Putting the Spotlight on SHINee!

It was a tie between SHINee and U-KISS in the poll, at 36%, but since SHINee had been included in the poll for a longer time, I decided that it was their time. Oh and SHINee is my absolute favorite group in the kpop universe. I will try, and fail, to not be biased. 


SHINee is a male five-member group that debuted under massive label SM Entertainment in May of 2008. They’re label mates with big names such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet and new group NCT. Oh and a whole bunch of other people that SM keep locked up in a basement somewhere. BoA occasionally gets to come out.

As many SM acts, SHINee made it big more or less immediately, won several newcomer awards and got number one on a music show in their first year. They’re a ”standard kpop group” in style, in that they simply make quite complex yet polished electronic dance music, for the most part, as many other groups do. But they do it well. (the best)


SHINee are amazing dancers and for the longest time I thought of them as the best dance group in kpop. Certain newer additions to the genre may have taken that title from them, but SHINee is still going very strong. Every member isn’t unbelievable but when they come together it’s flawlessly executed, almost robotic, perfection.

Being from SM can be both a curse and a blessing, but I think SHINee have primarily gotten the better side of it. They’ve never made it HUGE  like TVXQ and EXO, and therefore haven’t been so harshly pushed that they’ve completely fallen apart. This may be a reason why they’re the only boy group under SM (except for NCT, but they’re so new that I don’t count them) that hasn’t lost any members. But they still have that big label backing, which means good promotions, consistent comebacks and awesome videos.

Okay here comes a really biased one: I think SHINee is one of the absolute most evenly gorgeous kpop groups. Every member is a knock-out, and completely squeal-worthy, all in their own way. I don’t think there’s a single other kpop group out there that doesn’t have a member that I’m not attracted to.


If I have to pick one, I’d say that maybe SHINee are a little kpop basic. There’s a lot of groups similar to them (for example Infinite, BEAST, or basically any other group). That’s not to say that SHINee doesn’t have their own flavor, they definitely do, and you can tell the difference in style between an Infinite and a SHINee song. But there are for sure groups with more distinct identities in the kpop sphere.

Time of the Bias

Choose very wisely.



He’s the leader of the group.

Lead Vocalist.

In the middle height-wise.

Oldest in the group, an 89-liner.

Did very well in school back in his student-days.

There’s an extremely long-running joke in the fandom that he’s obsessed with chicken, which he has encouraged by dressing up as the KFC logo for Halloween.

Is known to constantly fall off stuff, for no apparent reason.



Main vocalist.

Shortest in the group.

Second-oldest, a 90-liner.

Used to be in a band, but didn’t sing. He played the bass.

He can be extremely loud and obnoxious, or very soft-spoken and sensitive.

He cries a lot, and he cries big.

(He’s also the best ultimate bias you could ever possibly have, btw.)



Vocalist, lead dancer and lead rapper.

In the middle, height-wise.

In the middle age-wise, a 91-liner with Minho.

When in school he was a competitive water-skier.

He’s a bit of a shopaholic.

He had a very hard childhood and has reached out to a fan who was self-harming, admitting that he himself also used to do that in the process.




Main rapper.

Tallest in the group.

Second-youngest, a 91-liner with Key.

His father used to coach South Korea’s national soccer team, and Minho’s original dream was to be a soccer player.

He’s absurdly competitive.

He’s done some acting, and for example played the male lead in the 2012 drama To the Beautiful You.




Main dancer and lead vocalist.

In the middle height-wise.

Youngest in the group, a 93-liner.

He’s very close to his kinda-sorta-lookalike Kai from EXO.

He has improved his singing massively since debut, partly with the help from leader Onew.

He’s an adrenaline junkie, constantly worrying Key.


One thought on “Putting the Spotlight on SHINee!

  1. Ah SHINee. The first group I ever really loved in K-pop. I actually went through each one of them being my bias. I ended up settling on Jonghyun, and I thought that was that, but then Taemin just swooped in and stole the show. He’s been my bias for the longest now. He really has grown so much.

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