My Top 5 Kpop Girl Groups

Here’s the second part of my list of the week – My top 5 kpop girl groups! As most of us female kpop fans probably do, I listen to a lot more boy groups than girls groups… I at least get much more attached to boy groups in general and there are less than 10 girl groups who I would ever consider naming myself as part of the official fan club to. But there are some that I really like, and here are the top 5!

5. Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls

I’m once again puzzled about whether or not I should consider a group kpop or not but as I reasoned about BIGBANG in my list of my top 5 boy groups, kpop is a null term. And I will therefore consider Brown Eyed Girls as kpop, just so I can include them on this list.

I’m a very strange fan of BEG… I’m super excited whenever they announce a solo promotion, a sub-unit or a comeback and I really like the members but I have no idea what the name of the official fan club is (or whether they even have one) and I only have 4 songs from them on my phone. So how can a group that I barely listen to be my number 5? Well, I find the idea and image of Brown Eyed Girls to be insanely attractive. And the fact that I have so few songs from them just means that I’m lazy and haven’t looked up more… Those four songs are all the songs that I’ve ever heard from Brown Eyed Girls. I really need to listen to some more from them. If you know a great BEG song the chance is that I haven’t, but should have, heard it, so please recommend it to me!

4. f(x)


Oh f(x)… You’re just so much fun! These girls are what I listen to when I’m biking home from something and I’m really happy with myself. They’re what I go to for fun, spunky, catchy electronic music. And when f(x) does cute, it’s cute, not nauseating.

f(x) is the sister group to my number one boy group, SHINee, so that gives them a little bit extra cred in my book, though not a lot. I have some strong, and slightly weird, attachments to a couple of the members that contributes to me liking the group. Their album ‘Pink Tape’ was also one of the most consistently great releases of last year where I liked almost every song. (Except for ‘Signal’ that was just alright and ‘Kick’ that I couldn’t stand.)

3. Miss A

miss a

As with Brown Eyed Girls Miss A is a group that I absolutely love the image of. They found their niche right from the get go with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ and except for ‘Breathe’ that was a little bit more cute and ‘Touch’ that was a little bit more sad, they’ve consistently stuck to their girl power image. Now with ‘Hush’ they’ve amped up the sex appeal a lot more than it was in their previous releases but it’s still a kind of sexy that is very girl power-y.

Miss A has some very interesting members as well that all stand out to me in completely different ways. Not going to go into that though, got to save the individual member opinions for opinionated profiles! But the members are great, and I love the fact that half the group is Chinese.

2. Girls’ Generation

girls' generation

(First have to comment on the picture – Wow. Absolutely gorgeous) I have a hard time accepting that Girls’ Generation is my number two… They don’t really fit into my normal style when it comes to girl groups (which is of course girl power, if you hadn’t figured that out yet) and for the longest time I ignored Girls’ Generation. I would listen to them quite a lot and have strong opinions on all the members but I just couldn’t see myself as the kind of person that likes the sugary aegyo that is Girls’ Generation. They have become less aegyo over the years but the dating scenes in the video for ‘I Got A Boy’ were still ripe with disturbing aegyo helplessness.

But there comes a time in every girl’s life when she has to sit herself down and admit to herself, and the world: I like Girls’ Generation. And this is me, fessing up to it. No matter what my girl power-loving brain tells me.

1. 2NE1


I would be shocked if you hadn’t guessed this already… I love girl power groups – 2NE1 are the queens of all the girl power kpop groups. It’s on the extreme level that female rookie groups that try that concept very very often (pretty much always) get compared to, and accused of copying, 2NE1. Finding 2NE1 was like having an epiphany. Until then the only kpop girl groups that I listened to were Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls. Neither of which are particularly “hard core” (I’m not saying 2NE1 are that hard core, I’m just comparing) and then I watched the video for ‘Can’t Nobody’. There was CL letting all the hoes know that she runs this show. All hail The Baddest Female! There was Minzy, 16-year-old Minzy, in a black corset letting us know that she’s so bad, but so good. 2NE1 were telling me loud and clear who they were, and that nobody could hold them down.

I’ve been a Blackjack ever since, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that no one will ever hold my girls down!

This was the second part to the list of the week for this week. Do you agree with my list? Let me know what you think about it and what your top 5 girl groups are in the comments!

If you have any opinions or suggestions for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week then let me know in the comments or email me at!

– Admin A

10 thoughts on “My Top 5 Kpop Girl Groups

  1. Nice article! I particularly agree with your comments on f(x) and 2ne1. F(x)’s songs are so much fun, I have a blast listening to them when driving (I have to be careful about listening to them during heavy traffic haha). And I absolutely love 2ne1. They’re such great performers, with the ability to perform songs like “I am the Best” so powerfully and to convey the intimate feelings of “Lonely” and “Missing you” at the same level of awesomeness ^__^

    1. Yes, I absolutely agree! The extreme performance skill of 2NE1, especially CL, is one of the reason why I love them so much! I just forgot to mention it in the post. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your comment!
      – Admin A

    2. I am happy that you guys were listing f(x):) I became a fan after listening to their Pink Tape album since Airplane, Shadow and the title track became some of my favorite songs in 2013. It is funny because Airplane is my driving jam as well @BlueVipXD
      I wish SME would give them a decent out of the box mv just once…
      I still don’t know what I think of GG to be honest- I liked some of their title tracks such as Tell Me Your Wish (ok I loved this one) and Run Devil Run- but I really cannot stand the aegyo-fests that were Gee and Oh! Oh and TTS’ Twinkle is another fave of mine
      Does anyone have some other non-aegyo songs sung by GG that I should check out ??

      1. I think Airplane is the perfect mix between silly and glorious. The chorus always makes me crack up, laugh out loud and then I just have to sing along! And yes, f(x) most certainly deserve better music videos! And an official fan club… It’s sad that EXO’s getting one before them when they debuted so long ago…
        For non-aegyo Girls’ Generation songs I really like their song ‘The Great Escape’ and I really liked their recent Japanese single ‘My oh My’ as well. Give those two a shot! πŸ™‚
        – Admin A

  2. Great list! (: I just discovered your site and I love it! My top 5 girl groups are:

    5) Girl’s Generation. They’re the 2nd group that I listened to when I first started listening to KPOP. I used to like them but overtime, I became sick of their concept. One minute they’re all overally cute, then the next they’re trying too hard to be sexy. It just got tiring. I guess they don’t grab my attention anymore. I also realized that I don’t like them any longer because there’s just too many members. I understand that that’s unique about the group but it made it really hard to let each member stand out. Too many names to memorize and some members sing more than the others so the ones that don’t sing as much get less attention/less parts in their music videos. The only reason why they’re on my list despite the fact that I no longer like them is because, I mainly only listen to guy groups so I’ve only really listened to 5 or so girl groups lol.

    4) 2ne1 – I eventually went through the 2ne1 phase. My favorite song from them would be “Lonely” “Hate you” and “I am the best” but aside from those songs, I stopped listening to them. Although I like their individuality, they just didn’t make a big impression on me. Nothing about them “Stuck”. I didn’t get that, “OMG. I LOVE THIS GROUP” Type of feeling. Although I listened to GG’s songs more than 2ne1’s, they’re higher on the list because I like 2ne1’s concept and individuality better.

    3) Orange Caramel (sub unit of After School) – oh, I just absolutely love this group. They’re cute, but in a unique, and nonboring way. GG was always pink, and girly or sparkly and Princessy. But orange caramel’s cute isn’t the “pink” and “Princessy” type. “Catallena” is amazingly unique and refreshing. “Abing, Abing” is adorable and catchy, as well as their other songs like “Lipstick” and more, etc.

    2) KARA – the group that I first listened to. The one that made me love kpop. I’ve been a kamilia since “Break it” (before they turned to cutesy concept) with their former member Kim sunghee. So it really broke my heart when she left and then two new girls came into the picture. I wasn’t happy. Goo hara and Jiyoung. Overtime though, I watched goo hara and jiyoung improve and they eventually grew on me although even now Goo Hara is still my least favorite member (overall, she’s mainly known to be pretty which basically causes everyone to overlook the other members talents). “Wanna” made me realize who my ultimate bias was out of the girls. It was a tough battle between nicole and Seungyeon but Seungyeon won (: wow, I’ve been through so much with this group. They’re just basically a part of my life that I can’t live without. They’re 2nd on my list because now that Nicole and Jiyoung have made up their minds about what they want to do, hence leaving the group, I’m not sure what to expect with the new members (when they decide on who will be the new members). And besides, #1 on my list, I literally can’t stop listening to them.

    1) Crayon Pop – Before anyone judges, don’t judge them solely based on “Bar, Bar, Bar” they have other songs that are way better. Bar bar bar is my least favorite song from them, it doesn’t capture their cuteness or personality at all. The first song I heard from them was “Bar Bar Bar” and seeing and hearing that song almost made me dislike the group until some fans of theirs told me to listen to their other songs and give them a chance (which I’m glad they did). I’ve fallen in love with this group. They don’t fit in with this kpop thing nowadays where all the girl groups are either trying too hard to be sexy and selling their bodies instead of their music or trying to hard to be too cute that it’s sickening to watch. Don’t get me wrong, Crayon pop is a cute group so I guess that might throw off some people but their songs are AMAZING. They’re catchy and fun. The only downside is that the songs they have out now, don’t show off the power of their vocals. Way, ChoA and Soyul all have 4 octaves so it’s disappointing that they don’t have any songs that can show this off but I guess it’s their secret technique. Right now, none of the other girl groups see them as a serious threat but trust me, when they start releasing songs that can really show off their powerhouse vocals, some of the other groups will be trying their best to catch up. My bias of the group is Soyul(: only thing I don’t like about the group is Ellin (I love her personality) but again just like Goo Hara, a lot of people focus on ellin cause she’s “hot” but she doesn’t have much talent. Because of Ellin’s looks, people overlook some of the other members (although throughout the many many polls I’ve seen online, Soyul is definitely the most popular member and most people’s bias as well(: ) anyways give this group a chance if you haven’t already. A song that shows off some of their vocals is their performance of “I am Beautiful” some of their other songs worth listening to is ALL OF THEM lol. “Dancing queen” “bing bing” “Lonely Christmas” “Saturday night” etc. “uh hee” is my 2nd least favorite because again just like “Bar Bar Bar” that song doesn’t show off their cuteness or individuality in the right way (it’s supposed to sound like a trot song). I like that they don’t need to be half naked or act like princesses to be able to get a large fan base. Overtime, (my bias has always been Soyul since the start) I’ve realized that Soyul Reminds me a bit of Seungyeon from KARA but not too much 😊

    1. Thank you so much! πŸ˜€ May I ask how you found my site?

      Girls’ Generation was my second kpop group too! Right after Wonder Girls, right before SHINee. They were actually the first group that I liked enough to figure out what the name of my favorite member was. It was Jessica, by the way. I really liked Sunye and Yubin in Wonder Girls’ music videos, but I didn’t learn their names until much later.

      I definitely got that feeling with 2NE1, and it’s going to take a whole lot for any girl group to ever knock my girls down from that number one spot!

      I’m really liking Orange Caramel lately! Catallena felt like such a breath of fresh air. I normally don’t really do cute, but Orange Caramel are cute in such a quirky and interesting way, so it’s a lot more appealing to me. Those three, and UEE, are the only three members of After School that I can identify.

      I recently heard Break It for the first time, and I can definitely say that that’s my favorite Kara song ever. If they had stuck more to that image they’d probably be one of my favorite girl groups by now. But they didn’t, and Kara is actually the only group I’ve ever actively disliked. Now I am pretty much neutral (leaning towards positive) about them, and I can’t really remember what it was about them that pissed me off so damn much.

      I haven’t heard much from Crayon Pop, but I don’t think they’re really my style… I don’t have anything hugely against them, but they have a very juvenile kind of cuteness, and to me it always feels like their songs belong in a kids show. I’m not trying to be offensive at all, I’m just trying to explain how I feel :/

      1. Don’t worry, everyone has their opinions(: and I honestly can’t remember how I discovered your site. I was trying to show my cousin BIGBANG, so I searched them up and after clicking on various links, I guess I clicked on one of your links or something xD I’m hoping to listen to more of 2ne1’s music to see if I’ve changed my mind about them because I changed my mind about crayon pop so maybe I’ll feel differently about 2ne1 if I give them another chance. If I can stand their whole changing concepts thing, maybe I’ll go back to listening to GG.

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