Attraction Levels of Kpop Groups – SHINee vs BIGBANG vs EXO-M

Guys, this is the last of this series of posts. And I really don’t know what I should do after them. These have been some of my absolute favorite posts to write, so I hope I can come up with a new series that’s as much fun. This is going to be the hardest post to write, I know it. SHINee, BIGBANG and EXO are my top three boy groups, and I like EXO-M more than EXO-K, so this is as hard as it can get. But I’ll try!

Oh, and also, I’m including Kris. It’s not completely official that he’s leaving EXO just yet, and it’ll make me too depressed if I don’t include him.

Here are the rules:

1. Between two and four groups of the same sex are chosen. (Almost all posts will be three groups, and most will be with male groups)

2. Each member within each group is presented through three pictures and scored from one to ten, based on how attractive I find them.

3. Each group’s average score is calculated and the winning group is announced.

4. The members with the highest scores from each group go head to head, and an individual winner is announced.

5. Plenty of polls are added in the end so can you show how much you agree or disagree with me.


First Candidate: Onew




From debut all up to now Onew’s always had the same kind of good-lookingness. He in general has a very sweet look, and that smile is one of the most beautiful ones in all of kpop. Mostly he’s adorable, but sometimes on stage he turns on this sexual charisma that’s quite amazing.

Score: 8.5

Second Candidiate: Jonghyun




Jonghyun is a perfect mix of everything I could want. (Except for height. Sorry, babe!) And you might call me out as being extremely biased when I say that, since he is my ultimate bias, but I don’t think that’s the case. The reason why he is my ultimate bias is because he is that perfect mix! So I don’t think me saying that makes me biased, it just makes me honest. I have to say though, that I don’t think the hairstyle he’s had lately works with his face. So, SM, please change that for the next comeback!

Score: 9.5

Third Candidate: Key




Key has such a versatile look that he could really pull off anything. He can do cute, he can do edgy, and in some rare cases he can even do sexy! He has very delicate features (especially his lips, they’re beautiful) which makes him look quite feminine. He’s for sure more beautiful than handsome. And while I do like androgyny, there’s a bit too little sex appeal in Key for it to work for me.

Score: 8

Fourth Candidate: Minho



With his slightly taller frame and classically manly handsome face Minho is, to me, the epitome of the kpop version of prince charming. From a kpop beauty standard point of view, he has a perfect face, and I think he’s gorgeous.

Score: 9

Final Candidate: Taemin




Taemin is every shawol’s baby, regardless of whether he’s actually younger than us or not. Taemin was always (judging by his childhood pictures) such a pretty boy and as he’s now just a month away from his 21st birthday he’s becoming such a beautiful man. He does have a slightly feminine look at times, but nowhere near Key’s amount of femininity. While I do find Taemin extremely objectively attractive, he doesn’t have that vibe that I can feed off of.

Score: 8


First Candidate: T.O.P



T.O.P is very handsome, and even in massive amounts of eyeliner he completely lacks femininity, which is very rare in kpop. I think T.O.P is beyond gorgeous, so there’s not really much to say here. And this man was born to wear a suit. As most men are.

Score: 9.5

Second Candidate: Taeyang




I’m getting more and more attracted to Taeyang every time I see him. Which is weird because I’m not really digging the way he’s wearing his hair nowadays. Taeyang is a little short, but he has a slamming body and a lovely smile.

Score: 8

Third Candidate: G-Dragon




G-Dragon gets styled in so many crazy ways that I often forget how beautiful he is all on his own. He doesn’t need any crazy styling. But he does pull it all off. He’s kpop’s ultimate chameleon and he always looks good, no matter what crazy shit the stylists stick him with. He could literally model almost anything, and I’d want to buy it.

Score: 9

Fourth Candidate: Daesung




Daesung is lovely and has a great body, but he just doesn’t really do it for me. And it does make me feel a little bad for him, because he is that member that always gets stuck with the “ugly” label. Daesung is nowhere near ugly, but to me he isn’t on the same level as some of his fellow members.

Score: 7

Final Candidate: Seungri




Seungri has for sure grown on me, both physically and overall. He’s not stunning to me just yet, but he has grown into a very handsome man. So, yes, let’s talk about love.

Score: 8


First Candidate: Xiumin




Xiumin is 24 years old! And he’s just too damn adorable! He has sexed it up a little lately, but as long as I think of a cute chipmunk whenever I see him, I can’t really be attracted to him. Chipmunks aren’t my style.

Score: 7

Second Candidate: Luhan




Luhan is 24! 24! While I don’t think he in anyways looks 24, I don’t think he looks like a little kid either, like Xiumin sometimes does. He looks like some gorgeous divine being that never ages. That’s the only reasonable explanation. And that might mean he has some kind of powers that can explain my unreasonable attraction towards him. He’s so not my type, yet he so is. Damn it, Luhan! How do you do this to me?

Score: 9

Third Candidate: Kris




Finally someone who looks their age! I’ve gotten more and more Kris feels for a while now, which is really bad considering the circumstances. I guess you never really appreciate what you had until it’s almost gone. And now I’m getting sad, so I’ll just move on.

Score: 8.5

Fourth Candidate: Lay




Lay is a radiantly good unicorn, and must be protected at all costs! Everyone adores Lay, but most of the time I’m not incredibly attracted to him. It’s getting more and more intense each day though. And since this is my friend’s bias, it might even become a problem…

Score: 8

Fifth Candidate: Chen




Chen has a flawless face, and a smile that’s just to die for. There’s a sexiness that’s always in his face, even when he does nothing with it, that I just can not get enough of.

Score: 9

Final Candidate: Tao




Tao is one of very few guys in kpop whose personalities makes them less attractive to me. That doesn’t in anyway mean that I dislike his personality, it’s just that if he acted in any way like the super badass ninja assassin that he looks like he would be one of the hottest things ever.

Score: 8.5

Average Scores

SHINee: 8.60


EXO-M: 8.33

Which means SHINee takes the team win! I did see this one coming, because one of the reasons why I love SHINee so much is because they are a very evenly gorgeous group.   EXO-M took the second place from BIGBANG, but it was hella close! Extremely high scores all across the board, so all these groups are most certainly gorgeous.

Individual Winner

Representing SHINee:



Representing BIGBANG:



Representing EXO-M:



(Chosen over Chen because he’s higher on my bias list)

And the winner is…


I mean, how could it not be? If I was more attracted to someone else, then that person would be my ultimate bias, right? T.O.P had half a point more than Luhan, so he’s the runner-up.

Here are the polls:


If you have any suggestions, comments or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review, or next Friday’s list of the week then leave me a comment, send me an ask on tumblr, or email me at! Now I’m going to go celebrate that I now officially only have one year left of high school!

– Admin A


6 thoughts on “Attraction Levels of Kpop Groups – SHINee vs BIGBANG vs EXO-M

  1. I hate SM for ruining Taemin’s nose, it gets bigger and bigger every time I look at him, and he’s not even the same person anymore. I miss the old adorable beautiful kid when SHINee first debuted. Key, Onew and Jjong didn’t change much, did I mention I am in LOVE with jjong’s hairstyle in Everybody??
    Minho’s always been beautiful to me, except he annoyed me during SHINee’s early years because he was so full of it. Now I see the flaming charisma in him.

    I have yet to get to know Big Bang as a group, I know they all have their own styles, fashion and music wise. They can pull off any look they want without people rising their eyebrows at them.
    I feel like this group is always full of surprises.

    How can you NOT be attracted to Lay? HE’S SO GORGEOUS!!!
    Ok sorry for sounding a crazy fan girl lol. I just think he’s beautiful and warm, inside and out.
    Luhan is a kid, no matter how hard he tries to be mature.
    Xiumin surprised me with this comeback, he definitely changed.
    Kris….. what can I say about Kris?
    Tao….. yes he can be nagging sometimes but he’s still a kid.
    Everything about Chen feels old to me, he looks like he belongs in the 1920s lol.

    1. I don’t think Taemin’s surgery is a huge deal, because I don’t see that much of a difference. I just hope they didn’t force it on him… I’ve always like Minho, though I do feel like his overcompetitiveness takes over a little too much where it doesn’t have to. And I agree, Onew, Key and Jonghyun are all pretty much the same. And they look the same as well. I’m not crazy about this kind of hair on Jonghyun… The Dream Girl hair was incredible though!

      That’s true! I really like that the members of BIGBANG are such distinct individuals. I think that’s a big reason why they could probably have a bigger shot at making it on a mainstream market here in the west.

      I am attracted to Lay, I promise! Just not insanely much so.
      Nope, Luhan is an extraterrestrial being, I’m sticking with that.
      Yes, Xiumin has for sure changed! I’m looking forward to see where he’ll go…
      Kris is a special snowflake.
      True, and I don’t mind it too much. It’s not very sexy though.
      Haha yes, he does have a quite classic look! And he’s so gorgeous…

  2. wow! this is probably the highest average scored Attraction Levels post you ever had, which is understandable seeing the three groups involved.

    SHINee: we have the same bias!!

    i have said it before that this group will always, always have the special place in my heart. i have been a fan since the very beginning (sweaty first live stage and all) and although we have an on and off relationship, (they are like the ex-boyfriend i will never get over with) mostly due to how outrageous (that’s just me talking) their concept have become, i will always be proud & in awe of them.

    also, they are the only KPop group that i like all the members. not even one i have the heart to not like. and i can also not fathom shipping them with one another. i don’t even know why.

    their image now is obviously very different from how they started but even as early as then, it was clear that they would bring performance to a whole new different league that they would own.

    so yeah, that went longer than i intended intended.

    BigBang: i will always have high respect for this group. their dynamics is amazing. they shine individually but is a force to be reckon with together. this, i think is the reason why they have lasted until now.

    YG have given them oppurtunity to explore & improve their individual interest and in return, the boys remain loyal to the company & the group.

    and i won’t even start with EXO-M or this post would be so much more longer.

    1. Yes, I think it is! These scores are insanely high, but I’m really not surprised.

      SHINee are incredible. I’m jealous of you for being there all along, I wish I had. It would have been so great to really be there for the entire journey. But oh well, I haven’t missed that much.

      I don’t ship them, nor anyone else. It just feels weird to me, plus I want them to myself… 😉

      BIGBANG is the only group I know where almost all the members shine just as brightly on their own as they do as a group. They’re definitely a huge force to be reckoned with in kpop.

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