New vs Old: JYP

Okay, it’s been a while, and now it is time. Today I will compare the more experienced groups of JYP Entertainment with the less so; the juniors that are stepping up to fill their elders’ shoes. I’m only including idol groups that promote as such, no solo artists and no disbanded groups. In this case that means Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, GOT7 and TWICE.  Continue reading

Opinionated Profile of Dalshabet


Dalshabet is a group that’s kind of been in my sight, but not that much on my mind, for quite some time. They’ve for a long time had plenty of potential, and their three latest singles have all been my jams. And I even remember being very into ”Have, Don’t Have” and ”Be Ambitious” back in the day. But I never really even considered taking the time to learn their names. Not until recently. Dalshabet came back as a 4-member group not that long ago, having lost two girls, and now it was time for me to finally give them the time of day.  Continue reading