Hey guys! I’m Admin A, the Swedish girl (woman? maybe?) that runs this blog, all in her lonesome. I first stumbled onto kpop in fall of 2009 and the interest is still very much alive in me. I started this blog at the very beginning of 2014, and here you can read a bunch of different posts all concerning the world of Korean entertainment. The massive majority of my posts have to do with kpop, but there are a few posts on kdramas as well.

There are lots of different categories and segments on this blog so I encourage you to click around, explore and find which one is your personal favorite.

Here is a master list of all the groups that I have the capability of naming all the members in. These are the groups that I almost exclusively write about, and I keep that list updated whenever I learn a new group.

If you have any questions about me, this blog or kpop/kdramas in general, never hesitate to leave me a comment. I respond to the majority of them, often within minutes. You can also shoot me an email at topofthekpops@gmail.com, if that’s more comfortable for you.



30 thoughts on “About

    1. I honestly don’t know much about SS501 but I’ll try! There’ll definitely be something about Kim Hyun Joong at the very least. Thanks for your comment!
      – Admin A

  1. Thanks so much for following my blog and commenting on the posts! It’s always great to meet a fellow kpopper. I’m following your blog now, too. Thanks again. ^^

  2. Hello!!!!
    I just stumbled upon your blog and I must sayits one of the best!!!
    I love it how you are very detailed and opinionated….U know clearly what you feel and I am sure you would make a great author if you be one!!!
    I love your reviews of music videos the most and I hope you do reviews more often..
    I would love to read a review from you soon since there have been a lot of comebacks…
    I’ll look forward to your posts!!

    1. Wow thank you so so much!!! This means a lot! I’ve been thinking of doing a few more music video reviews soon, so you might see some soon! Is there any specific video/videos you’d like to see reviews of?

  3. Glad that u’ll be doing more reviews :))
    I saw your poll and I voted for Big Bang’s bang bang bang…since I absolutely love them..but I would love you to do Btob’s its okay too…Your review might help me to understand the music video better…
    I have read almost all the posts and its like I have come to know you personally lol..
    PS: I love that you find Fei absolutely gorgeous and u have made me love Block b!!!
    Btw I was curious about your ikon bias…U like Hanbin more or Bobby?

    1. Haha wow really? I’m so flattered! You should comment more!
      And Fei is gorgeous and Block B are awesome, so I’m glad you see it!
      Ah that still isn’t settled… I’m waiting until they debut to choose!

      1. Would you believe if I tell you that I specially made a wordpress account just to request reviews and tell you how awesome your writing is? Well its true!!!
        I’ll surely be commenting more from now on..
        I hope YG debuts them soon…

      2. True!!!
        I m depending on you though and looking foward to your posts!!
        Its nearly 2 in my country and I got to sleep!!
        Good night and take care:)))

      1. I seriously don’t want to pressure you or something…but u will be posting something soon ryt??? I seriously love to read your posts.. 😳

  4. Hey Friend!!!! I told you that ill tell you about the performances ryt??So here I m….First of all ,i fully enjoyed the evening….the performances were great…teen top performed a total of 4 songs,(crazy,rocking,miss right,ah ah) Changjo impressed me the most on stage..Bestie are really pretty…
    My seat was a bit far,so i couldnt see their faces that clearly…Ze;a ‘s Kevin hosted the event and i m really really liking Dongjun now….He is love!
    I saw them,i saw them up real close….while they were going back on the bus,we people got to see them really close….like they were just a meter away from us….God…they were beautiful!!!
    I m a bit disappointed in Cap though…i really really liked him before coz he was very chilled out…but while everyone was sending smiles,peace signs ,hearts to us…he didnt even look at us…ricky was soo cute though…teentop’s manager was really happy seeing us hyped up fans….DONGJUN was love…..He is soo pretty in real life…his face is not getting out of my head….nd he was soo sweet,he told us to be careful genuinely when all the fans were surrounding the bus…..I dont know ze:a except kwanghee and dongjun but now i m gonna dig everything about them…ze;a members seemed really good….Bestie are really nice too….DONGJUN’s smile is <3<3<3

  5. So I was about to go to bed when I stumbled upon all your stuff aaaaaand looks like I won’t being to sleep for a while haha. I love how sincere and honest you are with all your posts, you stand by your opinon and I think that’s great! Also, have you ever heard of/read kpopvocalanalysis? (just out of curiosity)

    1. Wow thank you! That’s the kind of vibe I’m usually aiming to give off, so I’m glad that’s what comes across! I have, and I’m sure it’s super interesting to people who are more into that kind of stuff, but to me what really matters is just how much I like listening to someone. I don’t actually care whether or not their vocal technique etc is good.

      1. Yeah I totally get you! Like Jungkook may not be a stronger vocalist than V but I’d definitely listen to a solo album by him first. I was just wondering because after reading your Miss A post, I was a bit surprised that you thought Min should have been the main vocalist, since I feel that not a lot of people don’t think of her as such a strong singer, it just got me thinking about vocal analyses. Enough of my rambling though, keep on doing what you do! I really forward to more of your stuff in the future!

      2. Yeah exactly! I consider people who I like to listen to good, simple as that. Well welcome to the blog and I’m really happy you like what I do! 🙂

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