Ranking of HyunA’s Singles

I like ranking things, and a few days ago I found myself thinking about HyunA’s singles… HyunA is one of my absolute favorite solo acts in kpop and she is also my fifth favorite female bias. But that doesn’t mean every single she’s put out is flawless, no sir. So, what was best? And which single did not at all show what she is made of?

5. ”Ice Cream” (October 21, 2012)

I wasn’t that big of a fan of HyunA when this came out, I was fairly neutral about her, and this song for sure did not change that. I just do not like it at all. It’s catchy for sure, but it’s also kind of jarring and annoying. Plus this clearly should have been a summer song, yet it was released in October? That doesn’t make much sense. HyunA, babe, you can do so much better.

4. ”Change” (January 4, 2010)

There is a big gap between fifth and fourth place on this list, because I actually really like this. This single was HyunA’s first venture into solo territory, when she was only 17 years old. She was so so much cooler and more badass than I am now at 19, and probably than I’ll ever be. This has more of a hiphop vibe than what most of her solo work has had, and I really like that. And Minho killed that dance.

3. ”Bubble Pop!” (July 5, 2011)

This was my very first introduction to HyunA, and for that summer of 2011 when I was 14, it was my jaaaaaam. I was in kind of a slut shame-y phase though, so I didn’t actually like HyunA herself. I just thought it was an extremely catchy and fun song. And that it still is. Whether I like this or ”Change” more depends on how bright my mood is at the time, but this most often comes out on top, which is why I’m putting it here in the middle.

2. “Roll Deep”/”Because I’m the Best” (August 21, 2015)

This is HyunA’s most recent single, and damn did she kill it! She went more badass bitch than she has ever and she went sexier than she ever has as well. She’s really come into herself as a solo artist, and is now clearly established enough to put out something a bit more provocative, like this clearly is. HyunA is a grown woman, and there is something so unapologetic about her now that is just flawless. It was for sure hard to choose whether this song would or would not come out on top.

1. ”Red” (July 28, 2014)

I’m kind of surprising myself by putting this as her best single, because when it first came out I didn’t like it at all. I thought her voice sounded weird, that the song was disjointed and just in general not good. But as she was promoting it, she completely changed my mind. There’s something that’s so happy about this song, in-between the sexy and badass qualities it also possesses. I love seeing my girl look as happy as she most often did during her performances of this song, and just thinking of that makes me happy too. And it was visually her best era; I don’t think she’s ever looked better.

That’s just my two cents on my girl HyunA’s singles. Do you agree? Which of them do you love/can’t stand?

And I don’t know why I’ve gotten so bad at embedding. WordPress hates me.


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