Ranking of the Singles – BTS

It’s a big big name that the number generator has spit out this time around. Join me as I try to determine which of all the amazing things that BTS have done over their still quite short, but extremely active, career that’s the absolute best. 

BTS sparked my interest from the very start and has kept me into them ever since then, which has lead them to grow into a massive force in my heart. But something has to be the best, and something has to have been the worst. So let’s go.

Also, I’m including singles that are listed as such on their wikipedia page and that have music videos.

Okay just one more side-note before we start: this is what I think of these songs today, right now. It’s not a stagnant list and definitely changes with my mood etc. Okay, now we can start.

12. ”Just One Day” (April 6th, 2014)

This is the only one of BTS’s singles that I haven’t downloaded. Yeah. This is the slowest, the most sensitive and even the most cute (the horror) they’ve ever gone. Not that this is straight-up aegyo, but it’s the closest BTS have ever strayed. It’s a song that works for what it is, but what it is is something I’m just not very interested in. It’s not my kind of music.

11. ”Run” (November 29th, 2015)

This is already getting ridiculous and so hard, because I for sure like this song. A lot. But it did take more listens for this song to get into my heart than it did for the ones above it, and that puts it down here. Still good though.

10. ”Danger (August 19th, 2014)

I love ”Danger”. And I hate putting it so far down. This song was my jam! Sigh. This is so hard.

9. ”N.O” (September 10th, 2013)

Honestly I don’t think there’s any other group out there who’s singles it would be this hard to rank. No, not even my ultimate bias group SHINee. BTS’s singles have just been that consistently awesome.

8. ”Fire” (May 1st, 2016)

This is their latest single and if it had had more time to grow on me I think it would be higher up… I’ve only heard it a few times. But for now, this is where it shall sit.

7. ”Young Forever” (April 19th, 2016)

I love BTS’s hard-hitting badass songs the much, usually, but this song has just smacked me straight in the heart recently. BTS have done loads of songs that relate to the emotions and struggles of young people, but I think this is the first I’ve personally ever related to in this kind of strong emotional way.

6. “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” (July 16th, 2013)

This song is awesome. And fire. But I sometimes find a few parts of it kind of silly, so yeah not a 100% knockout. Just a 99.99999%….

5. ”Dope” (June 23rd, 2015)

This song is awesome, and the kind of song that anyone, kpop fan or not, can get turnt to.

4. ”No More Dream” (June 11th, 2013)

BTS honestly hit it a billion kilometers out of the ballpark on their very first try with this song. So catchy and so awesome and so yes.

3. ”War of Hormone” (October 21st, 2014)

God these songs are awesome. So good.

2. ”I Need U” (April 29th, 2015)

This is probably the BTS song that I’ve sung the absolute most. This chorus is so catchy and so easy to follow and after this song came out I was walking around my house singing this all. the. time. I probably sang it in my sleep.

1. ”Boy In Luv (February 11th, 2014)

This is the video that first revealed to me that Rap Monster is hot, finally making it possible for me to fully bias him. And it’s an insanely awesome song.

God. This was so hard. This ranking could be changed in so many ways and still be correct, like you don’t know. Almost all their singles are knockouts, and they are so so close together in degree of awesomeness.


2 thoughts on “Ranking of the Singles – BTS

  1. It’s kinda funny because my friend’s ranking is exactly the same as yours. My music taste is quite strange, more appropriate for a person a few years older than me as I’m only fourteen. But your ranking is quite good, better than others I have seen. 🙂

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