Battle of the Boys – Preliminary Group 4 – B.A.P vs BTOB vs MBLAQ






This, the fourth of the seven preliminary groups in the battle of the boys, marks the halfway point of the first part of the battles. Now we just have to go this far once more, and then we’ll be in the semifinals! You guys might have gotten totally bored of these posts, but I still enjoy writing them, no matter how much it hurts my heart. 

Round 1 – Vocals

Group 1 – B.A.P

Representative: Daehyun

Daehyun is a gorgeous singer, and this is not the best clip to show it, I agree. But the fact that this is a new clip makes me unable to choose anything else. Seeing that my beautiful baby is just as stunning and sings just as well as always makes me beyond ecstatic.

Score: 8.75

Group 2 – BTOB

Representative: Eunkwang

Eunkwang is a gorgeous singer, and his voice is really memorable. It doesn’t take much listening to BTOB to be able to pick out his voice, it really sounds like no one else’s. It’s very good, excellent even, and Eunkwang is also very stable live.

Score: 9.25

Group 3 – MBLAQ

Representative: G.O

I don’t think MBLAQ as a group has ever gotten the attention that they truly deserve, and that goes for G.O and his singing as well. Whenever I see a list of kpop’s best singers I find myself getting annoyed every time, because he’s never on them. And he should be! He has a very pleasant and smooth voice, and he always performs.

Score: 9

Standing so far: 

1. BTOB: 9.25

2. MBLAQ: 9

3. B.A.P: 8.75

Round 2 – Choreography

Group 1 – B.A.P

“One Shot”

B.A.P have cool dances, but I think that it is in large parts the charisma and stage presence of the B.A.P members that make the dances so cool. I mean, they’re cool in themselves, but the way they’re performed make them even better. This is in my opinion the best piece of choreography B.A.P have performed. It’s fast and intense, and the fact that the boys could sing and even rap while doing it is quite incredible. I can’t even talk while I do pushups.

Score: 8.25

Group 2 – BTOB


This song is a glorious mix of sexy and fun, which suits this song perfectly. It’s absolutely glorious and the boys always look like they’re having fun when they perform it, which sadly isn’t a given within the kpop world. It has some moves that literally make me laugh out loud and that is not common.

Score: 8.5

Group 3 – MBLAQ

“This Is War”

There is always a certain overdramatic quality to MBLAQ’s dances, which I love! And since this is the most dramatic one of them all, it’s my absolute favorite. Legs far apart, chest popping and hitting and members dying. That’s what a great dance should be.

Score: 8.5

Standing so far: 

1. BTOB: 8.88

2. MBLAQ: 8.75

3. B.A.P: 8.5

Round 3 – Rap

Group 1 – B.A.P

Representative: Yongguk

As I’m a huge fan of rappers with voices from the depths of hell, I adore Yongguk’s voice. But I’m not as much of a fan of him as you might think. Something about his voice doesn’t quite do it for me. But that really isn’t because he isn’t good, he is. So I’ll score him accordingly.

Score: 9

Group 2 – BTOB

Representative: Ilhoon

Ilhoon is an idol rapper, but he’s in the top tier, in my eyes. His voice is very far from deep, which sometimes doesn’t work for me, but he has such a fabulous cheeky style that it really doesn’t matter to me. He has good speed, and a nice flow, so I’ll forgive his high-pitched voice.

Score: 8.25

Group 3 – MBLAQ

Representative: Mir

Mir isn’t a very good rapper, but he isn’t actually as bad as I think of him being. He’s definitely gotten a whole lot better than his debut days, and now I don’t find his rap parts cringeworthy at all! Great progress. But he still isn’t as good as the better idol rappers.

Score: 7.5

Final Results: 

1. B.A.P: 8.67

1. BTOB: 8.67

3. MBLAQ: 8.33

This means that MBLAQ have been eliminated and that B.A.P and BTOB both move on to the semifinals with the same score.

MBLAQ didn’t do bad at all and would have moved on in both the second and third group, so it’s really a shame that they ended up here. I would have loved to see them move on.

Vote for the representatives and for which group that should have been eliminated below!




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