Kdrama Special – My Ten Favorite Secondary Characters

Yup, after having taken a break with the spotlight I’m now back with another favorite characters list. If you’re hating these and wishing for me to get back to kpop ASAP you will be pleased that this is the last kdrama special for this time around and that the next post will be a proper kpop list. For this list I considered all characters, male and female, from all dramas I’ve watched, that I don’t think can be considered as a first or a second lead. I ended up choosing a lot of people from the same drama, so this post features ten characters but only seven dramas. The order is based on when the drama was aired, oldest first, not on how much I like them. That was way too hard to do. Oh and also, no major spoilers in this post. But beware of little ones that might sneak in there. 

1. Noh Sun Ki (Coffee Prince)

coffee prince secondary

I would try to argue that it’s his waffles that won my love but you guys all know that that would be a big fat lie. When I was watching this drama, this was pretty much exactly how I imagined my perfect guy looking. Literally. If someone had asked me then to describe the hottest guy I could think of I would have said ”East-asian with high cheekbones and a semi-feminine beauty. Tall and with long hair.” Okay maybe I wouldn’t have said exactly that, but I would have said something eerily similar. So his look and general snarky attitude completely won me over. I could look at him all day.

2. Kim Bu Gi (The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry)

the woman who still wants to marry secondary

Kim Bu Gi was the voice of reason in this drama. She would give her two friends a good talking to whenever it was necessary and set a fabulous example for them by always being her amazing self. While her friends, especially Da Jung, fussed over being unmarried, Bu Gi could honestly not care less. She had a great career and a fun life, and if she wanted a man she could get one. Bu Gi is an inspiration, and while I am enjoying having someone to love, she is still kind of what I want to be.

3. Oh Jung Hye (White Christmas)

white christmas secondary1

Jung Hye didn’t have a large role, and was only in half the episodes, tops. But everything about her just hit me so hard, straight to the core. It makes me so mad that Lee El isn’t a more well known and beloved actress because she really should be getting lead roles in everything. Jung Hye is one of the most tragic characters in this drama, and that is saying a whole lot. I won’t explain why she’s so tragic, since I promised not to spoil. Just watch the damn drama.

4. Yoon Soo (White Christmas)

white christmas secondary2

This is the first of the three dramas that managed to get two characters on this list, and among them this was the hardest to narrow down. White Christmas may not have a large cast, but the people they do have were used to perfection. Just like Jung Hye, Yoon Soo is a deeply tragic character. I guess I chose the two with the saddest fates for this list… I wonder what that says about me. The whole portrayal of Yoon Soo is almost poetic in its nature and I have to give major props to Lee Soo Hyuk for doing it so well. And as his first real role it’s really unbelievable.

5. Lee Jin Pyo (City Hunter)

city hunter secondary

Jin Pyo is Yoon Sung’s adoptive father, and even though he isn’t the person that Yoon Sung is chasing down; he is still the main antagonist. His past left him with a strong resolution for vengeance that was completely misguided, and that dragged him, and almost his son as well, to an extremely dark place. Jin Pyo was absolutely problematic, and I wouldn’t say that he was always easy to love, but on some level I was always on his side. I knew that he was a decent dude deep down, just sad and riddled with guilt that he shouldn’t have to bear.

6. Gon (Gu Family Book)

gu family book secondary2

Gon was just great. He was badass, wise beyond his baby-face, slightly sad and quite hilarious. He wasn’t hilarious in a comic relief kind of way, he was just so stiff and serious basically all the time that I couldn’t help but to laugh. Plus his despise for Kang Chi and the whole relationship between them was perfectly played.

7. Park Chung Jo (Gu Family Book)

gu family book secondary1

Yup, here we have the second drama to get two people on here. While I was watching Gu Family Book I didn’t love Chung Jo. I didn’t feel like her personality was all that strong and she didn’t blow my mind. I definitely preferred the badass swordsmanship of Yeo Wool. But looking back at the drama, Chung Jo was just as strong of a woman as Yeo Wool, just in a different way. She was disgraced as her father was framed and she was made to work as a gisaeng. But she didn’t crumble, and she more than accepted her fate; she made the best of it. What else could she have done? Run away? Sure, but she would have most probably died. She chose life over honor, possibility over certainty.

8. Yoon Chan Young (The Heirs)

the heirs secondary

The Heirs was kind of a mess of a drama (that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it though) but one character that stood strong all the way through was Chan Young. He’s that male best friend that I know loads of girls dreamed of and he’s the brains and logic that this drama sorely needed. Every other character had something going on that I wasn’t quite so fond of, but I stood behind this guy every step of the way. He was always right.

9. Lee Soon Ok (Glorious Day)

glorious day secondary1

It feels weird to write her name, because to me, and to virtually everyone in this drama, she is just ”grandmother”. She’s the loving and caring glue that really keeps this family together, and she was completely impossible not to love. I fairly often find myself singing that same song that she sings in virtually every episode as I’m doing chores or just walking around. It makes me feel like she’s around, and that’s a very comforting feeling. She’s the ideal grandmother.

10. Seo In Woo (Glorious Day)

glorious day secondary2

The older brother made the list for my favorite male leads, and now the baby brother made this list. In Woo is very good-looking and very charming but that’s not the real reason why I put him on there. (Though I’m sure it might have swayed me a little.) The reason is his character-development. He starts out kind of bratty and materialistic but as he grows and develops he matures so much. And when he later falls for a girl who’s way brattier and more materialistic than he ever was, that’s off-putting to him. He comes so far, and I felt so proud. I felt like he was my own little brother. I guess that’s what a long drama will do to you…

There are definitely more characters I’d like to put on here, but I think this is a very good slice of the kinds of characters that I enjoy. If we look at the three lists together we’ll see that Gu Family Book and Glorious day tied for first place, having gotten five characters each onto these lists. We can also see that the only dramas I’ve watched that didn’t get at least one character on here are Boys Over Flowers, Dream High and You’re Beautiful. I’m not going to delve into what that means, but those are the facts.

 Oh and merry christmas! I considered writing something christmas-themed but I really despise kpop christmas music, so I ignored that. When this gets posted I will be in Las Palmas, escaping the horror of the Swedish winter, and I hope you’re having as great of a time as I probably am!


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