Battle of the Boys – Preliminary Group 1 – SHINee vs Infinite vs BTS


Here we go, first battle! And this is not an easy one. I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish my babies were in an easier group… But I promise, I’ll try to be as objective as I can! Promise! Three rounds will decide which two groups will move forward to the semifinals. Each group will be represented by a member (or choreography) in each round, and they’ll all be given scores from 1 to 10. And yes, you’ll get to disagree with my choices of members and my choices of winner in the polls at the end of this post. Also, a little disclaimer, I am in no way trained in being able to tell if someone sings/raps/dances well. I know nothing about technique or anything of the sort, so this is really just about how much I like to listen to them/watch them.

Round 1 – Vocals

Group 1 – SHINee

Representative: Jonghyun

What better way to show Jonghyun’s great vocals than through his very first solo song? I personally think Jonghyun is a really great singer, really good. He’s got very good range and he adapts his singing style to whatever song he’s singing but still manages to retain his own personal flavor. And yes, I’m biased! I really can’t help it, this is my ultimate bias.

Score: 9.5

Group 2 – Infinite

Representative: Woohyun

Woohyun is a very talented vocalist and together with Sunggyu he’s really an anchor that weighs Infinite’s vocals down. A lot of the other members have weaker and more airy voices that he really helps balance out. He is one of the members with a deeper pitched voice when he’s singing so the fact that he manages to sing Infinite’s super high-pitched choruses so well is impressive and speaks of range. He also has one of the most easily recognizable voices in the group.

Score: 9

Group 3 – BTS

Representative: Jimin

I know choosing Jimin as BTS’s representative over Jungkook might be a controversial choice, but I really do feel like he’s more impressive. The more I see of him as a singer, the more he grows in my eyes. He has a very nice tone and an almost growly sex appeal to his voice that I really love. I don’t think he’s as strong a vocalist as the other two, but well, he hasn’t been around long. Let’s give him time.

Score: 8

Standing so far:

1. SHINee: 9.5

2. Infinite: 9

3. BTS: 8

Round 2 – Choreography

In this round the groups won’t be represented by a specific member, but by a choreography as a whole. The scores will be decided both by the actual choreography and how well it’s performed. Also, only choreographies to (Korean) songs with music videos can be chosen.

Group 1 – SHINee


Trust me, choosing a representative choreography for SHINee, my favorite group, was not an easy task. I love the “members popping out of a line” moves from “Sherlock”, I love the mics in “Dream Girl” and “Everybody” has about a thousand fun and memorable moves. But to me, “Lucifer” is their best. They’re amazingly in sync, the dance is memorable without being overly gimmicky and there are moves that fans can try their hands on, but that we can never do as well. It’s a really great kpop dance.

Score: 9.5

Group 2 – Infinite


Infinite are amazing dancers and just as they have a very distinct music sound, their dance style is as easily recognizable. But that also causes problems for them, as their dances are sometimes overly similar. I know I sometimes have problems remembering which dance goes with which song. But in “Back” that problem doesn’t exist. It’s slightly more simplistic than their other dances, without being in any way simple, and that makes it easier to remember and to follow. The mirroring in the beginning is super cool, and they’re as always perfectly in sync.

Score: 9.5

Group 3 – BTS

“We Are Bulletproof Pt.2”

At least in my eyes BTS is one of the absolute best up and coming dance groups within kpop. They have a few standout dancers, but everyone can hold their own well enough for there to be really intriguing and complex choreographies. It wasn’t easy choosing only one from their different dances, but in the end “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2” beat out “Danger” and took its spot here. It’s fast-paced, it’s interesting, it’s got a cool dance break and it’s got moves that we all try to copy, but that at least I can’t do without looking like a moron.

Score: 9.5

Standing so far:

1. SHINee: 9.5

2. Infinite: 9.25

3. BTS: 8.75

Seeing as everyone got the same score this round, the positions are still the same as we move into the third and deciding round:

Round 3 – Rap

Here, just as in the vocals round, each group will be represented by the member that I think is the best rapper in the group.

Group 1 – SHINee

Representative: Minho

Is Minho an especially good rapper? No. Is he the best in SHINee? Yes. SHINee has never really been about the rap, and honestly, I think Minho’s just a rapper because he wasn’t a very good singer and SM wanted him in the group. As a huge shawol, I’m allowed to say that. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gotten used to him, but I don’t think Minho’s that terrible. The fact that he has such a deep and pleasant voice really helps him, and I don’t mind the talk-rapping that he does. But he isn’t exactly amazing.

Score: 7

Group 2 – Infinite

Representative: Dongwoo

Dongwoo is definitely an idol rapper, but for being one, he isn’t half bad. It’s far from decided within the fandom that he’s the better rapper out of him and Hoya, but I’ve always preferred him. His voice is slightly more low-pitched, and his style overall works better for me. He isn’t amazing, but not too bad either.

Score: 8

Group 3 – BTS

Representative: Rap Monster

I could have chosen anyone of Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope and they would have been clearly better than the other two. Rap Monster is an amazing rapper (he can hold his own with freaking Tiger JK!) and he’s quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite rappers in kpop. He has a great raspy voice, a lovely flow and good speed. He in general just blows me away.

Score: 9.5

Final Results:

1. BTS: 9

2. Infinite: 8.83

3. SHINee: 8.67

Which means that SHINee have been eliminated and BTS and Infinite move on to the semifinals. Am I okay with this? Hell no! So I’m giving SHINee another thousand points, kicking out Infinite and putting SHINee as frontrunners in the first semifinal!

Just kidding. I guess this really proves how unbiased I am, right? So… I guess that’s a good thing…

*gross sobbing*

Sigh… I’m not the slightest bit okay with this. And I hope you’re not either, which is why I’m including about a billion polls where you can vote for who the representatives should have been, and who should have been eliminated. (NOT SHINEE)



26 thoughts on “Battle of the Boys – Preliminary Group 1 – SHINee vs Infinite vs BTS

  1. You really think that Infinite and BTS are better groups than SHINee? how exactly do you give them scores? what do you measure? it’s just Im very surprised, sinse I have always thought very highly of SHINee…

    1. No, since SHINee is my favorite group I don’t think that. But if you look at the scores in the individual sections you’ll see that I gave SHINee a higher score when it came to vocals and that they all got equal scores in the dance round; it was the rapping that brought SHINee down. And yes, even though I’m a huge fan of SHINee, I can admit that Infinite, and especially BTS, are better rappers.

      1. I just dont understand why do you give numerical scores? you’re not exactly measuring anything.. i understand why you can say this person is better than that person, but giving scores is just ridiculous to me, unless you are actually a vocal, rapping and dance expert and follow clear guidlines. I know these ratings are just for fun, but when you rate things, you have to be very exact…

      2. That is an understandable stance, but I disagree. I made it quite clear that there is no expertise at play here. And giving the scores was a very easy way to show how much better I think one person is than another, nothing more.

      1. I don’t see why rookies should be considered as innately worse than older groups? If they’re good, they’re good. And BTS have been around for some years now, they’re no longer rookies.

      2. BTS is not a rookie group. And it’s safe for me to say, BTS is A LOT more famous than SHINEE and Infinite now!

  2. :((((((((( i wanted shinee to win it hahahhaah i really liked it but i never thought minho’s rap was irritating or something i mean in dream girl he was quite good

    1. Haha I really wanted them to win too, but I was trying to be unbiased. And I do agree that Minho has gotten better, but he is not on the level of these other dudes.

  3. I can’t understand why compare groups like SHINee and Infinite with BTS.
    And your ranking is just a mess! You just take one person in the group and say who is better!
    That don’t means anything!

    1. Well, this is nothing but my opinion. I think I made that quite clear. And of course it doesn’t mean anything. SHINee lost, but they’re still my absolute favourite group.

  4. If I was to be honest with you, Bts doesn’t even compare to Shinee and Infinite and I’m an Army. And giving such a high mark to Jimin for singing, do you know Bts is well known for having bad vocals. And the choreography for Infinite is completely biased. A lot of professionals have praised Infinite’s Last Romeo and BTD. But Back is literally one of their worse choreos, and you chose it even though you pointed out it was one of their most simple choreo? You are merely ranking them and being biased.

    And for dance, you need to see individual’s dancing as well. Do you think Rapmon and Jin can be compared to the worst dancers of the other groups? Cause the worst dancers of the other groups is at least V or Jungkook in choreos.

    Then you have synchronisation, difficulty as well as consistency. There are a lot of elements in ranking choreography. I am a dance major in college, and if it was me, the most I would’ve given would be Infinite at 8, Shinee at 7.5 and Bts at 6.

    You chose Jimin and gave him an 8 because you liked his tone. You should call this your biased opinion ranking, because if you were to see techniques, V would be the best, followed by Jungkook and then Jimin.

    If based on techniques, Jonghyun is the fifth best idol vocalist after Kyuhyun, Sandeul, Ryeowook and Chen as a competent singer.
    Woohyun would be next as above average.
    Jimin is at most weak, you should read the vocal analysis blog.

    1. While I appreciate your very well-done explanation of why I’m wrong, I have never claimed that this is the “correct” scores. Did you read the disclaimer at the end of the very first paragraph?

  5. Out of these 3 groups, i would say i think highest of SHINee, especially in terms of dancing. BTS’s cheo is actually really hard too but on average SHINee wins by a small margin 🙂

    But yeah, SHINee compared to other groups, especially BTS, there rapping skills are lacking ( i like minho’s rap’s because it’s what gives them the SHINee feel but to be fair, Minho just fast-talks lol)
    I know the above was your personal opinions, but for me, i think just like how SHINee’s lacking in rapping, BTS also lacks in vocals. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jungkook and V’s voice but they aren’t that recognizable (?). They don’t leave as big as an impression on me compared to Woohyun, Jonghyun, or even Taemin’s voice.

    In general, they all are really good! 🙂

    1. It’s been over a year since I wrote this post now, and if I were to re-write it today I don’t think I would have given BTS that high of a score for vocals… I still think Jimin is a good singer, but I don’t think he’s THAT good anymore…
      And yeah, even though Minho isn’t a great rapper, I still really enjoy the rapping he does haha!

  6. I don’t think you did anything wrong. I just don’t think these groups can be compared because they’re very different. Firstly, BTS is a k-hiphop group more than k-pop. They have very poppy elements to them but that doesn’t make them k-pop. They try very hard to make themselves distinct. Secondly, SHINee’s vocals. That’s the only place they shine. They can’t rap simply because they’re from SM and they focus usually on the visual appeal of the group. Minho is a typical example of this since they go very heavy on Jonghyun’s voice but leave everyone out, even today with more balanced songs. So even if Taemin was good, he can’t be comparable because he barely sings. He just dances. They’re very role-based at a big company like SM, which emphasize traditional k-pop over anything else. And I don’t know much about Infinite, but they seem pretty similar to SHINee. However I wouldn’t compare them since they seem to be from different genres, even if they are from k-pop. Infinite seems to me like the acousticy ballady pop band that sings indie stuff while SHINee is the acousticy ballady pop band that sings about zombies and tries to make the unconventional conventional. Different appeals, different styles. A better suggestion might be to compare BTS with something like B.A.P. maybe, or even NCT U. I only say this because they are technically rookies – no one knows about them and they are hardly veterans of the k-pop scene, unlike SHINee.

    1. I have to disagree. I agree that BTS are more hip hop than the average kpop group, but they are an established act on the kpop scene, not on the k-hip hop scene, which is very different. And as a very long term SHINee fan I’d have to disagree with you on the fact that their music is all Jonghyun, that simply isn’t true, especially not lately. And I cannot agree with your idea of what Infinite are about either, I just can’t. So while I appreciate that you took the time to write such a long comment, I cannot agree with the points that you make.

      1. Ah, I never replied to you! I’m sorry. Well I use the k-hiphop term very lightly. They want to be seen very badly as hip hop artists but they are not. You can tell by their attitude. I know what k-hiphop is and that’s not it. But they try to veer into that territory. Because of their mix, it’s hard to describe them. I really don’t care that you don’t agree with me.

  7. Hello! I stumbled upon this article and I realised a lot of the comments were criticising you for your choices even thought you already made it clear that this was just your opinion and it’s really not something to be taken as fact..

    I definitely get where you’re coming from for the individual scores, the singers you chose, etc, especially when you wrote it a year ago and all the groups have progressed so far since then.. I would suggest creating an updated one but then I realised everyone would probably make a big fuss out of all your choices all over again. :” )

    Thanks for the article! (-:

  8. I agree with your choice, I promise I’m not being biased due to the fact that I stan all these groups but BTS should win. Though their vocals aren’t amazing, that doesn’t mean they’re known for TERRIBLE vocals? Like cmon now! Shinee would win for that. For dancing, I think BTS should have won,but it would’ve been better if you used BTS’ Danger Choreo. Rapping, that’s also a cmon now, BTS wins in that category. So 2/3 BTS would win, it’s a fair thing. I’m sorry Infinite isn’t included but it’s because BTS has better rappers and better dancers than them, while Shinee has better vocals than Infinite. 🙂

    1. If I would have written this now, I would have let BTS win in the dance category, yes, but at the time I just felt like they were all awesome and didn’t want to choose haha. 🙂

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