Attraction Levels of Kpop Groups – Teen Top vs BTOB vs B.A.P

This is the start of a feature I’ve thought about doing ever since I started this blog. And since I’ve kind of gotten bored of writing my ‘Kpop songs to represent kpop groups’-features, I will be putting those on hold for now and move on to these.

Each ‘Attraction levels of kpop groups’-post will consist of me taking 3 groups of the same gender and ranking the members within each group based on how attractive I find them. And then in the end, the three winners from the groups go up against each other and one final winner will be determined. And yes, this is super dumb and silly and shallow, but I’m super excited! And to be clear, this is not completely based on physical attractiveness, even though that is a big part. It is all around based on how attractive I find them.

Each member will be scored from 1 to 10 and the group will in the end get an average score. Which means each post will not only reveal an individual member, but a winning group as well. And while it does make me feel very silly when no one votes in my fancy polls, this post demands many of them.

Let’s get started with this super shallow ranking thingy!

(and yes, I know that this isn’t very ‘listy’ for a list of the week, but it’s listy enough, so I’ll keep this feature here)

Teen Top

First Candidate: C.A.P




C.A.P has a very masculine look, and a smoking hot body. Some of his hairstyles and stylings have been questionable, but when styled correctly he is a very attractive guy. I have some philosophical problems with him but if we’re only speaking attractiveness, I’m all for him.

Score: 8.5

Second Candiate: Chunji




While I would never try to deny that Chunji is one adorable little thing, I’ve never felt attracted to him whatsoever. That might be due to the very fact that he’s such a cute little thing, since that normally isn’t really my style.

Score: 6.5

Third Candidate: L.Joe




L.Joe does have a very nice face, that’s obvious. But he’s one of those members that I always pass over, the one that my eyes never go to. He looks good, but he’s not very memorable. And while that doesn’t change the fact that he’s very good-looking, it does make him someone I have trouble caring much about.

Score: 7

Fourth Candidate: Niel




When I first saw Niel I couldn’t decide wether I thought he looked weird or if he was gorgeous. Since then I have settled for gorgeous, and being a big fan of faces and people in general who stand out, who aren’t the same, I’m a big fan of Niel’s look. But since we’re speaking purely physical attraction here, he can’t be my number one.

Score: 8

Fifth Candidate: Ricky




Ricky has always been quite young-looking and while he is maturing well, he to me still looks quite young. As I’m normally not a big fan of this type of looking younger, I’ve never felt any attraction towards Ricky.

Score: 6

Final Candidate: Changjo




The fact that this guy is the maknae still dazzles me. Changjo’s looked older than his age since debut, and has continued to mature very well. He has a very manly and adult look, and cray-cray muscles. Me like.

Score: 7.5


First Candidate: Eunkwang




While I am a huge fan of Eunkwang and see him as one of my favorite leaders out there, that depends very little on physical attraction. I don’t find him unattractive in any way, and he does have a lovely smile, but he just doesn’t get my juices flowing, if you know what I mean.

Score: 6.5

Second Candidate: Minhyuk




Minhyuk has a super great body. I didn’t choose a picture of him that shows that, but we all know that anyway. Minhyuk is very attractive, for sure. He’s cute, yet sexy.

Score: 7.5

Third Candidate: Changsub




While I do think that Changsub is an excellent singer, and an underrated member, I’ve never found him attractive. I know that a lot of people agree with me on this, which means it’s harder to write it, because I really do like him, and it must suck to always be the “ugly” member. Sorry, honey.

Score: 5

Fourth Candidate: Hyunsik




I think Hyunsik is one fine blend of cute, sexy and charming. Plus he sports the other super nice body in BTOB, so that’s a plus as well. His eye smile is real cute too.

Score: 8

Fifth Candidate: Peniel




While Peniel is very funny and really quite charming, his face has never worked for me. I’m not sure what exactly it is that doesn’t work for me about him, but it is something, and Peniel does nothing for me.

Score: 5.5

Sixth Candidate: Ilhoon




I’m kind of torn when it comes to Ilhoon. On one side he has a really quite young-looking face which doesn’t really interest me, but on the other side he gives off a very different vibe. The way he carries himself can be cute, but there is at the same time a sort of underlying sexiness. You’re probably all thinking I’m crazy, but I do feel that. And that vibe brings his score up quite a bit.

Score: 7

Final Candidate: Sungjae




While Sungjae can be nauseatingly cute at times, I think that depends more on styling than anything else. Yes, he does have a fairly cute-looking face, but it’s really a very versatile face and the fact that he often seems cute stems more from the fact that his company saw it fit to make him a cute one than from the fact that he’s overly cute-looking. If you put him in the right kind of hair and outfit, this guy can be very manly. See their appearance on ‘A Song for You’ for reference.

Score: 8.5


First Candidate: Yongguk




There is nothing more disturbing to me than seeing Yongguk do aegyo. This guy is manliness and adulthood through and through. And even when he’s sweet and cute, he’s never cute. I appreciate the maturity, and he does have a lovely smile (and nice abs) but I am not that much attracted to Yongguk.

Score: 7

Second Candiate: Himchan




Himchan has a very alienesque face, and as I’ve written before (If I remember correctly) I find that face very interesting to look at, but it’s not a face I’m attracted to. Himchan is very good-looking and his face is close to flawless, it just doesn’t interest me much.

Score: 6.5

Third Candidate: Daehyun




My attraction towards Daehyun is getting out of hand. He has a very nice face for sure, and can be quite cute but the thing that I love most about him is that this boy (probably) literally oozes of sex appeal. I’m not sure how he does it, but he works that camera like almost no one else.

Point of reference:


Score: 9

Fourth Candidate: Youngjae




He’s just such a cute and squishy little thing! That I’m very much not attracted to. I’m sorry guys, but I can’t handle how overly cute Youngjae’s face is. It’s not a bad face at all, but it very much does not work for me.

Score: 6

Fifth Candidate: Jongup




I’m not at all sure about what’s going on here. Sometimes Jongup is gorgeous to me, but at other times he does nothing for me. It’s incredibly confusing and makes it hard for me to score him.

Score: 7.5

Final Candidate: Zelo




Zelo is still quite young and with the wrong kind of styling, he can look several years younger than what he actually is. I don’t dig that, and definitely prefer it when Zelo’s styled to look his actual age, instead of 13. When he is styled correctly I do find him very attractive, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they’ll figure out what makes him look the best soon.

Score: 8

Average Scores

Teen Top: 7.25

BTOB: 6.86

B.A.P: 7.33

Meaning that the group who snagged the team victory is B.A.P! It was real close though, and if I had been slightly less in love with Daehyun it would have been a tie.

Individual Winner

Representing Teen Top:



Representing BTOB:



Representing B.A.P:



And the winner is…


And yes, smarty pants, I know this was obvious, because I gave him the highest score out of the three, but it still had to be announced! Out of Sungjae and C.A.P I would pick Sungjae, which places C.A.P in third place.

I know many of you might not agree with me so here are some polls where you can vote yourself!


This was a lot of fun! I’ve missed ranking things while I’ve been doing the posts about the songs, so I really enjoyed this. I hope you enjoyed it too, and that you’ll let me know what you think through the polls and in the comments below!

If you have any suggestions, comments or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week then leave me a comment or email me at!

– Admin A



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