Top 16 Kpop Singles from 2016 (Male Artists)

This is the final end of the year post I’ll be putting up. I know that last year I put up a whole post about about my favorite album tracks too, but I haven’t been listening to many albums at all this year, I’m sad to say, so there’s no real point in doing that this time around. So instead you got this! The objectively best sixteen dude songs from 2016.

16. Taemin’s “Press Your Number”

I cried when Taemin released his very first solo song, and while this didn’t get quite as an emotional reaction out of me, I was still very proud of him. It was a bit of a squeaker when I was deciding whether this or SF9’s “Fanfare” would get to be on here, but my immense pride in our maknae won out in the end.

15. NCT U’s “The 7th Sense”

This is just the right combination of cutting edge and strange, while still possible to listen to, that NCT should be. This makes me feel like I’m living in some cool yet slightly creepy city in a futuristic sci-fi movie, and who doesn’t love that?

14. Eric Nam’s “Can’t Help Myself”

I’ve always adored Eric Nam as a person, and kind of think of him as the older brother to all us international fans. And I have always enjoyed his music to a fair amount, but I do think he definitely stepped it up musically this year. This super sweet song was amazing for summer, and gives me all kinds of fluttery feels.

13. Seventeen’s “Boom Boom”

Seventeen are moving in a new direction with this track and I’m liking it! I had a really hard time warming up to them when they debuted in 2015 because of their extremely cute image, so I like that with this they injected just the slightest edge. Plus it’s a very catchy and fun song!

12. B.A.P’s “That’s My Jam”

I’m so glad that B.A.P got out of their management struggles as an intact group, and that they’re still killing it. This song makes me all kinds of excited, and honestly, who wouldn’t it? It’s totally my jam. *wink wink nudge nudge*

11. Cross Gene’s “Noona, You”

People (including me, kind of) are totally sleeping on Cross Gene, and it’s so not fair! This song is a perfect mix of party, fun and weirdly cute noona-pandering in the lyrics. Plus the video is a glorious mess.

10. Vromance’s “She” (or “Girl Friend”)

Highest rookie on this list, good job Vromance! I was absolutely obsessed with this song after it first came out. I’m quite a sucker for these cheesy, retro kind of songs, and I am so looking forward to seeing what more these can do. If they come back with a hip hop concept I do not know what I’d do…

9. UP10TION’s “White Night”

I prefer UP10TION when they are at their most colorful; I think that’s when they shine, but they do pull off the teen angsty shit pretty well too. Thing is though, who would be perfect for this concept but barely got any lines at all? KUHN! The by far best member. By far. Rude.

8. BEAT WIN’s “Your Girl”

I have been kinda getting into BEAT WIN lately, and definitely think that this is the best song they have done so far! There is quite a lot of potential within this group that I’m afraid has been squandered and that therefore won’t be noticed by the kpop fandom at large, but in this song it just shines. Plus any new take on the lyrics in a love song is okay with me.

7. Kanto’s “Lonely”

Kanto is a very capable rapper who should get more respect, and this chorus by Eddy Kim just gives me all kinds of groovy life.

6. SHINee’s “Tell Me What to Do”

It’s rare that my boys disappoint me on any real level, and this time they for sure didn’t. I’m loving their “softer” (?) sounds lately (like this, or “View”) and the aesthetic in this video is very me. I will never turn down a good leather jacket.

5. Winner’s “Sentimental”

This is exactly what I want from Winner. It’s a bit relaxed, a bit emotional, a bit indie, but not depressed or a ballad. Not that those aren’t pretty, but this suits me, and I think, them better. I’m sorry to have lost Taehyun and his very distinctive voice, Winner will definitely not be the same without him, but I will trust that he is doing what he has to.

4. Big Bang’s “Fxxk It”

Big Bang very rarely disappoint, and this song was just a perfect groovy amount of fun. It’s prefect for lowkey winter nights, but it’ll also be amazing in summer. It’s catchy, and can we all acknowledge how hot T.O.P looks? Damn.

3. Mino’s “Body”

Unapologetically horny, that’s how I’d describe this. With a nice beat. Mino is one of my favorite rappers currently in the game, and this was just… hot. Yeah, pretty hot. Time to get my freak on?

2. BTS’ “Save Me”

BTS did several very good things this year, as they always do, and even though “Blood, Sweat & Tears” was a masterpiece of a video, this song, for some reason, pulls at my heartstrings.

1. MOBB’s “Hit Me”

Just yes. Two awesome dudes came together to make magic. I am not that much of a party girl, but this song makes me want to go harder than anyone has ever gone before. Preferably in Hongdae, because, well, yes.

That’s my top dude songs of this past year! How much do you agree? Do you think this was a good year for kpop? All in all I think it was a good year for established artists, since many of them put out really good shit, but I think it was a generally weak rookie year. Just my personal opinion.



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  1. Oh no, I must’ve missed it. 😂 I have over 300 unread emails in my inbox, and I only bother reading your posts. I don’t know how I missed it, but I’m gonna read it right away! 😂

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