My 14 Favorite Kpop Songs of 2014 (Male Artists)

The very first post I ever wrote was me listing my 20 favorite songs of 2013. But now it’s been a year, and it’s once again time to look back at the year that’s passed and decide what was great, what was okay and what was just plain bad. Here I want to focus on the great, so here are my 14 favorite songs sung by male artists of 2014! (In alphabetical order)

1. Infinite’s “Back”


Infinite’s first single this year, “Last Romeo”, bored me. But their second single impressed me to no end! This gave me everything I wanted from Infinite, and the boys really impressed me with their vocals. The dance is great, since it’s Infinite, and no one’s wearing a ridiculous hat! I’m glad you’ve pulled yourself together, Infinite.

2. MBLAQ’s “Be A Man”


This is just flawlessly stunning. The vocals in this group are quite diverse, yet in this song everyone sounds great. This is a mature, smooth and slick song, and MBLAQ really couldn’t have made me happier. Everything about this song is perfection.

3. BTS’s “Boy In Luv”


BTS impressed me last year, and they did it once again this year. I’m limiting this list to one song per artist, but I could very well have put another BTS song on here. This, their first single of the year, impressed me the most. From song, to dance, to video, to styling, this was close to perfection. I’m still upset that BTS don’t seem to be doing that one very distinct dance move anymore that they did for their three first singles (Jim running on the others’ backs etc), but I guess I’ll deal with it if they keep putting out awesome songs like this one.

4. CNBLUE’s “Can’t Stop”


This is just such a pretty song. I’m glad to see that Yonghwa took such a large part in the production of their music, and that he composed and wrote this song makes me very impressed with his skills. I normally prefer it the “rockier” CNBLUE’s songs sound, but this song is just so beautiful that I don’t care about that.

5. M.I.B’s “Chisa Bounce”


M.I.B consistently put out fun music, yet they’re such an incredibly underrated group. Such a shame. That’s why I’m so so happy to see Kangnam pop up everywhere lately. Yes, give him and the rest of these boys all the attention they deserve! And let them keep making awesome music forever!

6. Taemin’s “Danger”


Bet you could figure out that this one would be on here, huh? Thing is, I don’t just love this song because it happens to be Taemin’s, I love it because it’s a really good song! I knew Taemin was ready for a solo debut, and man did he not disappoint! He channeled his inner Michael Jackson and pulled off something fabulous.

7. BIGFLO’s “Delilah”


A rookie group getting their debut song on one of these lists is always impressive. BTS managed to do it last year, and they’re quickly growing into one of my favorite groups. So this is looking good for BIGFLO. I might not have fallen for them as much as I did for BTS last year, but I’ve still listened to this song a whole damn lot, and I think it’s one of this year’s best.

8. VIXX’s “Error”


Just as with Infinite, VIXX’s first single of last year, “Eternity”, did not impress me. It wasn’t bad, and the dance was lovely, but there was nothing about it that grabbed. But boy oh boy did that change with the follow-up. “Error” is a really great, and I’m even inclined to say that it’s my favorite song from them ever. Now if only the stylists hadn’t abused poor Ravi so much in the video…

9. BEAST’s “Good Luck”


BEAST is a group I’ve always wanted to get into, because of the talent of the members and the overall vibe, but that has never put out a song I’ve really loved. But this song, this song changed all that. I still wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of BEAST, since it is just one song, but this great song most certainly brought me closer to being one. This is lovely, and if they put out more songs like this, I’ll most certainly call myself a Beauty.

10. Mino’s “I’m Him” 


I’m very fond of WINNER, but their debut songs did close to nothing for me. But this song is right up my alley. I’m a huge fan of Mino’s voice and rap style, and he did not disappoint. I hope that this isn’t a one time thing, and that we can expect more amazing solo stuff on our hands. We might have a baby G-Dragon on our hands, who knows?

11. Homme’s “It Girl”


This is an adorable and very catchy song. The guys are both great singers, and their voices mix very well. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Changmin sound this great. He was made to sing this style of songs. This is a song I found by accident, but one that I fell madly in love with.

12. Block B’s “Jackpot”


Block B never disappoint, and they didn’t this year either. Out of the two singles they released this year “Jackpot” was my favorite, and the video makes it even better. Block B are such dorks, and these days they don’t even pretend to be hardcore hip hop like they did in the beginning, they just embrace the dorkiness. And I love it!

13. Super Junior’s “Mamacita”


I stand by what I’ve already said, this is my favorite single from Super Junior ever. It has all the fun and catchiness that their singles normally have, but there’s an added element of class and polish that I think Super Junior have always lacked. It’s more mature, without in anyway taking anything away from the fun. It’s the best they’ve done, and they pulled it off beautifully.

14. B.A.P’s “1004 (Angel)”


B.A.P gave us a great song this year, but it’s understandably being overshadowed by their recent lawsuit. All I can say is this: good luck guys. I sincerely hope that everything works out for them, and that if they want to continue as kpop stars, they can do so under a different management. Do a Block B. I’ll wait patiently (I’ll try at least).

There we have it. The best songs that male kpop stars have given me this year. I only included one song per group, as I said, and I also limited it to songs with music videos. I have no opportunity to listen through all albums that come out, but I do hear the majority of the singles that come out, so those are the only ones I’ll include.

Let me know what your favorite songs from male stars were last year!

– Admin A


4 thoughts on “My 14 Favorite Kpop Songs of 2014 (Male Artists)

  1. THIS. This is an amazing list. So many underrated songs! Especially Delilah and Chisa Bounce.
    Glad to see you back! You changed the appearance of your blog! I like it!

    1. Wow, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!
      I’m very happy to be back, I’ve missed this. And yes, I did change it. A new theme for a new start, so to speak.

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