New vs Old: YG

Who will take the win? The old but good camp of Big Bang and 2NE1 or the newbie side of WINNER, iKON and BLACKPINK? 

If you’re gonna get butthurt about the format and concept of this post, I would recommend going to the first post in the series, where things are explained and disclaimered. Read there before you rant here.

5. WINNER (debut 2014)


Songs: 7.28/10

Best song: “Sentimental” (2016)

They picked up the pace just a little bit, and I think it made so much difference. Their slower stuff is beautiful, but this is more approachable and it still retains their artsy flavor.

Worst song: “Baby Baby” (2016)

Too slow. It was pretty, but for me it just went in one ear and out the other.

Members: 7.70/10

Best member: Mino

Great rapper, very attractive and very charming. He brings a certain edge to WINNER that is an interesting contrast to the more softer members.

Worst member: Seunghoon

He’s kind of fallen by the wayside. He’s a talented dancer and choreographer, but his rapping isn’t very centrally important, given the powerhouse that is Mino.

Final score: 7.49/10

4. iKON (debut 2015)


Songs: 7.51/10

Best song: “Dumb & Dumber” (2015)

I think this song, and the way it is performed, perfectly encapsulates what iKON is, and should be, all about.

Worst song: “Airplane” (2015)

In my opinion it was forgettable, and it has definitely been (rightfully) overshadowed by the many great releases that came around the same time.

Members: 7.50/10

Best member: Bobby

Bobby is hot hot hot right now, and having him in your group, especially if your group is going for kind of a hiphop vibe and style, is worth everything. He is the badass goofball with a soft side that encapsulates iKON’s current image.

Worst member: Chanwoo

He wasn’t a part of the original line up, and it shows. He’s not bad, but he’s not getting much attention nor opportunity to shine.

Final score: 7.51/10

3. 2NE1 (debut 2009)


Songs: 7.57/10

Best song: “Come Back Home” (2014)

I know this is not their most iconic song, and I did struggle a bit with this choice, but this song just blew my freaking mind when it came out.

Worst song: “Go Away” (2010)

Kind of a meh song. It didn’t make a big impact on their career, nor has it on me. Okay, yeah, it was a chart-topper, but who even remembers it..?

Members: 7.60/10

Best member: CL

I am biased, for sure, but this whole post is biased, so that’s just the way it is. CL is a queen, and she is the whole foundation for the image 2NE1 have put forward.

Worst member: Bom

I don’t think she’s ever truly fit into the concept they’ve taken on, and since she’s gone AWOL she definitely isn’t a big asset to the group.

Final score: 7.59/10

2. BLACKPINK (debut 2016)


Songs: 7.95/10

Best song: “Whistle” (2016)

Well executed, kind of something new that we don’t see all the time, yet catchy and non-threatening at the same time.

Worst song: “Boombayah” (2016)

Also good. What can you say?

Members: 7.38/10

Best member: Jennie

A good rapper, and with the right attitude for the group, Sweet, pretty, yet a bad bitch. Black, and pink.

Worst member: Jisoo

Slightly too pink, with not quite enough of that black edge. She’s got plenty of time to grow though.

Final score: 7.66/10

1. Big Bang (debut 2006)


Songs: 7.52/10

Best song: “Fantastic Baby” (2012)

I mean, yeah. This is their most iconic song and I couldn’t bring myself to pick anything else.

Worst song: “If You” (2015)

This is just my personal opinion, but this song bored me to pieces. I’m just not a ballad person, and this isn’t just a ballad, it’s a slow one at that.

Members: 7.98/10

Best member: G-Dragon

He’s not my bias, but he’s an absolute icon, and in a way, he is Big Bang.

Worst member: Daesung

He’s great and awesome and all that, but lately I feel like the other four guys are definitely bringing it harder than he is. Not saying he can’t get there though, he for sure can.

Final score: 7.75/10

New (WINNER, iKON, BLACKPINK): 7.55/10

Old (Big Bang, 2NE1): 7.67/10

Girls (2NE1, BLACKPINK): 7.63/10

Boys (Big Bang, WINNER, iKON): 7.58/10

Okay, obviously all these groups are great, that’s clear. They all got very high scores. But as it turns out, no one can beat the kings. Not yet, at least. Under YG the older groups are stronger, as are the girl groups, if ever so slightly.


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