Battle of the Girls – Preliminary Group 1 – Girl’s Day vs Secret vs After School

girl's day




after school

The first group in the battle of the boys had it out last week, and sadly my absolute favorite group in the whole world were eliminated and won’t be competing in the semifinals. So I’m hoping that this week I’ll get what I want! I won’t say which two groups I’m hoping for, but there are definite frontrunners in my mind. Which probably means one of them will be eliminated. Sigh. 

Round 1 – Vocals 

Group 1 – Girl’s Day 

Representative: Minah

Minah is a very good singer and I don’t think I’ve ever heard it said that she’s not the best in her group. I really like her voice, but there is a little something missing from it for me. It’s very good, but there’s a power that should be there that I don’t hear. That’s why I think her solo song was very well done, it really showcased the good parts of her voice, and nicely concealed the parts where she’s slightly lacking.

Score: 8.5

Group 2 – Secret

Representative: Jieun

Minah and Jieun both have very sweet voices, but that little extra push that I think Minah lacks, I think Jieun has. Feel free to disagree with me on that, it’s really just a personal opinion. Jieun has an ability to make her voice haunting without sounding like she’s trying to (maybe she isn’t, and that’s just the way her voice is) that I think is really awesome. It makes the sad or creepy things she sings of to be even more effective.

Score: 9

Group 3 – After School

Representative: Raina

Trust me, choosing a representative wasn’t easy. I was leaning towards Jungah, I for a short while thought about choosing Lizzy and then Nana impressed me so much with a certain live I saw that I almost chose her. But in the end, I went with the, according to most I think, correct choice: Raina. Raina has a super sweet voice made for singing aegyo-filled songs. She goes really high in an effortless way, and it’s really nice to listen to. Personally, I don’t think she’s quite as good as the previous two, but she surely isn’t far off.

Score: 8

Standing so far:

1. Secret: 9

2. Girl’s Day: 8.5

3. After School: 8

Round 2 – Choreography 

In this round the groups will, just as last time, be represented not by a member, but by a whole choreography. The scores are decided both by the actual choreography itself and by how well they perform it. And since both After School and Girl’s Day are groups that have been made out of different configurations of members I’d like to make this clear: a group can only be represented by members that are currently in the group, but by any choreography that was performed under the group’s current name, regardless of what members were there.

Group 1 – Girl’s Day


Let me say this, this wasn’t an easy choice. “Twinkle Twinkle” put up a valiant fight, and to be honest, I think that might be the better dance. But “Expectation” has something that “Twinkle Twinkle” lacks: it’s catchy and memorable. A great kpop dance should be just as memorable as the song, and you should see it before your eyes when you hear the song. “Expectation” is that kind of dance, and it’s the kind of dance that I’d love to learn, but that I look like an idiot while doing.

Score: 8

Group 2 – Secret

“I’m In Love”

This also wasn’t an easy choice. “Love Is Move” hung in there almost until the very end, but in the end I accepted that I actually do think that “I’m In Love” is Secret’s best dance to date. It’s their latest, and in my mind this dance is a testament to everything that Secret does really well. I’ve always strongly believed that Secret shine way more as dancers when they’re performing their sexier singles; the power they have in those dances is nowhere to be seen in their cuter stuff. And while I don’t think this is quite as sexy as “Poison”, “I’m In Love” has that same power, but with more polish.

Score: 9

Group 3 – After School


I do think that After School were on average better dancers in the beginning, but I don’t think their choreographies were that engaging and memorable. I’m sure that I’d find them more so if I knew just a tiny bit more about dance, but since I don’t; I just want to be entertained. I’ve always thought that Kahi is an amazing dancer, and I have great respect for her, so it’s quite interesting that I chose the first single they released after her graduation, but oh well. That just shows that they’re still great, even without her. I was leaning towards choosing “First Love” because of the amazing pole dancing, but since that’s just a part of the dance, and the rest isn’t as cool to me, “Flashback” it is. They’re very synced, it’s a cool dance, and it’s one I remember even though this is a song I barely ever listen to.

Score: 9.5

Standing so far:

1. Secret: 9

2. After School: 8.75

3. Girl’s Day: 8.25

Round 3 – Rap

Group 1 – Girl’s Day

Representative: Yura

Something about Yura’s extreme good looks makes me think that she should be a really bad rapper. I think of her as just a visual that can’t sing nor rap, but in her case, that isn’t quite true. For one, I’ve never seen her listed as the group’s visual, that’s usually Minah, and she isn’t a half bad rapper. She’s clearly an idol rapper, and far from amazing, but Yura holds her own quite well, especially among female idol rappers, which we all know are often a bit weaker than their male counterparts. (You know it to be true, so don’t hate me for pointing it out.)

Score: 8

Group 2 – Secret

Representative: Hana

I’ve always thought of Hana as quite the standout in the female idol rapper department. She isn’t perfect, and there are certainly girls that are better than her, but in general she is someone that I really think should be given more credit for her rapping. She has a nice voice, especially so in their more provocative material (her aegyo voice kind of creeps me out) and her flow is, at least to me, good.

Score: 8.75

Group 3 – After School

Representative: Nana

After the graduations of both Bekah and Kahi After School are severely weakened in the rap department. To be honest I don’t really consider Uee, Nana or Lizzy as rappers, even if I’ve seen them listed as such. But I had to choose someone, and in my opinion Nana is slightly stronger than the other two. She’s no standout, that’s for sure, and is way more talented in other areas.

Score: 6.75

Final Results: 

1. Secret: 8.92

2. Girl’s Day: 8.17

3. After School: 8.08

This means that Secret and Girl’s Day move on to compete in the semifinals, and that After School has been eliminated. I don’t really listen to After School, so this is the results I were hoping for, but seeing them now still makes me kind of sad. No more Nana… But she’s so… so beautiful…

There we have it, the first preliminary group of five in the battle of the girls have now competed. If you agree, or don’t agree, with my choices then you better go to the polls below and vote! Oh, and stay tuned because next week we’re tackling the second preliminary group in the battle of the boys!



3 thoughts on “Battle of the Girls – Preliminary Group 1 – Girl’s Day vs Secret vs After School

  1. Again these groups are hits and misses for me. i like their music sometimes, but i do agree with all the vocals you picked. my favorite is minah, that girl can sing but she’s got the cutest personality ever.
    after school needs to come back already, i especially love choreography.

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