Review of January’s Kpop – AoA, NCT, 2NE1 & More!

I have done these “round-up” reviews now and again previously, and maybe that’s actually something I could keep up in the midst of my real life struggles. So here we go, a review of (some of) the releases from this past month of January!

January 2nd: AoA’s “Excuse Me” & “Bing Bing”

I never liked AoA. I have talked about this before. The songs that made them big are just really kinda stupid to me. But lately (2015 and forward)? They are killing the game. “Good Luck” is still their best song ever, but these songs are second and third. I love them both, and I change my mind each day as to which one is better. If AoA can promise me they’ll permanently stay this way, I will become a whatever-they-call-their-fans for sure.

January 6th: NCT 127’s “Limitless”

NCT 127 are really trying, and they have come so far since that train wreck of a debut. I commend them for that. I almost like this one! It is alright, and I see potential here. I just think SM may be trying too hard. What happened to just making easy to listen to, and fun, music? That’s what SM does best.

January 6th: DAY6’s “I Wait” 

DAY6 were great from the start and they are still very solid. This song is great, and if they can keep this up during their 12 (!) releases this year, I will be pissing my pants with excitement. I promise that if at least half of those singles are good, I will have learned all the members of DAY6 by the end of this year.

January 6th: VROMANCE’s “I’m Fine” 

VROMANCE was a highly promising debut for me, and with this release they are strengthening their position as very talented dudes capable of singing stunning songs. But since I am not very into ballads I really hope they will not get “type cast” only as ballad singers, just because of their great voices. They can do other stuff too!

January 9th: Ravi’s “Bomb” 

Do I take Ravi that seriously as a legit hip hop artist? Nah. But I do think he is surprisingly good rapper, and that this song is fire and extremely catchy. And it makes me feel just as badass as I really am (and as Ravi probably felt while he was shooting this covered in fake (right..?) tattoos).

January 11th: HELLOVENUS’ “Mysterious”

Isn’t this just so retro kpop? The sets, the styling, the whole thing is giving me such a 2010 (maybe? it’s hard to place) kpop vibe. My nostalgia while watching this video both makes me feel horrifically old, but also so warm and fuzzy inside. I also love the song, it’s catchy in that good old simple way.

January 17th: CLC’s “Hobgoblin”

4Minute are gone. Or are they….? If you can’t see/hear/sense that Hyuna was deeply involved with the production of this you are a clueless goose. I mean, just listen to that first rap by Yeeun…? Could she sound more like Hyuna?! No, she could not. I’m not complaining though, since I absolutely adore Hyuna, and I do think CLC pulled it off well. It’s not 4Minute level of fierce, but they may very well be able to get there. I’m not sure if I want this to be their permanent style though.

January 17th: Seohyun’s “Don’t Say No”

This solo debut was a long time coming, and I’m a bit… underwhelmed. It’s not bad, Seohyun performs it well, as I expected from her. But it’s just a bit… generic. Forgettable. I had completely forgotten the song when I picked the songs to include here, so was made to re-listen and about 45 seconds in I was quite bored. I like Seohyun, and wanted to love this, but I don’t. It’s an alright bland of meh.

January 19th: Luna, Hani & Solar’s “Honey Bee”

I’m obsessed with this song. This is the collaboration I never would have thought of myself, but which was clearly absolutely made to happen. I love Luna, I love Solar and I do like Hani (sorry), and together they created ridiculously catchy magic, which straddles that perfect line between fun and sexy.

January 21st: 2NE1’s “Goodbye”

I already wrote about this, but I couldn’t not include it here too. I loved 2NE1, and will miss them quite a bit, even if I see a lot of CL in our future. This video and song are a perfect send-off (Except for the fact that Minzy isn’t there… Nobody could have called her? I’m sure she would have been up for it.) and it’s also a really good song, which I would have loved regardless of the emotional connotations. Oh and it felt so good yet bittersweet to see Bom again…

January 23rd: San E’s “I Am Me”

San E is a great rapper and a funny guy, and here he shows both those things. The video is fun, and I’m just obsessed with the chorus of this song, it’s just impossible to be mad or grumpy while listening to this. Oh and the start of this song may be the greatest thing ever. I wish we’d gotten a little Hwasa in the video though, because we all need more Hwasa.

January 24th: Suzy’s “Yes No Maybe”

I’m a bit sad about this solo debut, because I feel like this is cementing what I’ve dreaded for a long time: the end of Miss A. But even though I love Miss A and would hate to see them go, I do also love Suzy individually, and I really like this song. So good for her. I will enjoy this. Just promise me, that since you are JYP’s golden girl, you won’t let him disband your group. The world needs you together.

This is my review of January! Thoughts? What song did you like? What did you hate? What should I have included here but didn’t?


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