Opinionated Profile of SPICA


SPICA is as I’m writing this the latest addition to my groups, and I’m madly in love with all of them right now. I’ve known about SPICA for quite some time, and almost thought that they were massively underrated, but I’ve never myself made a huge effort to get into them. I still think they have so much more to give. These girls have soooo much talent but I don’t think their songs are as interesting as they could be. Their good, don’t get me wrong, but I always tend to think that their weirdly generic for a group with such great vocal talents. SPICA’s management: please think about this, and give the girls the amazingness they deserve.

5. Narae


Birth name: Park Na Rae

Stage name: Narae

Birthday: February 23, 1988

Official height: 165 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: Narae is a great singer, and a very beautiful woman, but to me she just doesn’t stand out as much as the other members. She’s likable and talented, put she just does not pop out when I watch these girls do their thing. Maybe she just needs more time to get through to me though. She might very well be my second favorite singer in the group, but that alone can’t pull her up.

4. Jiwon


Birth name: Yang Ji Won

Stage name: Jiwon

Birthday: April 5, 1988

Official height: 166 cm

Position: Vocalist, Face of the Group

Comment: Jiwon is one of the weaker singers in the group, which of course means she’s at least lead vocalist material for most other groups. SPICA is just weird like that. She’s not my favorite singer, and she often sings the easier parts, but she always does well. She’s obviously way more than capable, otherwise she’d never be in this group.

Jiwon might be one of the weaker singers, but she’s one of the most beautiful girls. To me she looks mostly like the “cute type”, but she’s also disturbingly sexy. When told to act sexy she does so well that I almost have to look away.

I know I might get thrown out of the kpop fandom for saying this, but I’m glad Five Girls never happened. I release what a super force that group would have been, but I just really like where each of those girls have ended up. I like Jiwon right here, thank you!

Oh, and if you don’t know what the deal is with Five Girls, here’s the jist: Five Girls was a girl group set to debut in 2007. They had their own reality show and everything, but were disbanded because the company was in financial difficulty. The members were supposed to be G.NA, Secret’s Hyosung, After School’s UEE, Wonder Girls’ Yubin and Jiwon. They’re regarded by the kpop fandom to have been the perfect group, if only they’d debuted. (I know, not all kpop fans think that. But I have seen them described as such, or something like that, in a whole lot of places, in a whole lot of different ways)

3. Boa


Birth name: Kim Bo Ah

Stage name: Boa

Birthday: January 14, 1987

Official height: 171 cm

Position: Main Vocalist, Leader

Comment: Boa is fab. She’s stunning, in an interesting way, she’s funny and I love her voice both when she talks and when she sings. Plus she was a vocal coach for Infinite! How cool is that?

2. Sihyun


Birth name: Park Si Hyun (Formerly Park Joo Hyun)

Stage name: Sihyun (Formerly Juhyun)

Birthday: November 29, 1986

Official height: 168 cm

Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

Comment: I really really like Sihyun. I really do. She’s hilarious, which is something I don’t always get to see kpop girls being. Kpop stars in general, but girls especially, have to be super conscious of their image at all time, and I’m sure that hinders many of them from being the hilarious beings they surely are. So it’s nice to see a girl throw all that out the window, just to make people laugh.

I’m impressed by Sihyun’s rapping. Sure, it isn’t perfect but the way she always sounds completely different in every song really impresses me. Some rappers (I won’t name names, but I’m sure we can all think of at least one) sound almost exactly the same in every song, but Sihyun really knows how to adapt her rap style to the song she’s in. I’m not saying those other rappers are bad, some rappers I really like are like that, but it’s still impressive with people that are adaptive.

Only in a group like SPICA is the main rapper good enough a singer to be a lead vocalist in almost any other group. That says a lot about what we’re talking about here.

1. Bohyung


Birth name: Kim Bo Hyung

Stage name: Bohyung

Birthday: March 31, 1989

Official height: 167 cm

Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Comment: Bohyung is just outstanding. I’m surprised she’s not a main vocalist actually, because to me she’s the best singer for sure, and she sings a lot in their songs. But oh well, what do those titles even mean?

Bohyung is an amazing singer, a gorgeous girl and a good performer, but she’s also an introvert, which just makes me love her even more. It’s clear when you watch interviews or variety shows with them that she is more pulled back, and not so comfortable in those kind of situations. And I love that about her. I mean, I might be obnoxious and loud when I’m with my friends, but if you threw me onto the set of Weekly Idol I’d basically be Leo. So I get you, Bohyung. I really do.

Regardless of how much I love both Bohyung and 2NE1, I’m glad that YG decided to drop her. He was right about her not being the right style for the group. I mean, Bohyung is lovely, but that is not who she is. So for once, YG gets all my respect for his decision. Plus he hooked her up with her current agency, which makes him look even better in my book.

Have you guys heard her cover of “Let it Go”? Well if you haven’t, you really should. The problem I have with covers of that song is that, even if it’s beautifully sung, the girls often have voices that are way too high-pitched. Elsa has quite a deep voice for a disney princess, and without that, the song doesn’t really sound right. (Hyorin and Ailee’s version was stunning though, even if it wasn’t completely right. And it wasn’t that far off.) Bohyung’s is the first cover I’ve heard of that song that completely nails it. Her English isn’t perfect, but her singing is.

Yeah, I’m in love. This group deserves so much love, and I’m gonna give it to them!

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