A Review of Road to Kingdom [Video]

Hey guys. Today I will be talking to y’all about Road to Kingdom. I will be giving my general thoughts on the show as well as showing my ranking for every round leading up to who I personally would have liked to see win in the end. Further, this will obviously not be spoiler free, so if you have not seen the show then stay away if you don’t want to be spoiled. 

If you prefer to read my opinions instead of watching the video the rest of this post will basically be my exact script from the video (so no need to both watch and read). I know some people may prefer it that way so I decided to be nice to y’all.

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“Scientifically” Choosing My EVERGLOW Bias


(from left to right, in case you do not know them: Sihyeon, E:U, Onda, Yiren, Aisha & Mia)

Around three weeks ago I wrote a post where I re-calculated my bias type (updating an older calculation of my bias type from 2015). I ended that post by saying that I would use my new knowledge to help me officially pick my EVERGLOW bias as I’ve recently started stanning yet have been struggling with this momentous choice. Now, I am finally getting to it.

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Re-calculating My Bias Type

I have not written for two months, but now I am coming at you with a behemoth of a post. If you are one of the OGs who read my blog way back in 2015, you may remember that I once wrote a post called “Calculating Your Bias Type“. In that post I attempted to “scientifically” calculate what my type in biases is. It was one of my more creative endeavours, and I had a lot of fun doing it, so I have thought for a long time that I should do that again. Especially since quite a few of the groups I included in that are now disbanded, and I have added new groups, and new biases, to my roster. Therefore, it is time to do it again (but better this time).

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