Review of GOT7’s Album “Flight Log : Departure”

Yeah, of course they won. GOT7 wins everything on this blog. They got 48% in the poll for the best single and a whopping 52% in the poll for the best album, making this a very JYP month.

Track 1 – Fly

Okay. Nobody kill me, okay? I don’t like it. I find the instrumentals really messy and the song as a whole unpleasant to listen to. The boys do their jobs well enough, and I even found a couple little parts here and there that I like, but the song as a whole takes me back to the kind of relationship I used to have with GOT7. I thought ”Girls, Girls, Girls” was really fun and immediately liked it, but the two songs that followed, ”A” and ”Stop Stop It” were so not my thing. So it wasn’t until the second half of 2015 when GOT7 released their two best singles yet, ”Just Right” and ”If You Do”, that I started liking their music for real. I loved the group, as people, before that, but the music… well. And now I’m finding myself back there and I don’t like it. So this better be a one time thing, guys! It better be.

Track 2 – Can’t

(Written and co-composed by Junior, and co-arranged by Mark and Junior)

Sadly, this song fits with the single. It has the lyrics and the potential to be a really sweet love song, and I really like Mark’s rapping, but the instrumental is so strange! It’s like it’s desperately trying to be edgy or something, and it’s just not working. Maybe I’m getting too old for all these new styles… I just don’t get it.

Track 3 – See the Light

(Co-written and co-composed by Yugyeom and Mark and co-arranged by Mark and BamBam)

This song also has a bit of that experimental weirdness, but here it’s toned down so that it actually works. I feel like this is a song that I would always skip over if I downloaded it, so I probably won’t, but I was grooving along to it while listening to it just now. I especially like BamBam and Mark’s parts, they were fun.

Track 4 – Fish 

(Co-written and co-composed by JB)

Lyrics-wise this is the strangest yet, by far. But I still feel like we’re getting there! I’m not thrilled yet, but it’s either getting less strange with each song or I’m getting brainwashed into liking this new turn GOT7’s music has taken.

Track 5 – Rewind

(Co-written and co-composed by Youngjae)

Oh yeah, I’m feeling this! Excellent! Okay I might be exaggerating slightly. But it’s a good song and I do like it. It’s a bit strange, but in a nice way, and it all comes together somehow. Youngjae, I know I haven’t always been nice to you…. But you did well with this one.

Track 6 – Beggin on My Knees

(Written by Young K from DAY6)

Young K, darling, thank you for stepping in and steering this ship in the right direction. Well done. This is a good song and the ”begging on my knees” parts are very catchy. This has more of an acoustic vibe (without really  being that of course) which moves it distinctly away from much of the sound of the rest of the album. And to me, that’s a good thing.

Track 7 – Something Good

(Written and co-composed by JB and co-arranged by JB and BamBam)

This is a very sweet and tender song, like so many others. It somehow escapes being generic and instead turns out to be kind of good. The ”got a feeling” parts are especially great. Half-way through I thought I’d label it boring, but when it ended I found that wasn’t the case. I liked it.

Track 8 – Home Run

(Co-written and co-composed by JB)

It seems GOT7 are kind of promoting this one too, but it hasn’t so far gotten a music video. I think I maybe like it more than ”Fly”. Maybe. I don’t really like this one either, to be honest. I guess it’s kind of alright.

Final Thoughts

Interesting observation: there’s no mandatory ballad on this album. At least that’s something good… I don’t hate this album, for sure not, but it’s nothing for me to rave about. I don’t love anything on here. I do like ”Beggin On My Knees”, ”Rewind” and ”Something Good” (ranked in that order” and will be downloading them, but they aren’t amazing songs. GOT7, sorry, but for me this one was a miss for me.

How do you feel about this album? I suppose you like it more than me, since so many of you voted for it. Or maybe you just voted for it because it’s GOT7…?


2 thoughts on “Review of GOT7’s Album “Flight Log : Departure”

  1. Hello, I just stumbled on your blog and found your review! Of course this is my opinion but i really love this album! I don’t think you’re old to like this style ahahaha but exactly because of those different beats and tempo (the same you called a messy lol), this album really caught my attention! I think the concept was really well done, very refined compared to others albuns, hard to explain (my mother language is not english, sorry!)! Anyway, happy that i found your blog! ˆ_ˆ

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