Forever A Blackjack

I’ve been a kpop fan for over 7 years by now, and have seen loads of groups come and go, and some of them I really liked. But this… This hurts me worse than anything. I saw it coming ever since I realized Bom could never come back (or at least not in a long long time) and CL’s solo work was getting more and more intense. Then Minzy left, and I knew it was done. I don’t remember exactly when it was that I first fell for them, I think it was sometime around 2011, but when I fell, I fell hard. My queens. I was sobbing like a baby the first time I listened to this final song, and read these lyrics. I’m sorry, I feel like I’m rambling. This is not one of my lovely and structured (just let me believe that, okay) posts.

2NE1. You have been┬árelatable and inspiring to me all at once. Four amazing women, and if it was up to me you’d┬ástay happy and laughing, pumping out awesome music together, forever. But you can’t have everything you want. So thanks, thanks for the time I did get. I will return to your music at all times, I just know that.

CL, my darling, good luck in all your future endeavors, I will cheer you on as hard as I can. Because you are my queen among queens.

Dara, you sweet lovely thing. I don’t know where your path will take you, maybe stalking your brother’s music videos is enough for you for now, but just be happy.

Bom, I’m so sorry it had to end up this way. It wasn’t your fault, don’t ever think that. Hopefully, one day, you will be forgiven, and then you can truly return to us. I’ll be waiting for that day.

And finally, Minzy. You’ve grown so much. Even though I would have loved to see you in that final music video, I do not blame you for leaving when you did. I know you made the right choice for you. Good luck. I see no reason why you shouldn’t be a fabulous solo artist in your own right.

2NE1 may be over, but my blackjackness is forever. Goodbye.


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