Putting the Spotlight on SISTAR!

SISTAR had been in the spotlight polls for the longest time, but now they (surprisingly, since SHINee was in the poll) finally won! They got 46% of the votes and earned themselves all the attention they will now get. 


SISTAR is a female four-member group that debuted under Starship Entertainment in June of 2010 as the label’s first ever group. SISTAR are label mates with K.Will, Boyfriend, Monsta X and partly with the newly debuted girl group Cosmic Girls.

SISTAR quickly found some success, and won on a music show within their first year. Their 2012 single ”Alone” was their first massive hit, and arguably one of the most defining songs of that year, after PSY’s ”Gangnam Style”, of course. SISTAR have carved out a niche as being both a very sexy girl group, and a summery and fun one, often combining both these concepts into one song and video, such as in ”Touch My Body”, one of their 2014 singles.


SISTAR is one of the absolute best groups I can think of when it comes to fun, summery music. Even if it’s a crappy October night, their music will still lift you up and make you feel like you’re chilling on the beach alongside them. Kpop is supposed to be fun, at least in my mind, and there are few groups as fun as SISTAR.

SISTAR contains such a powerhouse that she needs to get an entire section here to herself. I think you know who I’m talking about. Hyorin is constantly named as one of the best kpop vocalists, and I think that is well-deserved. But she isn’t just a vocal powerhouse, she’s also a great rapper. Any group containing someone like her is worth giving a shot.

Ever since SISTAR released what I think of as their proper break-through single. ”Alone”, they have been a well-defined group.You just know that whenever they release something new it will be really sexy, really fun or both. Often both. You just know. So if you like that kind of stuff, and if you like one single they put out, the chances are pretty high that you’ll like the next as well.


SISTAR is poorly balanced. Hyorin is such a whirlwind that I feel like the other members often get left behind. Not because they’re bad, they’re all very respectable kpop stars and Soyou is also a very good singer, but Hyorin is just something else. I feel like maybe she was made to be a solo artist.

Time of the Bias

This is the most important choice you’ll ever make.


She’s the leader of the group.

Main vocalist and rapper.

Shortest in the group.

Second-oldest, an early 91-liner.

She used to have such bad social anxiety that she once didn’t leave her room for about two months.

She’s a huge perfectionist.

She’s confessed that she didn’t like Bora at all when they first met.



Main rapper, vocalist and main dancer.

In the middle height-wise.

Oldest in the group, an early 90-liner.

She was known as the ”campus queen” at her university.

She’s very athletic, as anyone who’s followed the ”Idol Star Athletics Championships” should know.

As a child she dreamed of being a ballerina, but her family’s financial situation put an end to that.



Lead vocalist.

Tallest in the group.

Second-youngest, an early 92-liner.

She thinks she doesn’t have that many fans.

She sleeps naked.

She almost debuted as a member of 4Minute, and was cut only days before their debut.



Visual and maknae.


In the middle height-wise.

Youngest in the group, a 93-liner.

Bora has said that Dasom has always been the smartest member in the group.

She wants to publish a collection of essays before she turns 30.

She’s an aspiring actress and has been in one movie and three dramas, while also having starred in a few music videos, including K.Will’s ”Please Don’t…”.




2 thoughts on “Putting the Spotlight on SISTAR!

  1. I feel like Sistar is so underrated, they deserve way more popularity and recognition. but another weakness is their poor choice of songs, yes they’re all summery and fun but also really bland and forgettable. Touch my body and shake it are literally the same song, i wish they could have more variety. I agree that Soyou is also a great singer, she completely shined in “Some” ( didn’t it win song of the year or something? i forgot which award)
    You made a good point about Hyorin getting all the spotlight, it isn’t fair. Bora is also a great singer, she’s great in variety shows, Dasom I don’t know too much about but i think she’s very pretty.
    Anyway, I hope Sistar continues to shine and produce better songs in the future.

    1. Personally I don’t really mind that Sistar are fairly repetitive. Kpop is a genre that has so many groups that can put out songs of literally any style, so any feeling of consistency can be nice. Sistar has found a niche that works for them, so I don’t really mind that they stick to it. But of course this is a point where personal opinions can differ greatly!

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