Battle of the Boys – Preliminary Group 2 – Teen Top vs JYJ vs B2ST

teen top






I’m back with the second preliminary group of boy groups in the battle of the boys to fight for their spot in the semifinals. This time the gods of chance in their infinite wisdom decided to match up three very different group. Their musical styles are different, their histories are different and their strengths are different. Let’s see who’ll come out on top, shall we?

Round 1 – Vocals

Group 1 – Teen Top

Representative: Niel

I hold a quite unusual opinion within the Angel fandom, in that I strongly prefer Changjo’s singing to the singing of his vocalist group members. But I decided that he isn’t quite ready for such a battle, and instead went with the safe choice, Niel. As the group’s main vocalist (and my bias) I’ve always felt like I should be madly in love with his voice. But I’m not. I do think he’s a stable singer, and he for sure has a memorable voice, but for me personally I’m not in love with him for his singing. Something about his tone is a little jarring to me.

Score: 7.5

Group 2 – JYJ

Representative: Jaejoong

Trust me, it was close to impossible for me to choose between Junsu and Jaejoong. They’re both great singers, and their voices are fit for totally different styles of music. In the end, I actually flipped a coin to decide, and Jaejoong lucked out. He’s a beautiful singer, and his rock songs are really good. As that is a style I’ve always liked, I was leaning towards Jaejoong from the beginning, it was really Junsu’s technical skills that held me back. I’m not super in love with Jaejoong’s tone, to be completely honest, but his style is really nice. I’ve seen him be both really good live, and weirdly off, which gives him a slightly lower score, due to my confusion.

Score: 8.5

Group 3 – B2ST 

Representative: Yoseob 

Yoseob is a really good singer, and while he isn’t my personal favorite voice of the group, I still have to admit that he is the best. His high notes are really well handled, and he sometimes comes down again really quickly, which impresses me just as much every single time I hear it. He can make his voice both super sweet and cute, and almost growly, which is impressive. As I said, tone wise he isn’t my favorite in his group, which pulls down his score slightly.

Score: 9

Standing so far: 

1. B2ST: 9

2. JYJ: 8.5

3. Teen Top: 7.5

Round 2 – Choreography

Just to make this clear, JYJ can only be represented by things they did after the split, since they don’t have the right to the name “TVXQ” anymore. Unfair? Yes. Blame SM for being assholes, making these guys have to leave.

Group 1 – Teen Top


Teen Top have had several really awesome dances since their debut, but this is personally my favorite. It’s fun, it’s memorable, it’s got moves that we can imitate and moves that quite a few of us (me) really don’t understand how they can do, and at that speed! Yeah, that would be me referring to the fast ass moves that they do during the no-singing part of the chorus. Personally my favorite part is the dance that Changjo and Ricky do only the two of them. They are the best two dancers in the group, and it’s nice to see that that’s acknowledged.

Score: 9

Group 2 – JYJ

“Get Out”

It’s really hard to give JYJ a fair score in this category. We know that they’re really good dancers, we saw that during their TVXQ days. But they can’t be represented by those songs, and that leaves us with the following problems:

1. They haven’t released that many songs as a group since the split, and several of those were not in Korean and can therefore not be counted.

2. JYJ releases no dance practices or dance versions, for some reason.

3. They can’t come to music shows, so finding decent clips of them doing the songs live is a real struggle.

So me choosing “Get Out” as their representative choreography is really just because it was the only one of their songs where I could find an almost decent video showing the whole dance. Music videos don’t work for that simple reason, they don’t show the whole dance. They do the chorus dance really well, but it isn’t a super great dance, and besides that there’s a lot of standing still. So I can’t give them a high score, even though I’d love to.

Score: 6.5

Group 3 – B2ST


Trust me, this was not an easy choice. Several songs, especially “Fiction”, put up a really good fight but in the end I settled on this one. In “Fiction”, which is a quite soft song, B2ST combined softer moves, which went well with the song, with faster and harder moves, without it in any way feeling disjointed. And that, which they did so well back in 2011, they did even better with their latest Korean single “12:30”. It’s hard, yet soft, and all in all extremely impressive. Here B2ST once again proved to me, a huge shawol, that they’re SHINee’s worthy opponents.

Score: 9.5

Standing so far: 

1. B2ST: 9.25

2. Teen Top: 8.25

3. JYJ: 7.5

Round 3 – Rap

Group 1 – Teen Top

Representative: C.A.P

C.A.P has an amazingly deep voice, which I super love. He is obviously an idol rapper, but he isn’t half bad. Teen Top is certainly not a rap-focused group, but when they do need someone to spit out some rap lines, C.A.P (and L.Joe too) has no problem with performing. He’s not amazing, but he isn’t bad.

Score: 7.75

Group 2 – JYJ

Representative: Yoochun

Yoochun is a little bit of a mess as a rapper, to be honest. He’s funny, that’s for sure, but as a rapper, I’ve never heard him do especially well. Of course, he could be worse, but well… he could also be much better.

Score: 6.5

Group 3 – B2ST

Representative: Junhyung

I’ve always seen Junhyung as a standout among idol rappers, and if we disregard some completely nonsensical English, he’s really quite good. I like his style and his voice, and while I don’t count him as one of my favorite kpop rappers, he isn’t far from joining that elite club.

Score: 9

Final Results: 

1. B2ST: 9.17

2. Teen Top: 8.08

3. JYJ: 7.17

Wow, huge differences! This very clearly means that B2ST won this group, since they won every single round, and that they together with Teen Top move on to the semifinals. The differences were way bigger than the last preliminary group in the boys’ battle, meaning that these groups were nowhere near as evenly matched. B2ST also got the highest score any group’s gotten so far in the battles, so this really puts them as frontrunners in their semifinal.

Wow, this was interesting. B2ST is a group that I barely listen to, but seeing their results here it makes me feel stupid for not listening to them more. Maybe these battles will turn me into a hardcore B2uty? If you disagree with my choices of representatives or wanted someone else to be eliminated, head on down to the polls and vote!



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