Battle of the Girls – Preliminary Group 3 – Girls’ Generation vs MAMAMOO vs EXID

girls' generation






Oh this might get intriguing. We have a new group, a legendary group and a group that aren’t exactly brand new, but that only recently gained real fame. Let’s see where I’ll end up with this, and whether or not you’ll agree with me. 

Round 1 – Vocals 

Group 1 – Girls’ Generation

Representative: Taeyeon

Taeyeon might not be my personal favorite singer in the group, but I still can’t deny that she’s the strongest vocalist they have. With that said though, I think she’s a little bit overrated. Girls’ Generation is a hugely popular group and some of their fans are extremely protective. I’ve heard Taeyeon be described as the best singer in kpop, and I definitely don’t think that’s true. But she’s still very good.

Score: 8.75

Group 2 – MAMAMOO

Representative: Wheein

All the members of MAMAMOO, even their main rapper, are great singers. I personally think Wheein is the absolute strongest, and her voice is incredible. Really really good, this girl can out-sing the majority of the kpop world. This probably isn’t the optimal video for showing it, now that I think about it… But you all know how good she is, don’t you?

Score: 9.5

Group 3 – EXID

Representative: Solji

I’m very fond of Hani, but I kind of wish it could have been Solji that brought EXID to fame. But when has being a great singer ever been enough in the kpop world? Exactly. Solji is a stunning singer, and she deserves all the praise she isn’t getting because everyone is busy fawning over Hani. (Once again, I have nothing against her. I’m just annoyed.)

Score: 9.25

Standing so far: 

1. MAMAMOO: 9.5

2. EXID: 9.25

3. Girls’ Generation: 8.75

Round 2 – Choreography

Group 1 – Girls’ Generation

“Catch Me If You Can”

Girls’ Generation debuted with a very good dance, but after they made it big with “Gee” their dances took a turn for the more simplistic and became more focused on having simple moves that people can copy. I thought it was kind of a shame, since I knew there were some girls than in the group that were way better than they were allowed to show. But thankfully, now they can! Girls’ Generation finally made the switch back to great dances with the release of “I Got A Boy” (if it wasn’t even earlier with “The Boys”) and their latest is their absolute best. It’s stunning and the girls have really pushed it this time.

Score: 9.25

Group 2 – MAMAMOO

“Piano Man”

Regardless of there not being any mustaches in this dance, I still think this is MAMAMOO’s best. They’re a new group, so there isn’t much to choose from, and they’re way more vocal-focused than dance-focused. And I’m glad. I wouldn’t want them to have dances that didn’t allow them to sing properly, that would be almost criminal. I do think Wheein and Moonbyul both look like very good dancers, but there is a certain awkwardness to Solar that I can’t ignore. It’s adorable though.

Score: 7.25

Group 3 – EXID

“Ah Yeah”

In many ways, “Ah Yeah” is the upgraded version of “Up & Down” and that’s very true when it comes to the dance. It has the catchiness and easiness of the “Up & Down” dance, but it’s more interesting and more complicated. It’s fun, sexy and even a little quirky, all those things that I’ve come to associate with EXID as a group.

Score: 8

Standing so far: 

1. Girls’ Generation: 9

2. EXID: 8.63

3. MAMAMOO: 8.38

Round 3 – Rap

Group 1 – Girls’ Generation

Representative: Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon might be the best rapper in Girls’ Generation, but that really doesn’t mean much. She just isn’t good. She’s from SM, which is not a good sign, and in my opinion Girls’ Generation is the weakest group in all of SM when it comes to rapping. No offense, but she just really isn’t good at all.

Score: 6.5

Group 2 – MAMAMOO

Representative: Moonbyul

MAMAMOO are great singers, and Moonbyul, their main rapper, is both a good singer and a highly capable rapper. She’s better than the absolute majority of female idol rappers and I’m very fond of both her voice and flow. (I know these one-song compilations are a little annoying, but it’s becoming the best I can find.)

Score: 8.75

Group 3 – EXID

Representative: LE

LE is in my opinion one of the absolute best female rappers in all of kpop. She can hold her own with some other very good male idol rappers with no problem, and she has a memorable style and an awesome vibe. Plus she has that cockiness that I eat up as if it was ice-cream. The not so very cold kind, I’m not good with cold.

Score: 9.25

Final Results: 

1. EXID: 8.83

2. MAMAMOO: 8.5

3. Girls’ Generation: 8.17

These results mean that EXID and MAMAMOO have moved on to the semifinals and that Girls’ Generation have been eliminated.

Had this been one of the other two preliminary groups, Girls’ Generation would have moved on with this score, but this was a tough one. I know many people probably won’t agree with me, but well, that’s what the polls are for. So head down and vote!


16 thoughts on “Battle of the Girls – Preliminary Group 3 – Girls’ Generation vs MAMAMOO vs EXID

  1. I would really like to know your credentials regarding all of these aspects. Are you knowledgable in singing in which you can properly judge there techniques? Are you going off of stereotypes and public opinion when you discuss rap, or do you really know what makes a good rapper? If you could educate me on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I’m going completely off of my own personal opinions, as I made clear when I first started these series. As far as I can remember I’ve never commented on anyone’s singing technique, as I know I’m not qualified to. And what “makes a good rapper” really depends on what you consider to be good, so that as well really is a personal opinion.

      1. K thanks! If you had been someone claiming to be an expert I think I would have had a problem. I really like this blog so keep posting please!

  2. I have like zero knowledge on exid and mamamoo, except hani cuz she’s freaking everywhere these days. i do think SNSD’s catch me if you can is one of their best dances, the song is ok but they got a killer choreography. can’t wait for their comeback.
    hyoyeon is a pretty good rapper in my opinion, she’s also good at rapping in japanese and chinese.
    btw, no poll on visual? lol
    sooyoung will always be number one in my book HAHA

    1. Haha well that’s what happens when you bring your group all the fame they never had… And no, since I’ve already done a whole series about the best visuals, I left it out this time haha.

  3. Why would you compare a LEGEND to the ‘still making their popularity’ group? Like seriously, SNSD has a lot way more achievements and contributions to the society you just can’t compare them to uprising or rookie group. They just don’t deserve thus kind of stupid things.

    1. I’m not comparing them based on achievements or even the quality of their songs. I’m sorry you found this stupid, but there’s no one making you read it.

  4. MAMAMOO aren’t called the “Monster Rookies” for no reason. Vocal wise, I would’ve chosen Solar, she can do so much, her voice is really versatile (I’m not saying that Wheein’s, Hwasa’s and Moonbyul’s aren’t. Idk how to explain it lol. But they’re all great singers and it’s a dilemma to choose best singer in MAMAMOO lol) Solar’s voice just gives me the chills. She can sound sweet and angelic at one moment than the next she could be all soulful and belting out notes like there is no tomorrow.
    On another note, I agree that LE is one of the best female rappers in the kpop industry.

    1. I like Solar’s voice too, but personally I prefer Wheein’s vocal colour. But I agree it was really hard to choose!
      And yes, LE is truly excellent!

  5. Taeyeon is most definitely one of the best vocalists in Kpop tbh and she deserves nothing less than 10 in my book, however I do agree that Wheein has the edge on her. Homegirl’s voice is gorgeous uwu

  6. I feel like its unfair to compare SNSD with new groups. Cuz the industry has changed a lot since they debuted. There’s more rap and the styles of singing has changed. SNSD has never had raps in their songs and they probably weren’t trained in rapping either. I think next time you should compare rookie groups and legendary groups. Like 2ne1, wonder girls, SNSD, SES, T-ara, etc.

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