Kpop Recommendations II

I have once more weeded through all the recent (kinda, I’m a bit behind, which is why you won’t see the absolutely most recent songs here, but they’ll be included in the next post (if they’re good, that is)) kpop songs and let you know which ones are truly worth checking out. This time I only have 4 for you, but I promise you that all four are songs you’ll want to hear. 

Yoona – “When the Wind Blows”

Yoona is a member of the iconic girl group Girls’ Generation, and here she presents a very sweet song about missing and feeling sentimental about a past love. Yoona is not one of those incredible, powerful singers but she has improved her vocals since Girls’ Generation’s 2007 debut and this song suits her well. It’s easy to follow if you’d like to practice your Korean singing/reading skills, and it also works excellently if you’d just like to enjoy a simple mid-tempo ballad.

DAY6 – “I Loved You”

Another song about the longing after a past love (but don’t worry, me and my boyfriend are fine), but this one takes a sadder turn. DAY6, who are a pop-rock band that have been around since 2015, just loved her so much, and know they want to hate her to lessen the pain, but the can’t because they loved her so much, and that makes them hate her even more. Makes sense? It’s quite similar to earlier DAY6 songs such as “You Were Beautiful” and “Hi Hello”, so if you like this you know where to go next.

PENTAGON – “Like This”

PENTAGON is a 10-member boy group from Cube (which also houses HyunA, BTOB, CLC and Triple H, among others) who have been around for less than a year. I don’t think this song is quite as creative and impressive as their last song “Critical Beauty”, but it is standard kpop executed very well. I also have to give some credit to E’Dawn for his rapping here (start at about 1:26) , which was my favorite part of the song.

The Solutions – “Thumbs Up”

I’m ending this list of recommendations with the by far least well-known act here (this video only has about 3000 views as I’m writing this, after having been out for ten days). The Solutions are a male indie-band whom I had never heard of before starting my “research” for this post, and now I feel like I’ve missed out. This song makes me sad that the Swedish weather has somehow decided that it’s already mid-October so I can’t go on summery drives, ’cause I think this song would suit that perfectly. Please give them a chance, it’s less than 4 minutes of your life.


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