Review of April’s Kpop – WINNER, Zico, IU, K.A.R.D & More!

Later review of last month than usual, I know, and I’m sorry. But here we finally are. April gave us some really good, some really interesting and some really awaited releases and here I have chosen 12 that I would like to give my two cents on. 

April 4th: WINNER’s “Really Really” & “Fool” 

We haven’t seen the group officially representing YG’s sensitive side in over a year, and during that time they lost their main vocalist (and sound-defining voice) Taehyun. So I was excited for this comeback, since I like WINNER a lot, but also a bit concerned that they wouldn’t be able to do it without Tae. I do miss his very distinct and lovely voice in these tracks, but I am very glad to see that WINNER are nonetheless capable of sounding great without him.

“Really Really” is definitely my favorite out of the two tracks, and I’d even call it my second favorite WINNER song ever. This style is something I love to see from these boys. “Fool” is a very pleasing and creative song, but it’s not quite up my personal alley and I haven’t been listening to it.

April 5th: Taeyeon’s “Make Me Love You” 

Seeing Taeyeon pump out great solo track after great solo track really gets me thinking about the future of Girl’s Generation. This year they’re celebrating their tenth anniversary as a group, and even though I don’t know quite how long they’re bound by contracts, I do know it can’t last forever. The day will come when they split and my heart will break at the end of one of the very first kpop groups I ever listened to, but I will take some comfort in the fact that Taeyeon will (most probably) stay with us, making lovely songs, like this one.

April 5th: Dreamcatcher’s “Good Night” 

Definitely one of the most intriguing rookies so far this year. Their already signature blend of pop and rock sounds is quite unique in the kpop scene, while being very prevalent in the jpop scene, which to me makes all their music sound like they should belong in an anime. This could so be an ending track to a kickass anime. Even I know this, and I’ve never watched anime except for Naruto very sporadically. It’s great though, don’t get me wrong, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them develop.

April 5th: IMFACT’s “Tension Up”


This group had a bit of momentum with their debut early last year, but now they sadly seem to have lost the attention of the kpop community. But I’m still tuning in! While not being a unique new sound, or anything of the kind, this is a highly stable song, one that most kpop fans should take no offense to. It’s good, guys. Please give these boys a chance, I’d bet a medium amount of money that you’d actually like what you see.

April 6th: DAY6’s “I’m Serious” 

DAY6 know what they’re doing so well. This song is lovely and perfect for the situation shown in the video: enjoying a nice drive in the finally good spring weather. DAY6 do drama well, but they also do this lighter, more breezy sound very well. I’m actually getting fairly confident that they’ll be able to consistently release great songs all year.

April 10th: EXID’s “Night Rather Than Day” 

When I first heard this I was skeptical of their ability to anchor a song without powerhouse vocalist Solji, and I found the sound to stripped down (and well, boring) to suit a group such as EXID, whom I’ve come to see as a group defined by hooks and aggressive dance moves. But this song grew on me a lot, and now I enjoy the nice little bounce. And I certainly do enjoy the slight cheekiness in how extremely simple these lyrics are to relate to the world of idol dating.

April 10th: TEEN TOP’s “Love Is”

Any old kpop fans out there who remember when Teen Top was quite the popular act? What ever happened to that? This song has been out for a month and the video has yet to hit a million views on youtube. That is not good, and is suddenly placing them way below many rookies. When was Teen Top forgotten? That question besides, to me this is the absolute best they have done since “Rocking” in 2013. This is a solid release, and I’m a bit sad that it’s not getting the attention I think it deserves. I would be sad to see Teen Top fail and disband now that they’re finally making very good stuff again.

April 13th: Zico’s “She’s a Baby” 

This is… weird. Both in sound and lyrics. But somehow the mad genius that is Zico still has me enjoying this too damn much. How does he play me like this? I want to not like this, but I just can’t. I feel violated somehow. Get out of my mind, dude!

April 16th: Berry Good’s “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo”

While admittedly not as amazing as their last song “Don’t Believe” (but what is?), this is still a bop. I see no reason (except for maybe the slightly sub-par video production) that these girls couldn’t make it. Absolutely gorgeous girls (some even so radiant that I could theoretically see them as being the next Suzy/Seohyun/etc) and fun songs. What else could we ask for?

April 17th: Minzy’s “Ni Na No” 

We’ve all been waiting for this since Minzy left 2NE1 (at least I know I have), and it’s good…. but not as good as I was expecting. It’s the right style, but it’s like it hasn’t been pushed far enough. I hear the potential for an absolutely incredible beat in the chorus, but it just isn’t taken where it needs to go. The awesomeness that is Flowsik almost seems a little bit out of place since the rest seems slightly… weak. Better luck next time, Minzy! You have plenty more chances before I give up on you.

April 21st: IU’s “Palette” 

IU started out as young girl with a great voice, who sang sweet songs. She was cute, and became the nation’s little sister. But she is so much more than that now. IU, to me, is one of the most intriguing artists in the industry. First with “Twenty-Three” and now with “Palette” (both written by her, of course) she is painting a picture of who she is, of the woman she has grown into. And it’s intelligent and intriguing and fascinating and all the good things. IU is so much more than what I have always seen her as, more than a girl who sang about marshmallows, and she is blowing me away with her truth. Is there any way, any way at all, that I can meet her and become her best friend? (Oh and how cute was the rap G-Dragon did? Freaking adorableness, I can’t even.)

April 24th: K.A.R.D’s “Rumor” 

It’s amazing how K.A.R.D haven’t even debuted yet, and yet they’re already slaying all of our lives. This song is very good, but regardless of that I have some strong thoughts. First: while this song is good, it is still the worst they’ve done so far. That doesn’t mean much since what they’ve done so far has been amazing, but it is still a fact. Second: I absolutely despise it when videos are shot like this. (The exception being Epik High’s “Born Hater” because there they made something really cool out of it.) And third: if J.seph can’t sing without that much autotune, don’t make him sing. Or if that autotune was just a choice to make it sound cool, you should reconsider. This ain’t 2010 no more.

Do you agree with my opinions? Is there a song I left out that you want my thoughts on?


7 thoughts on “Review of April’s Kpop – WINNER, Zico, IU, K.A.R.D & More!

  1. Since spring is here to stay, I like how many K-pop releases are incorporating soft, pastel colours and aesthetics in their MVs, it’s very soothing and suits the weather these days. Makes me feel nice and cosy.
    Anyway, I must say I love Taeyeon. A lot. She has never disappointed me since she began her share of solo work. Zico’s new song is simple and cute, quite different from what he is widely known for. And I.U’s song, though not really catchy, had an awesome MV, and G-D contributing to the song made me watch the MV in the first place. Also, I agree, K.A.R.D’s new song is good, but the autoroute at some parts did bother me. “This aint 2010 no more.” = Well said. 😂
    On a side note… How’ve you been lately Admin A? 👋🏻😊

    1. I am good! Sick right now, but that’s a passing state; in general I am good 🙂 I’m chin deep in university stuff, just trying to make it through the final few weeks of the semester…..

      1. Glad to hear you’re doing well, Admin A! I wish you all the best for your final weeks of the semester, stay healthy. 😁❤

  2. If I don’t like the first verse, I usually click away from the song (what even is my attention span) and i was going to do that for Palette but I listened through and now it’s like my favorite song! GD’s rap lyrics and his style he tried out here was ADORABLE I SO AGREE LOL.
    Anyway, I love your blog and your opinions are a fun read.

    1. I usually try to give songs until at least after the first chorus, before I write them off. Longer if I really like the artist haha. Like, I’ll listen to any SHINee track all the way through before passing final judgement, even if the first verse is absolute flaming trash. (Which it never is because SHINee is the best.)
      Thank you so much, and I’m glad you enjoy it!

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