15 Best Kinda Popular Kpop Songs by Female and Co-ed Artists in 2018

This post lists the 15 best (in my opinion, chill) songs by female and co-ed artists that have more than 1 million but less than 5 million views on youtube (as of early January).

15. Sohee’s “Hurry Up”

This is the solo debut of Sohee, from the group ELRIS which debuted in 2017. I have not listened to ELRIS at all, and did not know that Sohee was from that group when I first heard this. However this song, and especially the great chorus really intrigues me to her and her group,


14. Hyomin’s “Mango”

Hyomin was a member of the previously powerhouse group T-ARA, which now sadly seems to have been disbanded. While this is not quite as good as the best we’ve seen from T-ARA, it is surprisingly appealing for a song about a fruit. I hope she manages to pull a solo career together for herself.


13. Yubin’s “Thank U Soooo Much”

I am still appalled by the disbandment of Wonder Girls (I know it was 2 years ago. I don’t care), but I’m really hoping for more successful solo careers coming from it than just Sunmi, even though she is great. Yubin is an obvious choice for that, being a triple threat of vocals, rapping and general awesomeness.


12. BoA’s “Woman”

The verses of this song threw me off when I first heard it, but you know BoA always convinces me in the end. She and her sound are aging like fine wine.


11. KARD’s “Ride on the Wind”

It’s interesting, it seems like the people think, and I would have to agree, that KARD where better before they officially debuted. The hype was massive with their first couple of releases, and now I’m putting them on my “kinda popular” list. I may think their sound is getting just the slightest bit stale, but I am still very fond of the group as a concept, and this song is not bad at all.


10. Dreamcatcher’s “What”

I do not think this is the very strongest execution of Dreamcatcher’s signature anime-intro-song sound, but it, as all they do, is still very good. And the aesthetics are to die for.


9. UNI.T’s “I Mean”

I did not watch The Unit, but I am very glad to see some girls who deserve so much better than they’ve gotten so far in their careers get highlighted like this, such as Jiwon, Woohee, NC.A and Suji. And this song is a lot of fun, so thank god for that.


8. Wheein’s “Easy”

Wheein is a member of the very popular group Mamamoo, and this is probably my favorite, and the most popular, of the solo releases they’ve put out this year. This is honestly the perfect image for Wheein, and I love her dancing.


7. Hyolyn’s “Bae”

Hyolyn seems to have somewhat struggled to find her sound and image as a solo artist, since the disbandment of her group Sistar about a year and a half ago. Her later two releases this year (this song, and “See Sea”) is in my opinion the best path I’ve seen her try so far, Being sexy yet fun and happy was always among the things Sistar did the very best at, so I love seeing Hyolyn go with that tried and true formula. I really want to see her succeed.


6. Yesung & Chungha’s “Whatcha Doin'”

Chungha has a much better voice than one would maybe expect from a solo artist primarily known for her great dancing, and she shows that very well here in this groovy little duet with Super Junior’s Yesung.


5. Gugudan’s “Not That Type”

Gugudan debuted in 2016 with the heads up that they had IOI stars Sejeong and Mina as members. However Gugudan didn’t quite capitalize on that and went with a very cute concept for their debut, which I think nobody asked for. This is much more so what I like to see from the group, and this is probably my favorite track from the group so far. I hope the fans can rediscover the group and find that they’re actually cool now.


4. HYO’s “Sober”

HYO is, as you should all know also known as Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation, and was for way too long considered both the ugliest member and one of the least useful musically. With her solo music she has proved all of that horrifically wrong, and this song is the perfect dance track for her.


3. Minseo’s “Is Who”

As mentioned in the list of underrated tracks, Minseo is a newly debuted solo artist with amazing promise. This deliciously retro track is, in my opinion, the perfect sound for her, and something that makes me desperate to see more from her going forward.


2. Gyeong Ree’s “Blue Moon”

As mentioned in the underrated list, Gyeong Ree is a member of Nine Muses, and someone who honestly should be able to be an amazing solo artist. This song capitalizes on the recent musical trends, and I have not been able to stop playing it.


1. April’s “Oh! My Mistake”

I have not been a big fan of APRIL up until this point, as I usually do not go for groups quite this sugary sweet (a key exception would be my love for TWICE). However, this song is just too good. This is a slight maturation of APRIL’s sound, and the chorus is just too good to overlook.


One thought on “15 Best Kinda Popular Kpop Songs by Female and Co-ed Artists in 2018

  1. I too love Sober by Hyo, it’s one of my favourite songs from last year! 😍 And I agree, Minseo has a very good voice and I just love how retro her song is, it’s totally my type.

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