Top Ten Right Now – March Week 2

Feel free to judge my current taste in music. This is what I voted for on the charts this time around: 

10. Taemin’s ”Press Your Number” (NEW)

9. IMFact’s ”Lollipop” (+1)

8. Kim Jae Joong’s ”Love You More” (-1)

7. Lucky-J’s ”No Love” (NEW)

6. Grace’s ”I’m Fine” (STILL)

5. MAMAMOO’s ”You’re the Best” (+3)

4. WINNER’s ”Sentimental” (NEW)

3. MAMAMOO’s ”1CM” (-2)

2. GFriend’s ”Rough” (+1)

1. Stellar’s ”Sting” (+1)

I finally started liking Taemin’s song enough so that I could vote for it! I try to keep my votes neutral, but not voting for him still made me feel like a very bad fan…. But now he’s here, at last!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Right Now – March Week 2

  1. Every time I see Mamamoo’s music videos, I always wonder the what-ifs of Spica. The two groups are vocally similar, but I feel like Mamamoo has the edge in production.

    Also, their other recent MV 1cm – /making fun of themselves /making fun of unpretty rapstar- was amazing.

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