Ranking of my Favorite Music Sounds Among Kpop Boy Groups, Part 2

I’m back with the second part of the list I began last week, the ranking of my favorite music sounds from kpop boy groups. If I can with certainty identify and name all the members in the group, they are included. Here are the top ten!

10. BtoB


Number of songs on phone: 12

While BtoB started out as kind of a new version of B2ST, they have since then established a more individual sound, which I actually prefer to the sound I normally expect from B2ST. BtoB are less polished, but also more fun and sillier. I find their music catchier and overall I much prefer this ‘version of B2ST’ to the originals. My favorite song from them is still the very first one I ever heard, ‘Wow’, which is probably one of the songs I’ve played the most out of all songs on my phone, I adore it. So much fun and a super catchy song. The dance is awesome too.



Number of songs on phone: 8

MBLAQ is one of those groups that I feel is at least slightly underrated… I know that that phrase has been used to describe almost every single kpop group out there, but I really feel like it’s valid here. Their music is super catchy most of the time, and I feel like they have a distinct sound to them. Their songs, and their dances, are very ‘mblaqian’. There is a great sense of drama to them, and I love it. My number one song from them is still ‘This Is War’ but I also love ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Smoky Girl’.

8. Infinite


Number of songs on phone: 17 (counting solos and units)

Infinite are sound-wise one of the absolute most consistent kpop groups when it comes to sound and style. Their music is extremely 80s and always upbeat and dancey. It’s not always my cup of tea, but when I’m in the right mood I go crazy for it. They’re always great fun and also one of the top dance groups out there. My favorite songs from them are ‘Before The Dawn’ and ‘Come Back Again’.

7. EXO


Number of songs on phone: 15 (3 are just EXO-K)

I love EXO way more for personalities, looks and pure fun than I do for their actual music. Makes me feel shallow to admit it, but it’s true. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. And it isn’t like I don’t like their music, they have some really awesome songs! My favorites are probably ‘Growl’ and ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ with ‘Mama’ and ‘Wolf’ just being great dirty pleasures. Right now though, I’m obsessed with the cover of ‘Open Arms’ that D.O, Baekhyun, Chen and Luhan performed. Wow, if you haven’t heard it, you better check it out!

6. Teen Top

teen top

Number of songs on phone: 16

Teen Top used to be a group that I couldn’t really fess up to liking because they were too silly… But they evolved (and now I’ve got a new group that I can’t admit that I like) and now they put out legitimately good music! Their music is still very high-energy most of the time, and insanely much fun. Theirs is music for a good day. My all time favorite track from them is ‘Rock Star’ off of their ‘Teen Top Class’ album. And yes, I know that only two of the members were actually featured on that track, but it’s just so good! ‘Rocking’ is great too, and ‘Miss Right’ is lots of fun. ‘Supa Luv’ is one of those songs that’s so bad, but sooo good, I love it.

5. B.A.P


Number of songs on phone: 25 (counting one solo song)

I adored B.A.P’s debut style, absolutely loved it. And I feel like they’ve kind of lost that style lately… But I still really do like their music, it’s very well made. But I still prefer their original style, and wish that they’d channel the original B.A.P a bit more. My favorite songs are ‘Hurricane’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Warrior’, ‘Power’ and ‘No Mercy’.



Number of songs on phone: 71 (counting units and solos)

BIGBANG is my number two group of all time, and I like their music a lot. I love all the members as solo singers as well, and feel like they can all stand alone, which is rare. Their style has moved from being more classic hip hop to being an extremely electronic type of hip hop and their music is oftentimes the perfect party music, and it’s always entertaining. Favorite tracks are ‘Number 1’, ‘Fantastic Baby’ and ‘Ain’t No Fun’. For solo tracks I love Seungri’s ‘Let’s Talk About Love’, Daesung’s ‘Baby Don’t Cry’, Taeyang’s ‘I Need A Girl’, T.O.P’s ‘Doom Dada’ and G-Dragon’s ‘Ride or Die’.



Number of songs on phone: 43

I love a more rockish sound and that’s normally the path I go down when I leave the kpop universe, and I therefore love CNBLUE. Their music isn’t exactly hard rock, but it’s still a kind of rock, and I love it a lot. It’s genuine music and I always know what to expect from them. The sound and quality of their music is consistent and therefore almost always awesome. My favorite songs from them are ‘Have a Good Night’, ‘I’m a Loner’, ‘Coffee Shop’, ‘Where You Are’, and my number one (at least right now): ‘One of a Kind’.

2. Block B

block b

Number of songs on phone: 22 (counting solos)

Block B delivers the my favorite kind of hip hop-kpop. Their rappers are perfectly solid and their singers are great. Their songs are always fun! Even when they’re ‘heavier’ there’s always a sense of humor, these guys just don’t take themselves too seriously, and that’s just great. I love Zico’s solo tracks as well and both his tracks and Block B’s in general are songs I listen to loads. My favorite Block B tracks are ‘Dreams Come True’, ‘Mental Breaker’and ‘Nillili Mambo’ and my favorite Zico tracks are ‘4 My Town’ and ‘I’m Still Fly’.

1. SHINee


Number of tracks on my phone: 85 (counting solos, duets and collaborations)

SHINee is my all-time favorite group and I love basically everything about them, and that of course includes their music. Their music has for most of their career been very electronic heavy but they also have some great ballads in there. My absolute favorite tracks are ‘Run With Me’, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, ‘Evil’, ‘Colorful’, ‘Electric Heart’, ‘Ready or Not’ and ‘3 2 1’. That might seem like a lot of songs to call my favorites, but trust me when I say that even narrowing it down this much was a challenge.


That’s the end to these 6 rankings I’ve done over images and music sounds among kpop boy and girl groups, and I hope you’ve enjoyed and that you’ll let me know what you think in the comments!

If you have any comments, requests or suggestions then leave a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com!

– Admin A

2 thoughts on “Ranking of my Favorite Music Sounds Among Kpop Boy Groups, Part 2

  1. I had a feeling SHINee is your all time favorite group lol. I like them a lot too, they are any company’s dream group, perfect physique, full of talents, youth and vibrant personalities, hard working, the list goes on. and you mentioned Jjong is your bias right? mine is Taemin ^^

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