Battle of the Girls – Preliminary Group 2 – 2NE1 vs 4Minute vs Red Velvet



red velvet


This preliminary group is an interesting one. Three groups of almost equal size, from three of the four largest entertainment agencies in South Korea (right?) with three very different styles and very different strengths. I’m very fond of all of them, and I’m very excited to see how this will all play out. So let’s go!

Round 1 – Vocals

Group 1 – 2NE1

Representative: Minzy

I know that this will be a controversial choice. I most certainly think that Bom was a better singer at the start of their career, but she doesn’t sound nearly as good as she used to, and I now personally like Minzy’s voice a lot better. She’s really growing into it, and I like her singing more and more with every comeback. The girl has a lot of talent and a lot of things to flaunt.

Score: 7.75

Group 2 – 4Minute

Representative: Jiyoon

I couldn’t find a good compilation of her recorded singing, so instead I chose this live compilation. But you all know what she sounds like recorded, don’t you? Jiyoon is not the main vocalist of her group, but I’ve always personally found her a more impressive singer than Gayoon. She has an amazing power sometimes that I’ve never so far heard Gayoon match. (Not that Gayoon isn’t a great singer, she is.)

Score: 8.25

Group 3 – Red Velvet

Representative: Wendy

I believe that Wendy has a lot more to give than her group has allowed her to show just yet. I definitely think that songs like “Be Natural” and “Automatic” suit her better than “Happiness” and “Ice Cream Cake”. That kind of sensual smoothness really shows off her voice to its best capabilities. Wendy is a very stable singer, and I think it’s a shame that Red Velvet’s music hasn’t taken more advantage of that yet.

Score: 8

Standing so far: 

1. 4Minute: 8.25

2. Red Velvet: 8

3. 2NE1: 7.75

Round 2 – Choreography 

Group 1 – 2NE1 

“Do You Love Me”

There are two things about 2NE1 that make them hard to judge in this category: that they often work more loosely with choreography and instead focus on just playing around on stage and that they often give the more interesting and cool dance moves to their backup dancers. In this song they don’t use backup dancers that much, and when they do, they do the exact same moves as the girls. And this is a clear choreography, from start to finish. It’s not super interesting, but it’s cute, and they do it well.

Score: 7.5

Group 2 – 4Minute

“Whatcha Doin’ Today”

I personally think this is 4Minute’s best choreography. It’s fun yet sexy, which is very them and it has both moves that most of us won’t even dream of trying and moves that we will try. And look more or less dumb while doing. This choreography is also an excellent example of how you can use backup dancers in an effective way. Here they don’t ever overpower the girls, they are simply there for emphasis.

Score: 8.5

Group 3 – Red Velvet

“Be Natural”

While I don’t care much for this song, I’ve always loved the dance. This is the perfect example of how you can be sexy and sensual without revealing any skin/touching yourself/excessive thrusting. Not that I have much against those dances, but this still feels like a breath of fresh air. It isn’t much like any normal kpop dance and it doesn’t really have that one distinct move that everyone can try to imitate. This has to be viewed as a whole for the magic of it to be fully understood. And in kpop, that’s actually a liability.

Score: 8

Standing so far:

1. 4Minute: 8.38

2. Red Velvet: 8

3. 2NE1: 7.63

Round 3 – Rap

Group 1 – 2NE1

Representative: CL

CL isn’t a perfect rapper, but I do think that she is a true standout when it comes to female kpop rappers. There aren’t many that can out-rap her. You can absolutely call me out for being biased here, since CL is one of my absolute favorite girls in all of kpop, but think of it like this: she wouldn’t be that special to me if I didn’t really like her rapping. I like her tone, I like her style and I like her attitude.

Score: 9.25

Group 2 – 4Minute

Representative: Hyuna

I really don’t think Hyuna is as bad of a rapper as people make her out to be. Sure, she isn’t amazing and she’s clearly an idol rapper. But for being an idol rapper, I actually think she’s pretty damn good. There are definitely girls that are better than her, but I don’t think she’s that far behind. She rapped with LE and didn’t embarrass herself for god’s sakes! (LE was way better. But Hyuna could have done WAY worse)

Score: 8.25

Group 3 – Red Velvet

Representative: Irene

Irene really hasn’t gotten to do much rapping yet, but since I think this is the best rap part she’s had in a single so far, this is her representative rap part. I don’t think Irene is a particularly good rapper, let’s make that clear. She’s an SM rapper, so I really didn’t expect her to be. I will say that she’s better than almost all the other female rappers within SM though, but that isn’t that much of an achievement.

Score: 7.25

Final Results: 

1. 4Minute: 8.33

2. 2NE1: 8.17

3. Red Velvet: 7.75

This means that Red Velvet have been eliminated and that 4Minute and 2NE1 are qualified to move on to the semifinals. Somehow it feels only fair that it’s Red Velvet that are eliminated. They are technically still rookies; their time to knock their sunbaes of their pedestals will come. But today is not that day.

I’m much more at peace with this result than I was with the results last week. This makes sense, and I saw it coming. Now go vote for what you think my choices should have been and for who you think should have been eliminated!


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