Forgive me for the lack of creativity in the title guys, I wasn’t sure what to call this. I’m pretty sure I’ve touched on my former hate for Kara quite a few times, but as that subsided, I guess I subconsciously needed a new female group to hate. That is/was AOA. 

Okay, so maybe I never truly hated AOA… But I have gotten some great enjoyment out of talking about how boring/terrible I find their songs. And I have not been nice to poor Jimin.

Are those days over? No. I’m still not a fan of most of the stuff that AOA have put out. But I love my friends, and if they love AOA, I might be willing to give it another go. I do quite like their debut song and I don’t hate “Heart Attack” or “Confused”. And now, for some reason, I’ve more or less memorized all their names and faces. So I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek into what my mind is doing, as I’m starting to maybe get into them. Maybe. No promises.



I was so completely sure that Choa was the leader, I didn’t question it at all. And it’s not just that she’s the main vocalist that made me think that, she just really feels and seems like a leader! I can’t let go of that mindset.

I have yet to officially choose my bias in AOA, but Choa is no longer in the running. She’s a great singer and super awkward, which is a good thing in my world, but I don’t find her physically attractive. And this might sound super shallow, but I need to be attracted to my biases. It’s not always that way, but in general, yes. And Choa isn’t my type at all. Great singer though.



When it came to me hating AOA, Jimin got the absolute majority of the crap I threw at them. That is due to firstly, her being the only member besides Choa that I could identify, and secondly, her voice. I have found a couple of songs now where her voice doesn’t make me want to jump into a lake full of piranhas, but it’s still rare. I don’t have a problem with her style or technique per se, her tone of voice just hurts my ears. She seems like a nice and sweet girl though, and less annoying than I pictured her. And maybe I’ll get used to the voice thing.



Oh Yuna… If I could have anyone, this is the bias I would want. But no. Of course not. She’s already claimed. So what do I do? Move on? Love her in secret? We’ll see about that.

Yuna is the second-best singer and the most beautiful girl in the group. She looks stunning in short hair, she looks stunning blonde, she’s stunning. She’s the whole package and I wish I could just casually call her mine. Sigh. I’ll try and move on. (Or will I…?)



As I can’t have Yuna *sigh* Hyejeong is the one I’m right now leaning towards making my bias. She’s gorgeous, and she also possesses that naturally sexy vibe that I find only her and Yuna truly have. (Seolhyun has some of it at times) Seeing her like this, acting out a character from one of my absolute favorite movies, does make me get even closer to claiming her. But… Yuna made a damn hot Lara Croft, so nothing’s settled yet. (I might be murdered for not being done with Yuna, you know. I very well might.)

Besides Choa and Yuna I really haven’t found any stand-out vocalists in this group… But I find Hyejeong just fine. And pretty. Never forget that.



I hope I don’t majorly offend any Pink Pandas by saying this, but to me Mina looks a little bit like a prettier and more polished version of Namjoo from A Pink. I might very well be the only one that sees that, but there is something there.

Mina isn’t one of those members that really stands out on stage, and I’ve never noticed her before, but her personality is good. She isn’t as cute as her face makes her seem, which I find more endearing than the opposite would have. She will ignore you for chicken, just watch her.

She is still sort of in the running for the bias spot, but her extreme physical cuteness is a sure disadvantage for her.



I thought for sure Seolhyun was the visual, but now I’m reading it’s apparently Hyejeong. They’re both stunning, and look slightly alike from time to time, but I feel like Seolhyun has more of that type of look. Plus she it definitely feels like she’s the constantly-in-front member. You know the one. There’s always one. But I guess her being the most popular doesn’t have to mean she’s actually been named visual. She has been slightly in the running for the bias spot as well, but since I do find her and Hyejeong a bit similar, I think her run is over. I prefer Hyejeong of the two.



Chanmi is one of the least interesting ones for me. Her rapping is fine, less annoying than Jimin’s, which also makes it less memorable. And I don’t find her to be one of the more attractive members. She is another one of my friends’ bias though, so I guess there has to be something special with her… I do trust my friend’s judgement, I just don’t see it.

I won’t write about that girl who’s only in AOA Black, because I literally know nothing about her.

I’m sure this made no sense to you, or at least wasn’t interesting, I mostly just wrote it to organize my own thoughts about the girls. And putting it down on “paper” like this helps me remember who they were and what I thought about them even better. But if you did enjoy, or related, or can help me in some way on my quest for a bias, excellent! I’ll probably be in the presence of the “owner” of Yuna (i.e the person whose bias she is) when this is posted, so I might die. Maybe. Let’s hope not.


4 thoughts on “AOA

  1. I can only name 3 AOA members, Choa, Jimin and Yuna, and I thought Yuna looks better with long hair but i’m feeling the short hairdo more and more now.
    I love Jimin’s rap, her singing voice may not appeal to everyone but her rap is amazing.
    i mentioned seeing Choa at a musical, loved her acting and singing
    Yuna’s look doesn’t stand out for me for some reason, she’s pretty, but not really noticeable.
    their latest album didn’t wow me but i love their previous Like a Cat album, as well as Short Hair and Mini Skirt. AOA is one of those groups that can actually CARRY a sexy concept, and not too slutty at the same time.
    i also like their band sub-unit, wish FNC did more with them.

    by the way, did you get a chance to listen to other girl groups? i swear this summer is a battle for the girl groups, GG comes back tomorrow, follow by Girl’s Day, Nine Muses, Apink… and God knows who else, it’s gonna be an epic war! can’t wait! LOL

    1. Haha I’m trying to keep track of all of them all! But it feels a bit like every single girl group out there decided on a summer comeback…

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