Opinionated Profile of JJCC


JJCC did make it onto my list of favorite rookies of 2014, but had I written it today, they would definitely have been higher on it. It’s been less than three weeks since I wrote that, but things have most certainly changed. Back then I called their second single a mess, hadn’t yet heard their third single, which I love and could still only identify Eddy. Now I don’t think their second single was a mess, I quite like it, I have heard and loved “Fire” and I know all the members. It’s amazing how things can change in just 21 days. (And yes, I didn’t write this today. Obviously, since that list was posted way longer ago. I’m in the past!)

5. E.co


Birth name: Ha Joon Young

Stage name: E.co

Birthday: March 13, 1987

Official height: 186 cm

Position: Rapper

Comment: Oh look, it’s baby G-Dragon! I mean, come on. E.co looks a little like a ore delicate version of G-Dragon to me in general, but in this hair I don’t think there’s anyone that can deny the resemblance.

I like E.co. I like his rapping, and he’s absurdly cute, I really don’t buy that he’s the oldest. But vibe-wise he does nothing for me. And I need a vibe, I need it bad!

4. Simba


Birth name: Kim Young Jin

Stage name: Simba

Birthday: June 30, 1992

Official height: 184 cm

Position: Rapper, Leader

Comment: I just can’t buy it that Simba’s supposed to be shorter than E.co. I mean, in the debut video, didn’t he look distinctly taller? You guys all see it too, don’t you? No, I don’t buy it. Simba is most certainly taller.

Simba has an absurdly deep voice, which I love. I have a tendency to bias rappers with deep voices, but I guess Simba is proof that that isn’t all it takes.

I just found out that apparently Simba is a 2NE1 fanboy, and his bias is CL, which just proves to me that this is a man of excellent taste. Apparently he likes her for her aura and charisma, which is yet another proof that he knows what he’s doing. You go, Simba. (But back off, she’s mine.)

3. Prince Mak

prince mak

Birth name: Henry Prince Mak

Stage name: Prince Mak

Birthday: May 24, 1990

Official height: 179 cm

Position: Vocalist

Comment: I’ve always felt a little disconnected from Prince Mak, because he wasn’t in the debut video, and that feeling’s still lingering. It did get a lot better after I watched their episode of After School Club though. Now all I can think when I see him is ACCENT. Sorry. But there’s a really cute guy with an Australian accent in my English class, so whenever I hear someone speak like that, I just get all giddish. It’s giving all the Australian kpop stars even more of a free ride than they already had.

I like Prince Mak’s voice, but in this group there’s really only one voice that I fawn over. I’m incredibly impressed by his ability to sing and beatbox at the same time though, that shit is sick.

2. Sancheong


Birth name: Choi Ha Don

Stage name: Sancheong

Birthday: May 14, 1993

Official height: 180 cm

Position: Maknae, Rapper

Comment: I’m not sure what it is about Sancheong that fascinates me so. He looks really young and cute, without looking aegyo, if you get my meaning. But when he talks, or just whenever he does anything, he’s so not cute. There’s something stoic about him that doesn’t mash with the way he looks, and I just can’t stop looking at him because of it. I love weird mismatches!

I like Sancheong’s rapping too. I like all the rappers in the group, and it’s really hard for me to pick a favorite. Their all more or less on the same level for me.

1. Eddy


Birth name: Oh Jong Seok

Stage name: Eddy

Birthday: July 7, 1990

Official height: 177 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: Eddy is so stunning. Even without the glorious locks he has such a haughty beauty that I can’t not stare. Just look at those eyes and tell me he doesn’t look evil! (Oh, and yeah, evil is always a good thing in my book) So yes, Eddy is absolutely gorgeous. But when I heard him speak English on After School Club there was just no going back. I don’t know what’s up with kpop stars and English. I mean, I hear English all the time, and it’s not more sexy than Swedish to me (unless there’s some delicious accent) but when American/Australien/Canadian etc kpop stars speak English it’s suddenly the hottest language ever. It makes no sense, but I just can’t help it.

Eddy is a lot more than looks though. He’s funny, he’s acrobatic and he’s a great singer. I love his voice. And yes, it needs to be bolded, because to me he really is that good. I squealed of delight when he started singing in “Fire”, and I still do every time I hear it.

I really hope that JJCC will be around for a long time, and do really well. And that all members will be present for each music video. (Poor Prince Mak) What do you think about them? Let me know!


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