Review of March’s Kpop – GFriend, GOT7, Girl’s Day & More!

A slightly slow month for kpop, I’d say… But we did get some really good releases, and plenty worth talking about!

March 6th: DAY6’s “How Can I Say” 

DAY6 is keeping it up with their constant releases, and this is another really good one. I’d have to say I prefer “I Wait”, but I do like this one more than I liked “You Were Beautiful”. DAY6 are amazingly talented, and they’re putting out awesome songs so far. I hope this strategy works and when this year comes to an end they will be a big force in the industry. And that they get to go on a nice, long vacation.

March 6th: BTOB’s “Movie”

I love BTOB, and have ever since (almost) their debut. They have had tendencies lately to either put out ballads, which usually don’t hit it big with kpop fans, or songs and videos that are so silly (and hilarious) that people forget that these are talented idols, not just clowns. So I love this release for both being BTOB fun, but also showing just how good these guys can be.

March 6th: GFriend’s “Fingertip”

Up until this point GFriend’s singles have all been very similar. Which is nice because if you like one, the chance that you’d like all the rest too is very high, but it’s also a little (for lack of a better word) dull. This doesn’t completely stray from their well-established concept, but it does mix it up slightly, which I want to commend them for. I don’t love the song, but it is good, and it still has the possibility to greatly grow on me.

March 7th: B.A.P’s “Wake Me Up”

Really freaking amazing. For some reason I regularly forget just how great B.A.P are, and then they drop a bomb like this and just shake my world to the core. This song speaks to my soul. The video is dark and beautiful, and the return of Yongguk warms my heart. I’m really sad to see that B.A.P (who were EXO’s main rookie rivals during 2012, in case you forgot that. They gave them a good run for their money.) have kind of fallen to the wayside a bit in the eyes of the kpop fandom. They deserve huge amounts of love and respect, and if I have to provide it myself, I will; just watch me.

March 7th: Brave Girls’ “Rollin'”

I’ve never been into Brave Girls, so I was surprised that I even chose to click this video, and then I ended up really liking the song! It’s a simple hook, which makes it catchy, and I really like the aesthetics of the video.

March 13th: GOT7’s “Never Ever”

If anyone asked me how I feel about GOT7 I would say that I adore them, but truthfully their music has always been very hit and miss with me. I liked “Girls, Girls, Girls” for all it’s silliness; I never really liked “A”; I strongly disliked “Stop Stop It”; I went crazy for “Just Right”; I was super impressed by “If You Do”; I never liked “Fly”; I thought “Hard Carry” was absurd, and not in the good way; and now finally I do (kinda ish I think) like this song. Each new single from them can land anywhere on the spectrum from “what the hell is this” to “this is all I’m gonna listen to from now on”.

March 20th: Highlight’s “Plz Don’t Be Sad”

I’m really bitter for them that they didn’t get to keep their name, and am even considering just keeping on referring to them as B2ST, just to spite Cube. I’ve always thought that these guys are super talented, but haven’t really gotten into that many of their songs. This song is fun though, and is the kind of hype-builder I want as spring is distinctively entering my life. I really wish them the best, and hope they can keep going forward. I’m gonna have to choose a new bias though, since my main man Hyunseung is a filthy, filthy traitor.

March 20th: CNBLUE’s “Between Us” 

I love CNBLUE, and they’re one of the acts I want to see live the absolute most. (Oh and how amazing don’t they look in the video? Freaking hot damn.) But this is not the song I’d yell out for them to play, if I was at their concert. I’d enjoy it if they did play it, because it is pretty good, and would probably be fun to sing along with, but it’s not one of my favorite singles they’ve released.

March 21st: PRISTIN’s “Wee Woo”

Are huge groups really gonna be the norm going forward? Because that sounds exhausting. When I first checked this out I thought they looked incredibly pretty (especially Pinky, Xiyeon and Eunwoo whom I have a thing for) but that it was quite vocally weak. Then I listened to it again and now I’m obsessed. This stupid song is too damn catchy, and I was too weak to withstand it. You must leave me behind… Save yourselves!!!

March 21st: MONSTA X’s “Beautiful” 

Really good. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think this style suits Monsta X way better than their straight-up hip hop stuff. Yes, they have great rappers who did very well in those songs, but they sound amazing here too, and a style like this doesn’t mean that the vocalists get left far behind because they can’t truly sell the hard-hitting stuff. This former problem really held me back from liking them in the beginning (I wrote about it here) but now they’ve moved beyond that, and more and more into my heart.

March 27th: Girl’s Day’s “I’ll Be Yours”

Girl’s Day hadn’t released anything since the great “Ring My Bell” almost two years ago, so this was a long time coming. So was it worth the wait? I definitely think so. The vocals are slaying, Minah’s hair is making me miss my long hair so much and the fashion is through the roof. Never stop slaying, girls.

What do you think of these March releases? Is there a song I left out from this post that you really liked? Or maybe really hated? Feel free to vent in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Review of March’s Kpop – GFriend, GOT7, Girl’s Day & More!

  1. I honestly didn’t like GOT7’s comeback. It bored me, like Fly. They’re such interesting people, but like you said, their songs are always a hit-or-miss for me. 😕
    Oh and Monsta X’s comeback was gorgeous. I love this gentlemanly side of them too, it’s so beautiful (pun not intended). 😃

  2. I really like Brave Girl’s Rollin’ and Pristin’s Wee Woo. I’ll be Yours is not my type of genre but I must say the girls’ vocals are amazing in the song.
    I didn’t listen to any of the boys’ groups that you mentioned, but I definitely will. XD

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