Kpop Biases I Have Abandoned

I know some people change biases as they change their clothes and there’s nothing wrong with that, but in general when I have chosen a bias, I stay with them. The other members’ rankings change with almost every comeback, but the bias stays put. So whenever I do change my bias it feels like I’ve betrayed the previous one. So I tend not to. But there are nonetheless some groups where I couldn’t withstand it, and here they are: the biases I abandoned. 

Oh and also, some of these switches were made after that group’s opinionated profile was written so that ranking and this post are therefore outdated. Maybe I’ll write new profiles for those groups some day, but today is not that day.

1. B.A.P’s Jongup



I’ve written about my bias struggle in B.A.P before and while the war eventually ended, it for sure wasn’t a smooth transition. As I wrote then, Zelo was the person that I first wanted as my bias but since I was taking a break from kpop at the time of their debut by the time I came back my friend had already claimed him. So I chose Jongup for dancing skills, looks and general adorableness. But then came the era of “Hurricane” and “Badman” and my mind was completely and utterly blown. I tried to stand strong, but I just couldn’t take it. I abandoned Jongup for…



Daehyun. I always knew he had a killer voice, but I just didn’t know he could be that sexy.

2. 2NE1’s Minzy



I’m a little embarrassed to say that I had actually forgotten that Minzy used to be my bias. She wasn’t my bias for that long but, for a while there, we had something really great. The first 2NE1 song that really caught my attention was “Can’t Nobody” and everything that Minzy did in that video just worked for me. But it couldn’t last, for my destiny was to be with someone else. I abandoned Minzy for…



CL. Of course. I was destined to be a fan of the baddest female Seoul City’s ever had.

3. BTOB’s Hyunsik



Sometimes one amazing song and video is all it takes to make a fan, and with BTOB that truly was the case. I was looking up member names and fanclub names about a minute into “WOW” and I haven’t looked back since. Since I really only knew that one song in the very start, picking a bias was a simple task. I simply chose the member that I found the most attractive in that (flawless) music video. And that happened to be Hyunsik. I still feel a little bad about what happened to him, but he was defeated by pure charm and there was nothing I could do. I abandoned Hyunsik for…



Sungjae. Because he’s a gorgeous flawless idiot with more charm than anyone can withstand.

4. Girls’ Generation’s Jessica



Wonder Girls may have been the first kpop group I encountered, but it was Girls’ Generation that made me a kpop fan. This group was the first where I took the time to actually learn the names of every single member, and Jessica became my favorite for the simple reason that her blonde hair made her easily recognizable in a group of (to my unknowing eyes at the time) more or less identical girls. As I got to know her more, she turned out to be even more fabulous than I expected, and as my first kpop bias, she did her job well. It didn’t last though and I abandoned Jessica for…



Hyoyeon, yes. I don’t know what exactly it was that made me leave Jessica, but I eventually did. Hyoyeon’s amazing dancing and seemingly more badass image made her lovable to me at a time when I felt like Girls’ Generation were just waaaaaay too cute to do it for me. She was the middle ground that I needed. Hyoyeon was my bias for quite some time, but she also didn’t last. I eventually abandoned Hyoyeon for…



Tiffany, my current bias. I eventually outgrew the stage where I needed to find some “edge” within Girls’ Generation and instead fell madly in love with one of the absolute cutest members, both on and off stage. Tiffany is a talented sweetheart and if Nichkhun isn’t the perfect boyfriend to her I WILL KICK HIS ASS.

5. 2PM’s Jun.K



I’ve of course always appreciated 2PM’s bodies, but it wasn’t until I saw the video for “A.D.T.O.Y.” that I grew more interested in them as a group. Jun.K caught my eye straight away and I thought he was beyond gorgeous and I really appreciated his voice. He was both hot and talented, and since I still wasn’t that into the group, I saw no reason for a bias list ruiner to appear. But boy was I wrong. I abandoned Jun.K for…



Jin Guk. I mean, Shi Hyuk. I mean, Taecyeon. Dream High was the third drama I ever watched, and while I was fine with the way it ended, I fell oh so hard for Taecyeon. Stiff acting and all.

6. T-ARA’s Eunjung



Before I watched Dream High I couldn’t recognize a single of the T-ARA members. Eunjung, with the help of Baek Hee, became the first and therefore my default bias in T-ARA. And I liked her! She was the second-best singer and her rapping didn’t make me cringe all too much. I found her cute and likable, nothing to complain about. And I still do. But well, the heart wants what the heart wants. I (recently) abandoned Eunjung for…



Jiyeon. She is just so gorgeous and generally attractive that I can’t stand it. Yes, I am that shallow.

7. B2ST’s Doojoon



I struggled quite a bit with my B2ST bias choice in the beginning, and changed my mind very quickly. I found Doojoon to be an amazingly manly kind of handsome, one that isn’t often seen in kpop, and he was therefore my first choice. But I quickly abandoned Doojoon for…



Kikwang. I found him super duper attractive and charming and I started to really settle down with him as my man. I’m sure I could have been very happy with Kikwang, but then a certain sexy video was released and I abandoned Kikwang for…



My current bias, Hyunseung. The sexy video in question is Troublemaker’s “Now”. I had never paid much attention to him before that and I barely even noticed him in Troublemaker’s first promotions. But this time, wow, this time. He was amazing.

8. 4Minute’s Gayoon



When I first learnt the names of all the 4Minute members I decided that Gayoon would be a good and respectable choice for a bias. She was beautiful, but clearly not a “decoration member” and she was a good singer. She was a respectable and a good choice but she wasn’t who I wanted. So, as I accepted my feelings, I abandoned Gayoon for…



Hyuna. I’ve written an explanation as to why I didn’t want her as my bias and why I eventually gave in before, which you can check out if you’re interested.

9. Boyfriend’s Jo twins

youngmin kwangmin


This is the latest switch on this list, and I’m still not entirely sure whether or not I’m truly okay with it. The Jo twins have been my favorites ever since I first discovered Boyfriend. Boyfriend was way too cute for me and I truly couldn’t stand them, and since the twins were the cutest, I liked them the most. That makes sense, I promise. I had a slight bias towards Youngmin but since I didn’t knew their personalities and found them both equally talented and equally handsome (duh) I just kept both of them as my bias. But lately… well… Things have gotten confusing. I think I’ve abandoned the Jo twins for…



Jeongmin. I recently wrote about how I think he’s the only member of Boyfriend who pulled off both their nauseatingly cute concepts and their current darker ones and that for one is very impressive. I’ve never found him particularly attractive before but with the release of “Bounce” he proved me wrong on that point. And not to say that the twins aren’t talented, but I’d say that Jeongmin definitely is a bigger musical asset.

10. Wonder Girls’ Yubin



This is very hard for me. I’ve biased Yubin for a long time and since Wonder Girls were my very first kpop group, they and she have been very special to me. But ever since the kind-of disbandment of Wonder Girls, I’ve seen nothing of her. And biasing someone that just isn’t around is very hard. Especially when another member of her group is doing oh so well… I recently abandoned (SORRY SWEETIE I STILL LOVE YOU) Yubin for…



Yeeun. I never paid much attention to her when the group was still active but the solo work she’s done was so amazing that I just couldn’t not consider her for the position of bias. Since I think Wonder Girls are over, I like to think of Yeeun more as a beloved solo artist than a Wonder Girls bias though… It lessens the pain.

11. 2AM’s Jinwoon



I don’t listen to 2AM for the simple reason that they’re a ballad group and I’m not into ballads. But I nevertheless do have attachments to the members, and had Jinwoon as my bias for quite some time. He’s a sweet guy with a sweet voice and he’s the most attractive member in my opinion. But that wasn’t enough and I abandoned him for…



Changmin. He literally sang his way to that spot.

Have you ever changed your bias? Does it hurt you as much as it hurts me or is it an easy transition? Let me know!



6 thoughts on “Kpop Biases I Have Abandoned

  1. Your B.A.P betrayal…I think the exact same thing might currently be happening to me but I refuse to believe it!

    Haha I like this list. It’s a such a creative idea. For me, the biggest shift was completely throwing VIXX’s Hongbin away for Ken.

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