My 14 Favorite Kpop Songs of 2014 (Female Artists)

Yesterday was all about the great songs that the guys of kpop have provided us with over the last year, and today we’re focusing on the great things that girls have done. It’s been a terrible year for kpop, with scandal after scandal, but the music has been great. So here we have the, in my opinion, fourteen best songs from female singers of 2014! 

1. HA:TFELT’s “Ain’t Nobody”


Terrible stage name aside (that I refuse to use), Yeeun’s solo effort really impressed me. This song is amazing, and the fact that she took such a big part in the production of her solo album really impressed me. It’s a disgrace that I haven’t listened through it yet, as I’ve heard it’s supposed to be really good, but I will eventually. For a review maybe?

2. Orange Caramel’s “Catallena”


Orange Caramel are always a refreshing breath of fresh air, and that they were this year as well. They’re sweet and they’re cute, but they’re not actually aegyo. That does not happen often in kpop. Orange Caramel are fabulously quirky, and this video is the ultimate example of that.

3. 2NE1’s “Come Back Home”


2NE1 is my favorite girl group, and this year they really showed why. This is one of the best songs of the year, with one of the best videos and it’s off of one of the best albums. My Blackjack heart could not be more pleased and more proud of my girls.

4. Girl’s Day’s “Darling” 


While “Something” was a huge hit, and a good song, I am more fond of Girl’s Day’s later single, the adorable and oh-so-catchy summer tune “Darling”. The video is a strange mix of sex appeal and aegyo, but the song is really great. Cute and happy always works for summer.

5. Kiss&Cry’s “Domino Game” 


This rookie group managed to get their debut song on this list, but that doesn’t really matter as it seems like they’ve now disbanded. Why does this always have to happen? Kiss&Cry were in my opinion one of the best rookies of 2014, and the fact that they disbanded is such a shame. I desperately wanted more like this song.

6. Song Jieun’s “Don’t Look At Me Like That”


Jieun sadly didn’t promote this song, but it is still one of the absolute best songs of the year. Jieun’s voice is beautiful, and the way she tackles such a heavy topic is lovely. It’s not common (at all) for kpop stars to ever sing about something like homosexuality, so the fact that Jieun did, and in such a lovely way, makes me even more of a fan of her.

7. HI SUHYUN’s “I’m Different” 


Lee Hi and Suhyun are both very young (Suhyun is just 15! Way to make me feel inadequate…) but they’re both great singers. Their voices sound lovely together, and they really vibe off of each other in a lovely way in the video. Lee Hi was known for being quite awkward in her videos when she debuted, but the always so preciously cute Suhyun seems to have loosened her up here.

I love how this video is so very age appropriate, it’s not something that’s very common in kpop. They’re young, and they play their age. And since Bobby is more or less the same age as well, them crushing on him makes perfect sense. Also, how great did Bobby look in the video?

8. MAMAMOO’s “Mr. Ambiguous”


As my favorite rookie of 2014, MAMAMOO of course have to have a song on this list. Both of the singles they’ve released this year have been lovely, but I would have to say I slightly prefer the first one. I love their sound, and I really hope that they’ll stay true to it. This is an amazing song, and the girls really impressed me.

9. Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Mr.”


I might not have been a big fan of this song when it first came out, but since then I’ve completely fallen in love with it. I love this new image for Girls’ Generation, it’s exactly the way they should be. They’re still very feminine, as they’ve always been, but now they’re confident women, not wide-eyed little girls. It’s a great image for them, and this song is great too.

10. T-ARA’s “Sugar Free”


From first listen I knew that this would be one of my favorite songs of the year. Just as with Super Junior, I feel like T-ARA have really stepped their game up. They still have the disco sound and the catchiness, but there’s a maturity to it that was never there before. What they do now is way more polished than their older stuff. “Number Nine” definitely took them in that direction, but now it’s perfect.

11. Sistar’s “Touch My Body”


This is another superb summer song. It’s an easy listen, and great fun. And as we can see from every single boy group out there (BTS, I’m looking at you), it has a dance that you just have to imitate. No matter how stupid you look doing it. The video is just as bright and colorful as the song is in sound, and the combination just makes you happy.

12. EXID’s “Up & Down”


This is a late favorite for me, but I’ve been so obsessed with it this last month that I can’t not include it. The video is wacky, the song is unbelievable catchy and the dance is… ehm… educational. The combination makes this whole package hard not to love.

13. 4Minute’s “Whatcha Doin’ Today?”


Very catchy song, fabulous video and very memorable dance. This is one of the best things I’ve seen from 4Minute, and they pulled it off with their signature blend of sex appeal and just great fun. 4Minute was the very first kpop group I saw live, and whenever I see this video I can’t help but smile at the memory. It’s just such a shame that Hyuna didn’t pick my question… Now I’ll never get an answer to my proposal. (Yes, I asked her to marry me. No shame.)

14. SPICA’s “You Don’t Love Me”


SPICA is a group with amazing vocal talents, but their songs are always so-so. It’s like their management doesn’t appreciate what they have and doesn’t make enough of an effort to find songs that really make SPICA shine. This is an exception. This song fits SPICA perfectly, and it’s by far the most interesting and memorable song I’ve ever heard from them.

Let me know what your favorite songs from female singers were last year! And also, whether or not the girls or the guys of kpop impressed you the most. I’m actually leaning towards girls, which almost never happens to me, but I really don’t know. So many people impressed me so much this year.

– Admin A


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