Review of Seventeen’s Album ”Love & Letter”

With their first studio album, which accompanies their third single, Seventeen are finally getting their first ever review on this blog. This they managed through winning the poll for the best album of April, with 31% of the votes. 

Track 1 – Chuck

There are plenty of kpop album tracks like this one, and while I usually don’t really get into them, I still accept their presence. But there’s something about this one that’s very… try-hard… I can’t explain why I think that, I just get the feeling that the boys are over-reaching somehow. Something about how this is done is just not working for me.

Track 2 – Pretty U

I grew to really really like ”Adore U” and even though I’ve never really gotten into ”Mansae”, I still think it’s a pretty good and fun song. But this song… I don’t know. It’s alright, but I don’t find it all that memorable. The chorus is growing on me, but not the rest of the song. Not yet at least. Maybe them being on Music Bank will wear me down eventually.

Track 3 – Still Lonely

I like big groups, I think they’re fun. But seeing how well a smaller version of Seventeen would work musically, makes me realize that when it comes to the actual music, a more concentrated group might just be better. It’s less messy when each member’s part is more than three words at a time. But having said that, I don’t love this song. It’s alright, and the chorus is kinda good, but it’s all pretty standard.

Track 4 – Hit Song

Okay now they’re intriguing me… DK’s part at the end really shows why he’s (probably) my favorite voice in the group; that was really stunning. Also I love how Vernon said that he knows he’s not the best rapper. I would like to think that that has something to do with all the hate he got after going on Show Me The Money, and I think this is a really cheeky way to handle it. Like, yeah I know I’m not the best rapper, but look at where I’m at.

Track 5 – Say Yes

DK and Seungkwan are my top two vocalists in the group, and hearing them sing this ballad duet together is really quite lovely. But it is a ballad, and even though it’s super lovely it did lose my attention within a minute and a half. That’s not its fault though, I am just super hard to please. It’s truly very pretty.

Track 6 – Drift Away

This is the remaining members that weren’t included in ”Still Lonely” and even though as members I’d have to say I prefer the other half, I prefer this song. It’s groovy and I was definitely sitting here bouncing along to it. I do think The8’s parts are distractingly weak compared to the others’ though, which I know sounds mean, but it’s just the truth. He’s a lovely kid, but his singing has a way to go.

Track 7 – Adore U (Vocal Unit Version)

This is a slowed down, very pretty version of their debut song. It’s not something I would really listen to; I definitely prefer the original. But I will acknowledge it’s sweetness and how prettily the boys sing it.

Track 8 – Mansae (Hip Hop Unit Version)

Only the chorus has a direct correlation to the original ”Mansae” and I do not like what they have done to it. It’s not just the fact that these guys are not very strong rappers, even though that does have a certain impact as well, but this song just doesn’t work. It’s a bit strange.

Track 9 – Shining Diamond (Performance Unit Version)

The original ”Mansae” was a pretty good song and the original ”Shining Diamond” was a very good one. WHY ARE THEY MESSING WITH THAT? These remixed versions are just so strange in my ears.

Track 10 – Love Letter

It’s fine, but I don’t find this a very memorable song. Pretty cute and all, but it’s not a stand-out.

Final Thoughts

This is not a bad album; I only found the versions of ”Mansae” and ”Shining Diamond” to be hard to listen to, everything else was fine. But there’s nothing much memorable about this. If I would choose a favorite track I guess it could be ”Drift Away” which I’m kind of considering downloading, but probably won’t. This album was far from a knockout for me, but I wouldn’t judge someone who really liked it.

Did all of you vote for this because you really like the album or because you really like Seventeen? That’s something I always wonder when I see the winners in these polls.


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