Battle of the Boys – Preliminary Group 3 – BIGBANG vs NU’EST vs B1A4

big bang






This is the third preliminary group in the battle of the boys and it contains another of my absolute favorite groups, who’ve kept us waiting for way too long, but that has now finally come back: BIGBANG. I’ve missed them massively, but I’ll try to not let that factor into how I score them. I mean, I let SHINee be eliminated, so you really can’t doubt my unbiasedness. One of these groups is old, the other two are young to medium age, and they’re all massively different. But one has to go.

Round 1 – Vocals

Group 1 – BIGBANG

Representative: Daesung

Daesung has always been my personal favorite singer in BIGBANG, and even though Taeyang and his singing has grown on me a lot in the gap since their last comeback (before this one, that is), it is still a given to me that Daesung is the one to represent his group. His voice isn’t very kpop, the tone is all wrong and he doesn’t do falsetto. But it’s powerful and beautiful and I’m personally incredibly fond of it.

Score: 9.25

Group 2 – NU’EST

Representative: Minhyun

I know, this is a very short clip. But this is the clip that proved to me that Minhyun might be the stronger singer out of him and Baekho. I’d never considered that before, but when I wrote their opinionated profile a year ago, someone said so, and I just had to go see for myself. And now I too prefer Minhyun’s singing. He really stepped up to the plate after Baekho’s surgery, and he really shines.

Score: 8

Group 3 – B1A4

Representative: Sandeul

Sandeul is a beautiful singer, and it’s such a shame that B1A4 isn’t a more vocal-centered group. Not that I don’t love what they do, I do, but Sandeul is very underutilized. Not only is he in a group that doesn’t need amazing vocal skills, he also gets so few lines sometimes it’s almost a criminal offense. Whoever divides up the lines, get cracking on this. Like right now.

Score: 8.75

Standing so far: 

1. BIGBANG: 9.25

2. B1A4: 8.75

3. NU’EST: 8

Round 2 – Choreography

Group 1 – BIGBANG

“Fantastic Baby”

BIGBANG have the same “problem” that 2NE1 have; their choreographies aren’t nearly as strict as most in kpop. And I love that about them! It allows them to play around on stage and interact with the crowd in ways that just aren’t possible for other groups. But it does make them not as easily judged and not as highly regarded when it comes to choreography. This is certainly choreographed (not that that means they always follow it) and even T.O.P looks slightly not awkward. Almost.

Score: 7.25

Group 2 – NU’EST


There’s a franticness and a sharpness to this dance that perfectly goes with the song, both the lyrics and the sound. There are loads of clean lines, and NU’EST are good enough dancers to make those lines just as sharp as they need to be. This might not be my favorite NU’EST song, but it’s certainly my favorite dance.

Score: 8.5

Group 3 – B1A4

“What’s Happening?”

B1A4 have as a group evolved from pure ridiculousness to glorious fun and their dances have been right there with them on that journey. There were quite a few choreographies that could have represented them, but I settled on this one. It’s super fun and kind of silly, but still well choreographed and well performed. Plus the guys look like they’re genuinely enjoying themselves when they perform it, which is always a plus. And with a dance like this, it’s a must.

Score: 8.5

Standing so far: 

1. B1A4: 8.63

2. BIGBANG: 8.25

2. NU’EST: 8.25

Round 3 – Rap

Group 1 – BIGBANG

Representative: T.O.P

It was really difficult to choose between him and G-Dragon since they’re my top two in the group, both among my favorite idol rappers and so incredibly different from each other. Their rap styles are like night and day, and I love them both! So in the end I let my never-ending love for T.O.P and his amazing rapping win me over. I might be biased, but I really think that T.O.P is outstanding. His voice is perfect for me and his flow and style blow me away.

Score: 9.5

Group 2 – NU’EST

Representative: JR

JR is certainly an idol rapper, and he isn’t that great. But I do think that for being an idol rapper he isn’t so bad. I like his voice and I’ve always seen his raps as solid parts of all NU’EST’s songs.

Score: 7.75

Group 3 – B1A4

Representative: Baro

Baro isn’t perfect, and I’ve honestly never been very fond of his rapping. Which is strange, since I’m normally madly in love with any rapper with a deep voice. (T.O.P, P.O, Mino, Yongguk, Rap Monster, basically anyone) I don’t know what it is about him that doesn’t work for me, but I can still admit that he is objectively quite good.

Score: 7.5

Final Results: 

1. BIGBANG: 8.67

2. B1A4: 8.25

3. NU’EST: 8.08

This means that NU’EST have been eliminated and that BIGBANG and B1A4 both move on to the semifinals. I did see this coming, so I’m not surprised. It’s still a shame though.

The fact that BIGBANG won this preliminary group with the same score that SHINee had when they were eliminated from theirs makes me highly grumpy. My boys weren’t supposed to be kicked out!

Vote for who the representatives should have been and for who should have been eliminated below!



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