Kdrama Special – Actors I Love, Actors I Like and Actors I Watch for

This is the corresponding post to the post I wrote last week about all the lovely Korean actresses that I’ve grown very fond of during my short stint in the kdrama world. This week we’re tackling a larger group, the men. Why it’s a larger group is difficult to say. It’s probably due to such a simple fact as me being more attracted to the men in kdramas than to the women. I’m more into men in general, and most kdrama girls aren’t my style. So it’s not so common that I fall head over heels for an actress, since it takes more than a pretty smile. But the boys… Oh the boys. I’ll have a hard time explaining why some of these are on here, or why I think so highly of them. Let’s see if I can think of better reasons than “he’s hot”, shall we?

The actors I don’t know, but want to

lee joon

Lee Joon

Born February 7, 1988 (Currently 27)

I’m planning on seeing him in: Iris II (2013), Gap-dong (2014)

I definitely can’t claim not to know Joon, since he’s been my MBLAQ bias for quite some time. But, and I know this is a this disgrace, I still don’t know him as an actor. Since his departure from the group late last year he is no longer an idol actor, he’s now simply an actor. And I’m sad, yet happy. I loved seeing Joon on stage and with his fellow group members, but it’s been clear for quite some time that acting is where his heart truly lies. And as I’ve heard only good things about his acting, I’m excited about meeting Lee Joon, the actor.

seo in guk

Seo In Guk

Born October 23, 1987 (Currently 27)

I’m planning on seeing him in: Love Rain (2012), Reply 1997 (2012)

I’ve been excited about watching a drama of Seo In Guk’s ever since I saw his beautiful performance in the music video to K.Will’s “Please Don’t…”. And I will, eventually. Seo In Guk is one of those actors that I just know can kill it, even though I don’t have much to back up that claim. I can just see it in his eyes somehow.

lee soo hyuk

Lee Soo Hyuk

Born May 31, 1988 (Currently 26)

I’m planning on seeing him in: White Christmas (2011)

Not only am I super excited about seeing White Christmas (any day now…), I’m super excited about seeing Lee Soo Hyuk. I haven’t seen him in anything more than pictures, but he just blows me away. He’s a model, clearly, and his is the kind of face that is so strange and so off that it’s just amazingly beautiful. I’d call him androgynous, but that wouldn’t do him justice. He’s from a whole other world, unbound by our genders.

park seo joon

Park Seo Joon

Born December 16, 1988 (Currently 26)

I’m planning on seeing him in: Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

I know Park Seo Joon as the charming and tall host of Music Bank, and while watching him bring me my needed boost of kpop every weekend has made me grow really fond of him. But I’ve never actually seen him act! I’ve seen him sing, but no acting. But I will! I’ve heard loads of good about Kill Me, Heal Me, so I’m killing two birds with one stone and checking it and Park Seo Joon out at the same time. Eventually.

The actors I like

kim bum

Kim Bum

Born July 7, 1989 (Currently 25)

I’ve seen him in: Boys Over Flowers (2009), The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (2010)

Kim Bum was one of the few things that I completely enjoyed about Boys Over Flowers, but his performance in that show came nowhere near what he accomplished in The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. He is the perfect guy to play in any drama featuring a noona romance. He’s young, and looks even younger, and he has such a boyish charm that not me, nor any noona is able to withstand.

lee seung gi

Lee Seung Gi

Born January 13, 1987 (Currently 28)

I’ve seen him in: Gu Family Book (2013)

I’m planning on seeing him in: Shining Inheritance (2009), My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox (2010)

There’s something fascinating about Lee Seung Gi… In pictures I don’t find him that attractive at all, but in motion, smiling, he’s incredibly gorgeous. Gu Family Book is one of my favorite dramas and Lee Seung Gi was perfect in every way as the cheeky and boyish half-mythical being. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the image of how he smiled the first time I saw him.

choi jin hyuk

Choi Jin Hyuk

Born February 6, 1986 (Currently 29)

I’ve seen him in: Gu Family Book (2013), The Heirs (2013)

I’m planning on seeing him in: I Need Romance (2011)

Choi Jin Hyuk was a background standout in The Heirs as Lee Min Ho’s older brother and an absolute knockout in Gu Family Book as Lee Seung Gi’s demon father. He was just amazing. His acting is great, and there’s an intensity to him that’s always there, even if he’s completely still and quiet. I really hope he plays some kind of male lead in I Need Romance, because I really need to see it end happily for him and his love!

gong yoo


Gong Yoo

Born July 10, 1979 (Currently 35)

I’ve seen him in: Coffee Prince (2007)

Gong Yoo definitely felt like he was favorite actor material when I first saw him in Coffee Prince. I didn’t find him that amazingly attractive in the promotional shots I saw before I started watching, but during the show he completely won me over. There are not many male leads that I’ve fangirled as hard over as I have over this man right there. Which feels slightly strange since he’s almost twice my age. But I love Johnny Depp, so who am I to talk?

hyun bin


Hyun Bin

Born September 25, 1982 (Currently 32)

I’ve seen him in: Secret Garden (2010)

I’m planning on seeing him in: My Lovely Kim Sam Soon (2005), The Snow Queen (2006)

Hyun Bin was the leading man in the very first drama I ever watched. He first introduced me to the emotionally scared chaebol who’s kind of an asshole but still the sweetest and most romantic guy deep down. And I while I didn’t fall for his character as hard as I did for some later ones, I was incredibly impressed with Hyun Bin’s acting.  He was hilarious acting as a woman trapped in a man’s body, his rude chaebol antics were amusing, his tracksuits were glorious and his self-sacrifice was heart wrenching. To me he will always be the go-to lead man.

kang ha neul


Kang Ha Neul

Born February 21, 1990 (Currently 25)

I’ve seen him in: The Heirs (2013)

I’m planning on seeing him in: To the Beautiful You (2012)

Kang Ha Neul’s character was a logical and calm breath of fresh air within all the dramatic madness that was The Heirs, and through that alone, he won my heart. He’s very handsome, but in a slightly unconventional sort of way. His acting felt grounded and solid, and I’d love to see him in a more central role in the future. He relayed all the things I wanted to scream at the main characters, and I was always thankful to him for that.

The actor I can’t properly place

lee min ho


Lee Min Ho

Born June 22, 1987 (Currently 27)

I’ve seen him in: Boys Over Flowers (2009), City Hunter (2011), The Heirs (2013)

I’m planning on seeing him in: Personal Taste (2010), Faith (2012)

Yes, I did it. I put Lee Min Ho on a lower pedestal than other actors. Thing is, it’s not his acting that’s putting him lower, I’ve always found that to be solid, it’s his choices of projects and the way he’s been styled. I’ll be honest, I found both his part in Boys Over Flowers and his part in The Heirs to be ridiculous. Not only were they ridiculous, they were completely wrong for him. He was too old, and looked it too, and too… wrong. It wasn’t the parts he was meant to play. So I didn’t care for him much. But then I saw City Hunter. He looked amazing, his acting was great and the part was as if made for him. I couldn’t have been happier. So if I love him in the next drama I see as well, I might just move him up.

The actors I love

lee jong suk


Lee Jong Suk

Born September 14, 1989 (Currently 25)

I’ve seen him in: Prosecutor Princess (2010), Secret Garden (2010), School 2013 (2012)

I’m planning on seeing him in: I Hear Your Voice (2013), Doctor Stranger (2014)

I’m so in love with this boy. I’ve never seen him play any sort of love interest, which considering how many dramas I’ve seen him in makes him quite unique. His parts in Prosecutor Princess and Secret Garden were his first two, and small, but in School 2013, as the main character, he really shone. His acting is really good, that’s all that needs to be said. His look is a little off, which is cool, but I’ve never found him that physically attractive, which makes him completely unique among my favorite actors.

kim soo hyun


Kim Soo Hyun

Born February 16, 1988 (Currently 27)

I’ve seen him in: Dream High (2011)

I’m planning on seeing him in: My Love from Another Star (2013-14)

Kim Soo Hyun is one of those actors who my love for has grown in his absence. Or well, not absence, since he’s been everywhere, but I haven’t watched him act since I saw him for the first time. As the only “real” actor out of the main cast of Dream High, he blew them all out of the water. Some of those idol actors did very well, but none of them came even close to what he did. I was so happy to see his popularity explode, and I’m looking forward to experiencing whatever he did to so many people for myself.

sung joon


Sung Joon

Born July 10, 1990 (Currently 24)

I’ve seen him in: Gu Family Book (2013)

I’m planning on seeing him in: White Christmas (2011), Shut Up Flower Boy Band (2012)

Sung Joon didn’t have a nearly big enough part in Gu Family Book, but he was amazing in every seen he was in. Not only did he look amazing in every scene he was in (regardless of strange wigs) he was always funny, cool or even wise. Sung Joon has a look and a vibe that is just perfect for me, and I can’t wait to see way more of him. In as big of a role as he can get.

kim jae wook


Kim Jae Wook

Born April 2, 1983 (Currently 32)

I’ve seen him in: Coffee Prince (2007)

I’m planning on seeing him in: Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010), Inspiring Generation (2014)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the way Kim Jae Wook looked when he played Noh Sun Ki in Coffee Prince is dangerously close to how I often picture my absolute ideal guy. The hair, the cheekbones, the height, even the goddamn nail polish. He was just too good to be true. So even though I haven’t seen him in anything since, I just can’t get over Kim Jae Wook. One of the few flaws in an otherwise amazing drama was that they didn’t develop his character nearly enough. He should have gotten all the screen time, all I tell you!

kim woo bin


Kim Woo Bin

Born July 16, 1989 (Currently 25)

I’ve seen him in: School 2013 (2012), The Heirs (2013)

I’m planning on seeing him in: White Christmas (2011), A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012), To the Beautiful You (2012)

This guy… is amazing. He has a passion behind his eyes when he acts and such charisma that it’s impossible to look away. Even though his character on The Heirs were in many ways a huge ass, I still couldn’t help but love him. Because Kim Woo Bin played him with such intensity that he made everyone in his scenes pale in comparison. And let’s not even talk about School 2013. An amazing drama, with the best (and real!) bromance that launched a thousand ships.

shin sung rok


Shin Sung Rok

Born November 23, 1982 (Currently 32)

I’ve seen him in: Liar Game (2014)

I’m planning on seeing him in: My Love from Another Star (2013)

This one is new, and since he hasn’t been that successful on the drama scene, our love might always be based on that one part. That one unforgettable part. Watching Liar Game was for me a religious experience, and the best part about it by far was Shin Sung Rok’s portrayal of the completely unhinged game master Kang Do Young. He was crazy in the best way, and everything he did on that show was gold. He was a principal dancer with the Korea National Ballet for fifteen years, starting at eight, and has since been a very successful musical actor. And trust me, it shows. There is such great drama to his acting, a kind of drama that you don’t normally find in kdramas and that is impossible to describe but also impossible to miss once you see it. Oh if only I could see him on stage, I’m sure he’d be glorious.

Long post, and a long list! What do you think of my choices? Who are your favorite actors?



3 thoughts on “Kdrama Special – Actors I Love, Actors I Like and Actors I Watch for

  1. Please watch Moon Embracing the sun and my love from another star!! Both of them will make you love Kim so hyun even more! Moon embracing the sun is a bit slow and boring at first but be patient, it gets way more intense and dramatic later on. The Producers was also light and fun.

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