Opinionated Profile of BTOB

As always: I like this group, and all the members in it, but I’m still fully capable of ranking them. So here’s my opinionated profile of BTOB!

7. Peniel


Birth name: Shin Dong Geun

Stage name: Peniel

Birthday: March 10, 1993

Official height: 175 cm

Position: Vocalist, Dancer

Comment: To be honest, there isn’t much at all about Peniel that makes him interesting to me. He’s a fairly funny guy, but not someone who makes me roll on the floor laughing.

I don’t find him especially attractive, but if you’ve read my latest list of the week, you know that already.

He’s not an especially good singer, and something about his voice has always sounded a little strange to me. I don’t know enough about singing terms to put my finger on what it is that’s off, I just know that it doesn’t work for me.

I’ve never paid much attention to his dancing, which I guess means he isn’t an outstanding dancer.

I’m not trying to be harsh on him here, because I really don’t have anything against Peniel. It’s just that he doesn’t really interest me.

6. Changsub


Birth name: Lee Chang Sub

Stage name: Changsub

Birthday: February 26, 1991

Official height: 177 cm

Position: Vocalist

Comment: Except for the fact that I find Peniel slightly more attractive, these two guys are pretty much equal in my eyes.

Changsub doesn’t have a personality that enthralls me, even though he is quite funny.

Physically he does close to nothing for me.

But there is one aspect where Changsub has Peniel beat by an incredible amount, and that’s why he’s ahead: the thing that counts the most, the singing. Changsub has a very pleasant and stable voice, and is just all-around a good singer.

5. Minhyuk


Birth name: Lee Min Hyuk

Stage name: Minhyuk

Birthday: November 29, 1990

Official height: 173 cm

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group

Comment: Even though Minhyuk is just my fifth favorite in the group, I am very attached to the top five, so don’t for a second think that he’s not one that interests me.

Minhyuk is real attractive, like for reals. He’s a little short for my personal taste but he makes up for it with those glorious muscles he has. He has a very cute face as well, and he knows how to work it.

Even though I’m like the least athletic person in the world I’ve always found athletic guys to be very attractive, for some reason. And Minhyuk is the perfect example of an athletic idol, and an obvious choice for MVP at the Idol Star Athletics Championships. Didn’t he win everything he took part in this year?

As a singer I think he’s fine, but he’s not really anything special.

I think he pulls the rapping off well, and even though he’s not as good a rapper as Ilhoon, he always holds his own.

4. Ilhoon


Birth name: Jung Il Hoon

Stage name: Ilhoon

Birthday: October 4, 1994

Official height: 176 cm

Position: Vocalist, Main Rapper

Comment: I think Ilhoon’s fab. I’ve always thought he was a pretty good rapper and a cute guy ever since I discovered BTOB, but it was with the release of ‘Thriller’ last year that I really became a fan of him. The way he rocked those crazy-eyes in that video was glorious, and I was impressed with his performance.

As I’ve already written about him, he has a cute face but the vibe he gives off is very different. Even though he’s the originator of the “gwiyomi player”, I’ve never really seen him as someone who’s very cute. He has a more mature vibe than that and I happen to like it. It makes him more attractive to me too.

I think Ilhoon’s a very capable rapper. He has a distinct style and he always handles the rapping very well. I often think of him as sort of a prodigy of B2ST’s Junhyung, but that’s probably only due to the fact that BTOB and B2ST are so frequently compared.

3. Eunkwang 


Birth name: Seo Eun Kwang

Stage name: Eunkwang

Birthday: November 22, 1990

Official height: 173 cm

Position: Main Vocalist, Leader

Comment: I think a good leader is someone who can both shine brightly on their own and take a step back and let other members shine. Eunkwang is someone that often pops into my head when I think about my favorite leaders and for good reason. He is a very interesting and entertaining person on his own, who is more than capable of speaking for his group and doing a good job, but he doesn’t overpower the other members.

As I said in the last list of the week, my attraction towards Eunkwang is basically not at all depended on physical attraction. Sure, he’s a cute guy, but that’s not the main point of him in my brain.

Eunkwang’s voice isn’t just very good, it’s also very distinctive. And having a distinctive voice is a very good thing. There are lots of people in kpop who sing well, but who have voices that sound very similar to lots of other people’s, which makes them a lot less memorable as singers. Eunkwang doesn’t have that problem at all, and it only takes one line to know for sure that it’s him singing, even if you’re not a huge fan of the group.

This is a really funny guy. He might actually be the funniest in the group, in my opinion, but it’s a close call. He’s great on variety shows and has an overall very likable persona.

2. Hyunsik


Birth name: Lim Hyun Sik

Stage name: Hyunsik

Birthday: March 7, 1992

Official height: 177 cm

Position: Vocalist, Dancer

Comment: When I only knew that one glorious song from BTOB (‘Wow’), Hyunsik was the one I found the most attractive in the video so I just kind of settled down with him as my bias. And as I found more songs with them I was perfectly happy with having him as my bias. And if it hadn’t been for one stupid little bias-ruiner, I’m sure I would be living my life happily with Hyunsik still as my bias.

Hyunsik has a nice voice and I like the song ‘Star’ that he wrote, but my attraction to him is much more superficial than something so significant as talent.

My attraction to Hyunsik is very much based on him being hot. Like damn. Okay he’s not flawless, but he has a really nice face, with distinct features, and a real nice bod.

1. Sungjae


Birth name: Yook Sung Jae

Stage name: Sungjae

Birthday: May 2, 1995

Official height: 180 cm

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

Comment: Oh you stupid little bias list ruiner… I was perfectly happy with Hyunsik as my bias when you had to come around and distract me with your pretty face and your… Sorry, I’ll stop. I really did try to fight this, since it’s extremely rare for me to actually change my bias, so when I do I feel like a terrible traitor.

But I really can’t help it. Sungjae is gorgeous, and funny, and a good singer, and ugh… I’m really sorry guys, I can’t really handle this dude right now.

I think Sungjae is a highly capable singer, and his high-pitched singing in ‘Beep Beep’ was very nice.

I read somewhere that someone thought that Sungjae is the member of BTOB that could make it the best as a solo artist out of the group, and I think that’s true. He has the look, he has the dance skills and he has the voice. He’s really the full package.

Hilarious guy and the member I think might be able to rival Eunkwang for being the funniest member. Very endearing and his personality is really cute.


I hope you enjoyed and that you’ll let me know who your favorite member is in the poll below!

If you have any comments, suggestions or requests for Tuesday’s review, Friday’s list of the week or next Sunday’s random post then leave me a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com!

– Admin A


5 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of BTOB

  1. Saw BTOB at KBS one time, they walked right passed me, didn’t know it was them until I asked somebody. I felt like an idiot standing there while everybody took pictures, lol.
    Anyway, I am very unfamiliar with BTOB, but since Minhyuk is a regular guest on Kiss the Radio, I took some interest by watching some clips here and there.
    I only know Peniel because he’s the English speaker in the group, I watched him hosting Pops in Seoul, he was really BORING and stiff, but his vlogs are hilarious. I think he does have a great sense of humor, just not good at hosting, lol.
    Minhyuk is one of those guys with angelic faces and killer bodies, i love his smile and he’s pretty funny on Kiss the Radio.

    Unfortunately I don’t know the rest of the members, I watched their Mwave Meet and Greet where they watched some fans reaction videos to Beep Beep, the guys were just having so much fun laughing. I do want to get to know them more now, they seem really nice and down to earth.

    1. Wow, really? How come I’ve never done anything like that? Oh I know, I live in the north of Europe… :/

      BTOB are super sweet guys and I’ve really grown quite fond of them. And my confused attraction towards Sungjae is outrageous

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