Kpop Recommendations I

The world of kpop is huge and fast-paced, and I don’t blame you if you sometimes struggle to keep up, especially if you’re a new fan. So I’m here to help.I will be writing these posts as if I’m talking to a fairly new or at least not very knowledgable kpop fan, so if you’re an older fan, don’t get annoyed with my introductions of the artists (I know that you know). Now and again (every week, every few weeks, we’ll see) I will drop in and tell you which new songs you absolutely need to check out. I’ll let you know what’s most certainly worth your time. For this post I’ve chosen six newly released songs, and here they are, in ascending order to the best and most important one.

Babylon – “La La La” (feat. Chungha)


Babylon is a new-ish RnB artist and here he teamed up with the very promising new solo artist Chungha (primarily known for being a former member of I.O.I) to release this very summery and dance-friendly bop.

Lee Gi Kwang – “What You Like”

Lee Gi Kwang’s claim to fame primarily comes from having been a member of Beast from 2009 to 2016 and being a current member of (the basically identical group) Highlight. But did you know that before all that he actually had a brief stint as a solo artist? I’m glad he’s returned to those roots to release this simple and very catchy track.

Jeong Se Woon & Sik-K – “Just U”

Jeong Se Woon just barely missed getting a spot in the currently highly relevant project group Wanna One, and instead gets his shot to try his hand at a solo debut. For this groovy and sweet debut track he enlisted the help of the young rapper Sik-K, who adds some contrast to Jeong Se Woon’s sweet crooning with his bad boy swag.

B.A.P – “Honeymoon”

B.A.P have been around since 2012 and were at the beginning considered the main rookie competition to EXO, if that gives some context to how promising they were. Sadly they lost a lot of their momentum during an almost two-year hiatus when they were dealing with a lawsuit against their company. But the group is still excellent, and this track gives you all the feels you need to be able to run down an island beach at full speed and dye your mullet blue.

BLACK6IX – “Like a Flower”

BLACK6IX debuted earlier this year and have sadly not gained much attention from the community at large. This is their second single, and it has an excellent blend of vocals, rap, a great beat and an excellent sense of drama which makes this my second-most recommended song this week.

EXO – “Power”

First of all, don’t think I’m just recommending this because EXO are such huge stars. If I hadn’t liked the song and video I wouldn’t have put it on here. There ain’t no favoritism here. (That should be obvious by me putting an unknown group as the second-highest, but I digress.)

I think any kpop fan knows EXO, regardless of how new you are to the fandom, but if you don’t, here’s a little intro: EXO debuted in 2012, from SM entertainment (which also hosts groups such as NCT, SHINee, Super Junior, Red Velvet, f(x) and Girls’ Generation) which pretty much automatically makes them a big deal. Right now I would guess that they’re even SM’s most successful group, but don’t quote me on that. This video is a major throwback to their debut with “Mama” with the narration in the beginning, the space theme and the super powers. But while that video seemed to take itself extremely seriously in all its “coolness”, this video is supposed to make you laugh. They’re spoofing themselves, which I think is hilarious. Oh and also, if you listen really hard you can find a pretty awesome song hidden under all those explosions.


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