Review of Taemin’s Album ”Press It”

My baby boy did so well. He won both polls, getting 25% in the singles poll and 31% in the poll for the best album. Very well done, and since his album got the higher percentage, this is the review my little sweet bunny boy is getting.

It’s been a year and a half since he made his solo debut with ”Danger” and the extended play ”Ace”, and now he is back with a full album! So with no further delay… Let’s see if he can blow my mind. 

Track 1 – Drip Drop

These lyrics are kind of unclear, and on face-value I don’t really know exactly what it’s trying to say. All I know is that it’s all really dirty. It might just be the constant references to things being wet that make me think that way, but well, I’m sticking to that. I sort of liked the song when I first heard it, and I like it more now, but I still don’t absolutely love it. It’s good, but it doesn’t blow my mind.

Track 2 – Press Your Number

(Co-written by Taemin)

You could see this as your standard ”we broke up but now I want you back”-song but I don’t really see it that way. I mean, yes there is all that. But there’s also… so much desire. I don’t know if maybe Taemin really needs to get laid or…? Or if he is getting laid a lot, and it has inspired him..? I don’t know. Now that Taemin is a grown man and then some, he has this innate sensual sexuality to him that I don’t really know where it came from. I like it, but it kind of confuses me. He’s just a baby. Isn’t he?

I liked it at first listen, but definitely not as much as I immediately liked ”Danger”. So not as much as I wanted to. It’s grown on me, but I still don’t love it, which I would like to do.

Track 3 – Soldier 

(Written by Taemin)

As far as I know, this is the first (recorded) song Taemin has written all by himself. And while I do think the English parts in the verses are a bit silly, there is something so pure and honest about this song that it almost made me cry. Somehow it feels like Taemin is just pouring his heart and his mind into mine, and I love it. It’s a lovely song, and somehow it’s just vibrating with ”Taeminness”. It’s so him, in some magical way.

Track 4 – Already

(Written and co-composed by Jonghyun)

Jonghyun is Taemin’s biggest fan, so of course he would write his little brother a song. The minute the song started I could already hear Jonghyun singing it, so I imagined him pitching it, or something, to Taemin and them singing it together. And then I realized, Jonghyun is in there. There are backing vocals here and there in this song and at least some of that is for sure Jonghyun! (I think some of it is Taemin himself, but I’m not a hundred percent sure.) Like take the ”You came to me like a dream, you were like a warm breath to me” part at about 1:52, that is for sure Jonghyun. And he’s in there in some other spots as well. And that gives me a whole bunch of feels. This is a nice song, but I don’t think I would personally ever listen to it…

Track 5 – Guess Who

This is like something that should have been on the ”Misconceptions of Me” album. It’s glorious. That chorus… wow. It’s perfection. Taemin does well with darker concepts, and this is definitely that. I really like it; it might be my favorite so far.

Track 6 – One By One

This is the kind of song that I just somehow know that Taemin will always do, but that I will never really get into. It’s well done and nicely polished, but to me it is kind of boring. Just not my kind of thing.

Track 7 – Mystery Lover

This song is so dreamy and almost fairytale-esque, but still so sensual and sexy. And it makes me want to some weird interpretive dance. Or at least weird flowy hand movements. Very cool, very sexy, very him. Very good. I love that there are references to dancing in like every song, because no matter the situation, Taemin will always dance.

Track 8 – Sexuality

When I first saw the track list this was the song I was the most scared of and most excited about. And it did not disappoint. When I heard that first moan, my jaw just dropped. He went there. Full on out. Young man, who are you sleeping with?! Well whoever it is, good for you. Enjoy yourself, that’s what your 20s are for.

Track 9 – Until Today

Don’t hate yourself, sweetie. Now who hurt my baby?! This song is a little slow for me, but it’s definitely very pretty. I can’t believe this is the same guy that barely used to be able to hold a note… He has come so far and I am so proud. He’s killing the game, y’all.

Track 10 – Hypnosis

(Co-written by IU)

I was afraid he’d round out this album with a ballad, and of course he did. It’s lovely and all that, and IU writes very touching lyrics, but yeah. I’m extremely picky with my ballads, and this one isn’t hitting those very specific notes that I need a ballad to hit.

Final Thoughts

He did well. The single didn’t blow me away, but it’s nice and stable and this is a good album. I’m downloading six out of the ten songs, which for a studio album is a quite good percentage. My favorite song I think would have to be ”Guess Who”, but it’s definitely not in an unchallenged position.

What song did you like the most? Are you as proud of Taemin as I am? Of course you’re not, that’s impossible.



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