Opinionated Profile of ITZY

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I did not expect this from myself. When ITZY debuted, I really didn’t like the song and thought the whole thing was way overhyped. But I was intrigued somehow, possibly because of the hype, so I kept coming back to it. Eventually, the song really grew on me. Then, when they released their second title track, I definitely didn’t like that either. But now, very recently, that one has grown on me a lot too. It’s like I keep trying not to like ITZY, but they just won’t let me. Continue reading


Opinionated Profile of Monsta X

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Just like with GFriend last week, I truly believed that I had already done a profile of Monsta X, and added them to my groups. However, clearly I had not. So I took a proper pass at them, made sure I had the names down and formed some opinions on all of them which I will now share with y’all. Continue reading

Who Should Be in X1


Gaaah. I have feelings. I just finished watching the final episode of Produce X 101 (a few days late, I know) and I have… thoughts. So I thought, what better way to process my feelings than to ramble them at you? Of course, major spoilers for the end of Produce X 101 are included, so don’t read if you haven’t watched it yet. (Unless you can’t be arsed to sit through a bloated four hour long finale. You do you.) Continue reading

Opinionated Profile of Imfact


I noticed Imfact right as they debuted, and even almost learned them immediately. I was definitely feeling the hype. But then it kinda took a while (at least in rookie-time) for them to come back, and my enthusiasm kind of faded. They are, however, a group where I like practically every title track they’ve released quite a bit, so I am happy to say that I can now officially add them to my groups.

Continue reading