Review of February’s Kpop – Red Velvet, BTS, TWICE & More!

Great, great, month for kpop, wasn’t it? Well I think it was. So here follows a review of some selected releases!

February 1st: Red Velvet’s “Rookie”

When this first came out I really didn’t know what to think. I acknowledged that it was catchy, but that was pretty much it. But then I heard it one more time, and it ear-wormed itself so far into my brain that I don’t think I’ll ever get it out. It’s a silly song, but it’s fun to sing along to and it gives me a bounce in my step. And how could I ever ask for more?

February 6th: DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful”

This is a very pretty song, but it makes me so sad. I will admit that it’s a good song, but I just hate anything that makes me think of what it would be like if me and my boyfriend broke up, with a passion. (That’s also the one reason why I secretly despised “La La Land”.) I don’t think this is as good as their January release, but they are keeping the quality going so far.

February 6th: Block B’s “Yesterday”

I’m always a slut for some Block B silliness. This song is fun and simple to sing. This style of music is generally more suited for vocalists,  but even here the amazing rappers of Block B strut their stuff vocally. I won’t say that I don’t miss the days when Block B used to make “harder”, more hip hop-oriented songs at all, but they do this colorful stuff very well too.

February 9th: NCT Dream’s “My First and Last” 

NCT Dream’s first release made me feel only one thing: I’m too old for this shit. And I didn’t really enjoy “Chewing Gum” as a song; I found it forgettable. But there is something about this chorus that speaks to me. I still avoid looking at them (because they are babies), but I do enjoy the groove of this tune.

February 13th (& 20th): BTS’ “Spring Day” & “Not Today”

Arguably the hottest kpop group at the moment, which is not undeserved. BTS are killing the game. (And I saw them live way back in July 2014, before they got huge. You Jelly?) “Spring Day” is such a pretty song, and the way they’ve performed it has given me major SHINee vibes (which, to the president of the SHINee World, is never a bad thing) and “Not Today” is the anthem that I need to get me ready for the coming revolution. Oh and I adore the camaraderie in the lyrics, it gives me major feels.

February 14th: BIGFLO’s “Stardom” 

Horrifyingly underrated group, and a great song (which is still not on apple music, which is breaking my heart since that’s my music source). This is a banger, and I hope with every part of my being that the message of the track comes true. Please, let them be on the road to stardom.

February 15th: MelodyDay’s “Kiss on the Lips” 

Another underrated group, that I’ve been low-key into for some time now. This is one of those calmer, not so aggressive, yet still very catchy and enjoyable songs that you need when you’re going to school early in the morning, and you need something to slowly wake you up. Just me?

February 16th: K.A.R.D’s “Don’t Recall”

I know it’s only been two months, but I’m confidently gonna place my bets on K.A.R.D as this year’s best rookie group. The two songs they’ve put out so far have been great, and they haven’t even officially debuted yet! And I absolutely love that they’re getting the co-ed concept to work. Many groups have tried and failed, but this time it truly seems like it’ll work out and I love it.

February 20th: TWICE’s “Knock Knock” 

I like it, as I’ve liked every TWICE single so far. But… and this is a big but, all their songs follow the exact same pattern and style, and I don’t think they’re perfecting that style, I feel like they’re stagnating. I’ve liked it all so far, but I think they’ve gotten progressively “worse” (still good though). Yet I don’t have the solution for what they should do instead, and I don’t see them shaking it up drastically any time soon. I’m just scared I’ll lose interest in my favorite rookies from 2015.

February 23rd: Gavy NJ’s “An Obvious Melo” 

I love this song and I really like Gavy NJ and it makes me very mad how few people know of them. This is some good shit! It may not be every person’s style, but I’m sure plenty of you could like it, so, please… Just give them like, a minute! Please.

February 23rd: Subin’s “Circle’s Dream” 

Subin is my bias in Dalshabet, and I adore her, and this song is the perfect Korean indie track. It’s such a simple and quirky song, but once you get it, you get it. And it will get consistently stuck in your head. And you’ll be doing the circle-finger dance in your goddamn sleep.

February 28th (& 18th): Taeyeon’s “I Got Love” & “Fine”

Taeyeon is a very dynamic artist and the more I hear the more my respect for/interest in her grows. “I Got Love” is a darker, sexier and edgier piece than we’ve heard from her before, and it’s very cool. “Fine” is closer in style to songs like “I” that she’s done before, but it’s also horrifically sad. Girls’ Generation have been around for 10 years by now, so who knows how much longer they’ll last… That’s a sad fact, but at least I feel comfortable knowing that when they do go their separate ways we’ll get (at least) one great solo artist out of the deal.

What’s your favorite release from February? Which song did I leave out of this post that you want my opinion on? Ask in the comments and I’ll let you know all my thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Review of February’s Kpop – Red Velvet, BTS, TWICE & More!

  1. Hey Alva! Nice to read your reviews after quite some time! 😊

    “‘Not Today’ is the anthem that I need to get me ready for the coming revolution. Oh and I adore the camaraderie in the lyrics, it gives me major feels.”

    I completely agree with this. 😃 ‘Not Today’ is just such a pumping and motivational song, it makes me feel like I can do anything; kind of like what ‘Dope’ and ‘Fire’ make me feel. And also, the song’s strong message of never giving up and working together was awesome. The camaraderie was indeed sweet. Jimin’s lines really touched my heart, “I believe in the word together, I believe in Bangtan”. ❤️

    By the way, have you heard that GOT7 and B.A.P will be making their comeback soon? I’m so excited! 😆

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