The Six Female Visuals That Should Be

Okay, let’s get some things out of the way straight away: I am in no way saying that the current visuals of these groups are ugly or bad etc, just that there are some other girls in those groups that could also do that job very well, if given the shot. I’m also working from the information that I have on their status in their groups, so if anyone of these is the visual (according to your set of information, that is) please don’t murder me.

A visual is not only a pretty face who stands in the middle, they’re often among the members that are the most active outside the group, spreading the group’s name and influencing how people’s perception of the group is shaped, and I have taken into account their ability to do that here too.

6. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung


Girls’ Generation is currently equipped with one of the most well known and most successful visuals in the business, but I can’t help to feel that Sooyoung also would have been excellent. She’s just as beautiful, to me maybe even more, and I personally think she has more of a sexy, sophisticated and womanly vibe than Yoona does, which is becoming more important as Girls’ Generation are gently pushing their image in a new direction. Sooyoung is also very funny and a great talker, who can promote the group to reach even higher heights.

5. Girl’s Day’s Yura


Me putting Yura on here is mostly because I just can’t cease to be shocked at the fact that she’s not the visual to begin with. To me she clearly looks the most visual-esque, and in my eyes she also looks the absolute most striking. She could hold her own next to all the Yoonas and Daras of the world.

4. EXID’s Junghwa


Hani has taken EXID to new heights, and they all owe their reignited careers to her. But I just can’t help to feel that Junghwa is more of a visual than Hani is… When I first watched ”Up & Down”, having heard that one of the girls had been so hot in a fancam that it made the song famous, I assumed that that girl would have to have been Junghwa. And I think she theoretically could have been.

3. Red Velvet’s Irene 


I feel like Irene is the obvious visual, and that her face is so SM-visual that I can barely accept the fact that they didn’t choose her to be just that. Deceptively young-looking, a ”pure” beauty and with shining porcelain skin, what more could the evil corporation need for a visual? Plus she’s very sweet, and her stint as an MC on Music Bank has showed that she’s more than capable of making people absolutely adore her.

2. SISTAR’s Bora


Sure, musically SISTAR is Hyorin, but in image SISTAR is Bora. She is the combination of sexy, bubbly and fun that SISTAR are pushing, and what better thing could a visual be for a group? Oh, and did I mention she’s gorgeous?

1. Miss A’s Fei


Okay, I know that Suzy is one of the most famous visuals working in this industry right now, but I still uphold that Fei is the more beautiful of the two. And when it comes to the awesome girl power that Miss A embody, I just feel like Fei radiates that more. I mean, she just has it.

I release now that this may seem a bit biased since the top three on this list are my biases, but that’s not what this is about! It really doesn’t matter to me whether or not my bias is a visual, I just truly think that these girls could do a hell of a job.


3 thoughts on “The Six Female Visuals That Should Be

  1. This is perfect👍🏻 I’m glad you added Sooyoung because she’s my ultimate bias and also Bora and Fei. Who’s Red Velvets official visual? I thought it was Irene?

  2. I totally love you for putting Sooyoung in your list, can’t even begin to describe how awesome she is. And i agree with what you said about her personality, she’s so outgoing and kind, beautiful inside and out, which is my she is my only female bias in kpop! haha

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