most songs from. Continue reading

Review of June

I was gone for pretty much all of June, and writing regular reviews for anything this long after they’d been released both didn’t make sense, nor was it something that I at all felt like doing. But there are some releases from that month which are worth talking about. This is in no way a review of every release from June; it is simply a selection of the releases that I feel the need to speak about. Continue reading

Ranking of All My Male Kpop Groups (as of January 2016)

This is an extremely hard thing to do. I took all the male groups listed here (as of January 19th 2016) and put them all in order based on how much I like the GROUP RIGHT NOW. So this is not about how much I’m in love with each individual bias, and this is not a static list. It is bound to change, probably by tomorrow. But isn’t that what’s so fun about this wild ride of a genre? You never know how you’ll feel tomorrow.  Continue reading