Ranking of Beauty – Dalshabet

The random number generator has spoken and the first girl group to go through this very judgmental process of me telling you who the most beautiful members are will be Dalshabet. May the odds be ever in their favor. 

I don’t know Dalshabet all that well and it hasn’t been that long since I first taught myself to recognize them, but I will try my best to do this anyway. Also, only current members are included.

Oh and this only comes down to looking at them, no talent or personality or whatever is included in this ranking.

4. Ahyoung – vocalist and visual


I’m not saying Ahyoung isn’t pretty, she clearly is. I mean, look at her. But she just doesn’t do much for me. She somehow looks a little strange to me, in her beauty, and not in the way that works for me.

3. Subin – main vocalist and maknae


Subin is my bias and she’s awesome and looks really cool and all that. But just staring at her, with her not doing anything in particular, she isn’t at all as awesome as she is when she’s set free into the world.

2. Serri – lead vocalist, lead dancer and leader


Serri is clearly not natural. I mean, there’s not a way in any of the seven hells that she was born with that nose. She definitely looks plastic, and kind of weird at that. But I just can not stop myself from looking at her. It just works. She looks like a doll, in a good way.

1. Woohee – lead vocalist and main dancer


I don’t think Woohee has much a presence, and if I could take more factors into account she wouldn’t end up this high up. But this isn’t about all that, and just looking at the four girls, I think Woohee is the absolute most striking.

Agree? Where would you have placed the two past members in all this?


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