Kdrama Special – Actresses I Love, Actresses I Like and Actresses I Watch for

As I’m currently watching my fifteenth drama, I am still very much a kdrama noob. Here I’ll highlight some of the lovely ladies that have won my heart (a smaller group than the boys, who will be highlighted in an upcoming post). There are a couple of others that could have been on here, but I think these are more crucial. I’ve split this post into three parts: the actresses I love; the actresses I like but don’t love just yet; and the actresses (or well, actress) that I’ve never seen in anything, but that I’m very excited about nonetheless.

The actress I don’t know, but want to

shin min ah


Shin Min Ah

Born April 5, 1984 (Currently 31)

I’m planning on seeing her in: My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox (2010)

Ever since I first read about My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox and decided to put it on my to-view list, I’ve been unable to forget the face of the leading lady. I really know nothing about her, but she has such a harsh beauty that I just love. She really does look like a demon fox, and when I say that, I mean it in the best way possible. I wish my face was at least slightly closer to hers. She has the coolest type of beauty, and I’m so looking forward to seeing her in action.

The actresses I like

kim sa rang


Kim Sa Rang

Born January 12, 1978 (Currently 37)

I’ve seen her in: Secret Garden (2010)

While I definitely liked the lead girl in Secret Garden, and had absolutely nothing at all against the actress playing her, it was Kim Sa Rang that stayed in my mind. She’s a former Miss Korea, which still shows clearly, even as she’s approaching 40. Absolutely stunning and while I haven’t seen her do any outstanding acting, she sold her character to me completely, and went from the drama bitch to a great second female lead.

kim so eun


Kim So Eun

Born September 6, 1989 (Currently 25)

I’ve seen her in: Boys Over Flowers (2009), Liar Game (2014)

Kim So Eun was overshadowed in Liar Game, but she shone brightly in Boys Over Flowers. Maybe she needs a more mediocre show to really let her show her colors? I don’t know. I saw her as a standout in Boys Over Flowers, and she was most certainly my favorite girl on that show. She has a very sweet face and disposition and plays that sort of role very well. Personally I definitely think she’s lead girl quality, and I’m hoping that someone casting for a big drama sees that too.

han ji min

Han Ji Min

Born November 5, 1982 (Currently 32)

I’ve seen her in: Rooftop Prince (2012)

Han Ji Min is a beauty and she can be both a great comedic actress and an actress that really pulls at your heartstrings. But the thing that made me fall in love with both her character on Rooftop Prince and her as an actress is that she feels so completely and totally real. It’s not that I don’t love the superhumanness of many of her co-actresses, I mean, aren’t we all into kpop and kdramas for the fairytale? But it does still feel nice when you find someone that you feel like you can bump into on the street. I don’t know what it is about Han Ji Min, but for me she has that “it” thing.

kim mi sook


Kim Mi Sook

Born March 26, 1959 (Currently 56)

I’ve seen her in: City Hunter (2011)

I’m currently seeing her in: Glorious Day (2014)

I’m planning on seeing her in: Queen Insoo (2011), Shining Inheritance (2009)

Kim Mi Sook is by far the oldest actress on this list, and she’s also older than all the boys on the other list. She’s the one who plays the mother to all these other actors and actresses (actually, I’m watching her play the mother of one of the other girls on here right now). But she’s also the actress that inspired this whole list. I didn’t pay much attention to her in City Hunter, her character felt more like a plot device than anything else, and there were way more interesting things going on. But as I’m now watching her on Glorious Day I am blown away. She’s a great actress, and portrays her character in the perfect way. She’s also absurdly beautiful. I’m not even the slightest bit okay with a woman well into her fifties being far more stunning than I’ll ever be.

park min young


Park Min Young

Born March 4, 1986 (Currently 29)

I’ve seen her in: City Hunter (2011)

I’m planning on seeing her in: Ja Myung Go (2009), Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010), Healer (2014-15)

Love was never truly the focus of City Hunter, and I’m glad. But that didn’t stop me from falling head over heels for Park Min Young. She was beautiful, spunky, sweet and innocent, all the things that a kdrama heroine ought to be. But she was also a martial arts master and a bodyguard to the president. Yes, her man did come rescue her. But she rescued him too. She shows that you can be super pretty and super girly, and still kick major butt. Take note, all American action movie directors.

kim ji won


Kim Ji Won

Born October 19, 1992 (Currently 22)

I’ve seen her in: The Heirs (2013)

I’m planning on seeing her in: To the Beautiful You (2012), Gap-dong (2014)

Kim Ji Won is the youngest person on these two lists, and she’s someone that I hope will be an up-and-coming star. She’s gorgeous, absolutely stunning, and I’m pretty sure she possesses some sort of magic qualities. I found her character on The Heirs to be a total bitch, and I didn’t like her much at all. Yet after the show was over, she stayed in my mind, and know I not only like her, I like her annoying character too. I really don’t know how she did that to me.

The actresses I love

yoon eun hye


Yoon Eun Hye

Born October 3, 1984 (Currently 30)

I’ve seen her in: Coffee Prince (2007)

I’m planning on seeing her in: Princess Hours (2006), Marry Him If You Dare (2013)

I’ve seen two dramas where a girl pretends to be a guy, and I’ve seen pictures from about a thousand more and I can with confidence say that Yoon Eun Hye is the only one of them that made even a little bit of a convincing guy. Not only did she look quite boyish, but the way she acted the part was perfect. Her mannerisms and body language were all masculine, and I’m not surprised that she kept up the act way longer than Park Shin Hye did in You’re Beautiful. Yoon Eun Hye is a truly great actress, and I can’t wait to see more of her.

kim tae hee


Kim Tae Hee

Born March 29, 1980 (Currently 35)

I’ve seen her in: My Princess (2011)

I’m planning on seeing her in: Iris (2009)

Before anyone says anything, yes, I know that Kim Tae Hee isn’t a super strong actress. I’ve been told so about a thousand times by the internet. But that does not stop me from loving her! She was sweet and lovely and funny and charming and amazing in My Princess, and nothing you say can change that! I do have trouble picturing her as a badass agent though, so maybe she’s had a genre problem… She’s definitely a romantic comedy kind of girl. To be honest, I don’t know what Rain is doing. If I was him I would lock down this hottie as soon as I could.

park se young


Park Se Young

Born July 30, 1988 (Currently 26)

I’ve seen her in: School 2013 (2012)

I’m currently seeing her in: Glorious Day (2014)

I’m planning on seeing her in: Love Rain (2012), Faith (2012)

Oh Park Se Young… I remember the days when I talked about you as “Wooyoung’s wife” because I couldn’t remember your name. Now, if anything, he’s your husband. I liked Park Se Young in School 2013, but she didn’t blow me away. In Glorious Day though, I love her. She and Lee Sang Woo make the absolute cutest couple, and they just have to get married. Their characters, I mean. Park Se Young is awesome and her beauty is a kind you don’t often see in the k-entertainment world.

Trust me, my boy list will be much longer. You should prepare yourselves. So… What’s your favorite actresses? I purposefully didn’t include any idol actresses, but which one of those is your favorite?



3 thoughts on “Kdrama Special – Actresses I Love, Actresses I Like and Actresses I Watch for

  1. Yeah, i love kim so eun. We have same favorite actrees. For me kim so eun is very beauty and multitalent. Thank for this post. I like this

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