New vs Old: JYP

Okay, it’s been a while, and now it is time. Today I will compare the more experienced groups of JYP Entertainment with the less so; the juniors that are stepping up to fill their elders’ shoes. I’m only including idol groups that promote as such, no solo artists and no disbanded groups. In this case that means Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, GOT7 and TWICE. 

First, let me say that I consider myself a fan of all of these groups, and hold them all dear in different ways. But since when did that mean I can’t compare them?

5. 2PM


Songs: 6.68/10

Best song: “Go Crazy!” (2014)

2PM do a really great job at being out there and fun and making people want to get up, jump and go a bit crazy, and with this song they perfected that.

Worst song: “Promise (I’ll Be)” (2016)

I don’t know, I just don’t really like it. It doesn’t horribly hurt my ears but it is a bit disjointed to me and I don’t really enjoy listening to it all that much.

Members: 6.93/10

Best member: Taecyeon

I just really like him. Sure, he’s not the best rapper, but he’s funny and gorgeous and hot. Oh sorry, did I repeat myself? Plus who doesn’t like a guy who is stunning and a total dork?

Worst member: Nichkhun

I’ve just never really seen the appeal of Nichkhun. I guess talent-wise he’s kind of the same as Taecyeon, but as I’ve never seen him as that hot or charming he doesn’t win me over.

Final score: 6.81/10

4. GOT7


Songs: 6.68/10

Best song: “Just Right” (2015)

Yeah, they really hit it out of the park with this one. It was catchy and fun and uplifting all rolled up into one colorful package.

Worst song: “Stop Stop It” (2014)

The autotune just ruined this one for me, guys. Besides that it definitely had potential to be a good song, but that made it hard for me to listen to.

Members: 7.33/10

Best member: Jackson

Jackson is not my bias; Mark is. But I am still choosing Jackson as the best member of GOT7, because of his massive adoredness. Is there even a kpop fan that doesn’t like him? My baby sister is taking her first little steps into the kpop world, and even though she doesn’t follow GOT7 at all, she says Jackson’s name is everywhere. That’s power.

Worst member: Youngjae

I’ve never fallen for his voice, his looks nor his personality. None of those are bad, he just hasn’t caught me.

Final score: 7.00/10

3. Wonder Girls


Songs: 6.69/10

Best song: “Why So Lonely” (2016)

Honestly, since Wonder Girls came back from their hiatus last year with a new/old line-up and a new sound they have been better than ever. And this year they killed it.

Worst song: “Irony” (2007)

I’ve just never gotten into this song. It’s not bad, but it just doesn’t do it for me. It’s alright.

Members: 7.5/10

Best member: Yeeun

Amazing girl. I’ve just fallen for her since she did her solo, and now I just cannot get up. She is blowing my mind every time she steps out to do anything. She’s really blossomed these last few years.

Worst member: Hyerim

She’s alright, but she’s never really stood out to me on any level. I haven’t really seen anything from her outside of their music videos and performances though, so it’s a little unfair to judge.

Final score: 7.10/10

2. Miss A


Songs: 7.51/10

Best song: “Bad Girl Good Girl” (2010)

Some groups just have it perfectly right from the very start, and Miss A was for sure, for sure, one of those groups.

Worst song: “Touch” (2012)

I’ve just never super duper gotten into it, but it’s still a good and nicely artistic piece.

Members: 7.47/10

Best member: Fei

So gorgeous, so sweet, and way more talented than she is being allowed to show nor is given credit for. It’s not fair.

Worst member: Min

It’s not that I don’t like Min, I do for sure, but her being in the group or not does not have a huge impact on how much I like the group itself.

Final score: 7.49/10



Songs: 7.90/10

Best song: “Like OOH-AHH” (2015)

Great debut song, it truly was. Hopefully it will stand the test of time and remain dear to my heart.

Worst song: “Cheer Up” (2016)

Also great, really fun and catchy. Just not quite as good as what came before it.

Members: 7.28/10

Best member: Momo

I adore her so much. She’s a great dancer and she has awesome stage presence. Also, she’s the only sex appeal this group has. Which I suppose is alright, given that they’re so young… But I’m just saying.

Worst member: Chaeyoung

As I was watching Sixteen I never felt like I truly got to know her, like we truly connected. I’m very glad she made the group though, since she was the only decent rapper on the show.

Final score: 7.59/10

New (GOT7, TWICE): 7.30/10

Old (Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A): 7.13/10

Girls (Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE): 7.39/10

Boys (2PM, GOT7): 6.91/10

Before anyone says it: of course, the scoring is unfair. TWICE has three times as many members as Miss A, which means it’s way harder for them to have a high average. And it’s way harder for a group like Wonder Girls which have been around for almost ten years to have had consistently good singles compared to a brand spanking new group like TWICE. I know this. Can we just ignore that fact though? It’s all just a bit of fun.

Well based on this it seems like newer groups are better… But mostly: when it comes to JYP, girl groups are definitely better than boy groups. Ain’t that something.

I’m thinking about doing this with YG and SM too, when I have the time. But maybe I could do it with even more labels? They’ve gotta have a decent number of groups though, otherwise it’d be quite pointless. But maybe labels like FNC and Cube could also qualify?


3 thoughts on “New vs Old: JYP

  1. Thank you for summarising EXACTLY how I feel about Jackson! 😀 Mark is my bias too, but Jackson is just too irresistible to love and adore. 😂

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