Review of June’s Kpop – Kim Chungha, MAMAMOO, BLACKPINK & More!

This past month has, in my humble opinion, been pretty damn slow for kpop. But it did provide some songs worthy of being added to my music library, and those I will talk about here today. 

June 1st: Hyoyeon’s “Wannabe” 

Hyoyeon is not a strong vocalist. She’s just not. Yes, she has improved since debut, but well, that doesn’t say that much, clearly. But SM are handing her very catchy and easily sung songs, and she is lifting her ability to new levels. Oh yeah, and the addition of San E is always the right choice, regardless of the song.

June 7th: DAY6’s “I Smile”

When I first heard this song it didn’t have subs yet, so I didn’t know what exactly it was saying, but I, with my limited knowledge of Korean, still knew how much much pain this was conveying. Without even properly understanding it, this song almost brought me to tears the first time I heard it. Well done. *tips hat at these amazing dudes*

June 7th: Kim Chungha’s “Why Don’t You Know”

Chungha was one of the girls from the first season of Produce 101 that I fell the hardest for, and I have been looking forward to seeing what she’d do on her own. I was hoping she’d do something “rougher”, with a harder beat, a wilder dance and more leather, but this is a very groovy song that is actually quite perfect for a summer debut.

June 12th: Pentagon’s “Critical Beauty”

Cube knows how to sell ’em. Pentagon have only put out good singles so far, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what else they can do. This song is different from their previous few songs, and is a really fresh sounds which highlights some of their stronger vocalists. Honestly great.

June 14th: T-ARA’s “What’s My Name”

This is gonna sound harsh but I really don’t care that T-ARA lost two members. For me T-ARA has always been a group split in half, with one half that I love and one half that I’m okay with, but don’t really care much about, and all of the three girls that I’m obsessed with are still here (figure out which one of these four I’m not really interested in and I’ll give you a treat). This song is kinda catchy and alright, but it’s not quite as strong as I know T-ARA can do. I can still bop to it though.

June 22nd: MAMAMOO’s “Yes I Am”

I thought that this song was okay when I first heard it, and then I looked up the lyrics and turned obsessed. I’m loving the message of self love and confidence that MAMAMOO are preaching and since I am currently favorite girl group-less, I am seriously considering bumping them up. That’s a big decision, but they have a very good shot.

June 22nd: BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last”

This song is growing on me with each listen, but I do still think it is weaker than their previous releases. The beat is just not as tight. Regardless though, Blackpink always put out bangers. (Can you say always when the group has been around less than a year?)

June 26th: BoA’s “Camo”

I really want to love BoA. I think she is so cool as a person and so impressive as an artist. This song did manage to get itself downloaded but it truly was a squeaker. All I want in this world is for her to put out a song that I can go absolutely insane for. Clearly her music isn’t 100% my style, but I just need that one song for me to be able to submit myself to her rule completely.


Do you agree with my views? Which song did I leave out that you’d like a comment on?


5 thoughts on “Review of June’s Kpop – Kim Chungha, MAMAMOO, BLACKPINK & More!

      1. Imo, it’s great, even though it’s not really a “cosmic” concept. It was released on June 7th :))!

  1. I’m in a shady mood today so I’m gonna rise to the T-Ara challenge. I’m gonna guess that the T-Ara member you don’t really care for is Qri (seeing as she’s the one that unfortunately always gets labelled the “untalented one.”) I also feel like the other 3 were always T-Ara’s most popular members anyway.

    Also love your honest Kpop reviews. I don’t always agree with what you say (Camo was a tune) but I respect you for saying it. Keep up the good work!

    1. Haha you are right about that! I don’t have anything against her really, and it is the “basic” choice, but what can you do.

      Thank you, that’s very nice of you! (Oh and I’m obsessed with “Camo” now.)

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