Opinionated Profile of After School

after school

 I learned After School more by default than anything else, through watching “After School’s Beauty Bible”. I started remembering the names of the girls I found likable, and then I just suddenly knew them all. If they’re styled too similarly and the cuts are quick I might still get confused, but mostly I know them pretty damn well now.

After School isn’t really a group I listen to though. I definitely like their concept, and they feel like a group for me, but I’ve just never fallen in love with any of their songs. I might be listening to the wrong things though, so suggestions are welcome!

8. E-Young


Birth name: Noh Yi Young

Stage name: E-Young

Birthday: August 16, 1992

Official height: 167 cm

Position: Vocalist

Comment: E-Young is so incredibly cute. Just adorable. So I’ve never really understood why she was added to the group. Not that I have anything against her, not at all. It’s just that she doesn’t really seem to fit After School’s image. It’s been three years since E-Young was added though, so maybe they had hopes that she’d turn out sexier than she did? Who knows.

I’ve never really found anything about E-Young to be that special talent-wise. She’s an extremely cute girl, both in look and personality, but her singing is alright, nothing special, and I’ve never taken notice of her dancing. Maybe she really was added just to add some cuteness? But why would they want to do that…

7. Jooyeon


Birth name: Lee Joo Yeon

Stage name: Jooyeon

Birthday: March 19. 1987

Official height: 168 cm

Position: Vocalist

Comment: When I first watched After School’s Beauty Bible I really liked Jooyeon. She was funny, yet she seemed kind of smart. Now I’m not so sure anymore… Right before writing this I sat down to watch them on Weekly Idol, to get more of a feel for their personalities. And now I’m kind of tired of Jooyeon. She can be great fun, but when it’s more than a small dose, she’s a little bit too much for me.

Jooyeon is absolutely gorgeous at times, but sometimes her look just seems off for me. She was amazing in the “First Love” music video though.

Jooyeon can’t sing, she really can’t. But oh well, she tries.

6. Raina


Birth name: Oh Hye Rin

Stage name: Raina

Birthday: May 7, 1989

Official height: 166 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: I can never truly decide who I think is the strongest singer in the group, but Raina is definitely a strong candidate. Her voice is extremely high-pitched which leads to everything she sings sounding cute, but she does have a nice voice. Super cute voices aren’t exactly my thing, which is probably why I’m wavering about putting her at the top.

Raina is absurdly cute, just like E-Young. Even more so, actually. But since Raina does have such a nice voice, I can see her purpose in the group beyond being cute much more clearly than I could with E-Young.

5. Kaeun


Birth name: Lee Ka Eun

Stage name: Kaeun

Birthday: August 20, 1994

Official height: 168 cm

Position: Vocalist, Maknae

Comment: Kaeun is the latest addition to the group, having been added in 2012 for the “Flashback” promotions. She really stood out to me on After School’s Beauty Bible, though I have no idea why. She has a really cool face (which I can’t find a proper shot of) that I really like. She has the kind of look that could both go cute and sexy, which is quite perfect. Being the maknae, she has to be able to go cute, but in a  group like After School being able to go sexy is very important.

Kaeun’s voice has never stood out to me, neither as bad nor as good. It’s alright, and she has a pretty nice tone.

Kaeun is just so damn likable. No matter what she does, she just seems sweet and lost, which makes me want to take care of her.

4. Jungah


Birth name: Kim Jung Ah

Stage name: Jungah

Birthday: August 2, 1983

Official height: 167 cm

Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Leader

Comment: Jungah is the oldest member of the group, and she is 11 years older than Kaeun, the youngest member. I’m not sure what that level of age difference means for the group’s dynamic, but I would be very interested to find out.

I didn’t know that there was a new leader appointed after Kahi left, but it makes sense that it was Jungah. She was a part of the original group, she’s the oldest, and she has all the talent to back up her leadership.

Jungah is the member that can challenge me thinking that Raina is the best singer. Sadly, Jungah doesn’t get as many lines as Raina does, so it’s hard to tell who really is the best. But Jungah definitely has a chance.

Jungah’s dancing is great. After School are in general one of the stronger female dance groups out there, even without Kahi, and Jungah is one of the strongest dancers in the group. So yeah, she’s good.

3. Lizzy


Birth name: Park Soo Young

Stage name: Lizzy

Birthday: July 31, 1992

Official height: 168 cm

Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Comment: Lead rapper? What? I don’t think I’ve ever heard Lizzy do any rapping… Are we talking about the fast talk-singing kind of rapping? I’m quite fond of that, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t really consider it rapping.

I quite like Lizzy’s voice, she has a nice tone. But it’s not her singing that puts her this high on my list, it’s her personality. Lizzy is really funny, and says some really fabulous things. She does get to be a little much at times, like Jooyeon, but in small to medium doses she’s just lovely.

2. UEE


Birth name: Kim Yoo Jin

Stage name: UEE

Birthday: April 9, 1988

Official height: 173 cm

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group

Comment: UEE isn’t a strong singer, and I can’t remember hearing her rap. But she is a quite excellent face of the group. She’s everywhere, and even though I don’t see her thighs as that special, I’m still impressed by the amount of attention they get.

I first learned to recognize UEE when I saw her on You’re Beautiful. She isn’t an amazing actress, but for being an idol actress, she quite impressed me. She was fun, and she nailed the bitchiness.

UEE is really pretty. Her eyes in particular, they’re really stunning.

UEE isn’t a good singer. She’s better than Jooyeon, but it sure isn’t by a lot. She has a nice personality though, which is mainly what I like her for.

1. Nana


Birth name: Im Jin Ah

Stage name: Nana

Birthday: September 14, 1991

Official height: 171 cm

Position: Vocalist, Rapper

Comment: Nana is stunning. And that’s the main reason why I like her. I’ve never gotten a great feel for her personality, more than that she’s got an amazing bitch face. I don’t want to be that person who chooses a bias JUST because that person is attractive, when there are way more talented people in the group. But Nana is just impossible to ignore!

That also leads to me thinking she’s the best dancer in the group. I just can’t take my eyes off of her when she dances! If that’s because she’s beautiful or because she’s a great dancer, we’ll never know.

Nana isn’t a great singer, and I’ve never seen her as a rapper. But she’s pretty, so who cares?



Let me know who your favorite member of After School is in the poll!

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9 thoughts on “Opinionated Profile of After School

  1. Love After School but still yet to learn all of their names. Nana is gorgeous, she’s got a charming personality, and i would kill to have her perfect body figure.
    I love Raina’s solo EP, Jooyeon looked a bit like Jia in that picture, I’ve always find her pretty.
    Because of You is my favorite song from them, the choreography especially, those sharp moves really showed their confidence.

    1. If you’re in any way into beauty stuff, then I’d recommend that you check out After School’s Beauty Bible! It really helps with learning their names.
      Nana is stunning. I’d kill to look like her.
      I’ve never taken notice of Because of You… But I’ll go check it out now! And After School are great dancers, so I’ll expect a lot.

  2. I started following AS more closely when one of my ultimate biases Onew got into a dating scandal with Jungah. Still don’t know whether they really dated or not, but I think they would look cute together ^_^
    Before that I was more of a casual fan and Uee-biased. Now Jungah claimed that #1 spot on my bias list because she’s a great leader, good performer and seems fierce and Uee is second place.

    About what you described with Nana – I have a similar feeling about Jungah. The first time I discovered Arirang on my TV there was a performance of After School and some of the members (mostly Jungah, but also Nana and Jooyeon, who is actually my 2nd least favorite) just caught my attention way more often than the others.

    1. Oh right! I’d totally forgotten about that! I didn’t know who she was at the time, and it was never confirmed, so I never paid much attention to it. But now I know who she is I agree, they would look cute together! ^^

      Some people are just like that, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I don’t care about that Nana isn’t a very good singer, she’s very pretty!!

  3. I’m really digging these articles! For me it’s E-Young > Bekah > Kaeun > JungAh > Jooyeon > Soyoung > Raina > Lizzy > Nana > UEE > Kahi.

    I lost a lot of respect for Kahi after hearing how she treated the other members and how this contributed to the group’s divide (apparently she was quite nasty to E-Young, gave out lines/screentime according to who her favourites were and had to have two separate wedding parties – one for Nana to attend and one for UEE to attend). Lizzy, UEE and Nana… they just never clicked for me. I ADORED Bekah and it broke my heart when she was (allegedly) forced out.

    E-Young… it utterly infuriates me as to how badly she was wasted. The “Shampoo” MV should have been focused on her, as it was her intro to the group, but no, Raina got to be the centre instead. Also, Kaeun joined after her and is getting at least twice the lines/screentime she gets. WTF? Sigh. She can also play all those instruments, but never gets a chance to be featured.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying them, and I’m digging your really thorough responses! I honestly don’t know much about After School besides knowing the members who were there after Kaeun’s addition and going forward…. So I have never heard any reports of Kahi mistreating everyone, but if that’s true that is very disappointing.

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