Top Ten Right Now – February Week 5

I kind of liked doing this last week, it gives you a quick little peak into my preferences right now, and it takes minimal effort for me, which never hurts. So, this is what I voted for this time around: 

10. WINNER’s ”Sentimental” (NEW)

9. GFriend’s ”Rough” (NEW)

8. AoA Cream’s ”I’m Jelly Baby” (+2)

7. Kim Jae Joong’s ”Love You More (+1)

6. Stellar’s ”Sting” (+3)

5. Anda’s ”Taxi” (-3)

4. Cross Gene’s ”Noona, You (-1)

3. Lucky-J’s ”No Love” (+1)

2. IMFact’s ”Lollipop” (-1)

1.MAMAMOO’s ”1CM” (+5)

Do you agree whatsoever? What would you vote for?

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