15 Best Underrated Kpop Songs by Male Artists in 2018

This post lists the 15 best (in my opinion, chill) songs by male artists that have less than 1 million views on youtube (as of early January).

15. BLACK6IX’s “Swamp of Despair”

Black6ix debuted in 2017, and I have already come to think of one of the most gloriously overdramatic kpop groups out there. And it there’s something I love in my kpop, it’s drama.


14. Jeong Se Woon’s “20 Something”

Jeong Se Woon made a splash on the second season of Produce 101, and just barely missed out on being in Wanna One. Instead, he debuted as a solo singer-songwriter, and has settled into a sound that is really quite pleasing. If you’re at all into a mellow singer-songwriter sound, check this out.


13. W24’s “Sosime”

W24 is a rookie band, which has produced this amazingness. Not only is the song groovy and quite catchy, the video is glorious in its awkwardness.


12. D-CRUNCH’s “Stealer”

D-CRUNCH is a rookie group from 2018, and this is their second song. Some of the sound sort of reminds me of debut-era B.A.P, and the rest is all good too. If you like your boys dark and gritty, this is for you.


11. Killagramz’s “Up All Night”

Killagramz is a rapper who first impressed me during his run on Show Me The Money. His high-pitched voice is not normally what I go for in rappers, but his flow is just so good, and the chorus of this song is just too catchy.


10. Woodie Gochild’s “Cotton Candy”

Woodie Gochild is a Korean rapper, also of slight Show Me The Money fame. This song wasn’t quite convincing to me, and then I heard the chorus. A great beat, a silly leg dance and Hwasa’s voice? Yes, please.


9. South Club’s “I’m Crazy”

South Club is the band Nam Tae Hyun formed after leaving YG and WINNER. I have not quite fallen for his new sound, but I just could not withstand the aesthetics on display here. Plus, Taehyun is an amazing singer, of course.


8. CROSSGENE’s “Believe Me”

It makes me really quite sad to have to see Cross Gene on my underrated list, as they have been active for over 6 years, and have produced some amazing tracks. This is not quite as good as their best, but it is still a good enough song to deserve a lot better than this. It’s a sweet track accompanied by a cute and casual video, showing off the boys relaxing and having fun, being dorks.


7. Seven O’Clock’s “Searchlight”

Seven O’Clock debuted in 2017, and quickly gained my attention, being good from the very start. This is a continuation of that, giving is a catchy track which is kpop at its kpopiest.


6. Kanto’s “Salty”

Kanto is a rapper who tends to produce some good tracks fairly regularly. This is a fun and catchy track, with some good brass sounds anchoring the chorus.


5. NOIR’s “Airplane Mode”

NOIR is another rookie group from 2018, and their strong chorus is what really convinced me of their prowess. This song has some good drama, darkness, and a dance with big distinct moves, which we all know is the manliest.


4. The East Light’s “Love Flutters”

The East Light is honestly one of the cutest groups who do not make me want to vomit of all time. Such sweet boys, such a bop.


3. Snuper’s “Tulips”

While I am a bit sad this isn’t really the 80s sound I’ve come to expect and love from Snuper, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a really nice song.


2. Junggigo’s “Swish”

Junggigo is a solo singer who provides some really smooth r’n’b. Probably among the best in kpop, if one can even call him that. This song is really really good.


1. Jung Il Hoon’s “She’s Gone”

It’s a goddamn disgrace that I have to put this song on the underrated list, as it could top basically any list. It’s especially sad since Jung Il Hoon is a member of BTOB, which is not a completely unknown group. This song pulls on some rock sounds, and shows off Ilhoon’s very distinct rapping and singing. I am obsessed.


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