Review of Ryeowook’s Album ”The Little Prince”

I remember when I first checked the poll for best album of January after I’d posted it and every single album had the same amount of votes. I was chocked; I don’t think that has ever happened in a review poll before. But oh well, eventually this album, Super Junior’s Ryeowook’s solo debut album, pulled ahead and won with a quite astounding 41% of the votes. 

Ryeowook’s debut single was a ballad, so when I first heard it I was not at all motivated to go check out the album. Ballads just aren’t my thing, kids. But I will do it now! For you!

Track 1 – Like a Star

This is a ballad, which bores me, and it’s sad, which I don’t like. Damn you, Ryeowook. I was so happy! Why you got to bring me down, man…. It’s a very pretty song and Ryeowook’s high-pitched and clear voice definitely lends itself well to a song about stars and moonlight and things like that.

Track 2 – The Little Prince

This is the title track, and the song used to promote this album. Ryeowook’s solo debut song. It’s a bit more power ballad-y than the previous track, which works for me, but well, it’s still a ballad. I could see myself maybe growing to like it, as I’ve grown to like certain other ballads, but as of right now… No. It’s just not for me. Ryeowook’s singing is great, and I really like the ”little prince” element in the lyrics.

Track 3 – Hello

Yes! Ryeowook picked up the speed just a bit for this song, and delivered this lovely, catchy and breezy little piece. It’s retro and doo-bopp-y, if that’s a term, and I really like it! It’s not the best song I’ve ever heard, but the fact that it’s not a ballad makes me infinitely happy.

Track 4 – People You May Know

Ballad. Sigh. I do appreciate the idea of basing a song on the feeling of seeing a lost love turn up among ”people you may know” on facebook, for example. It’s a pain for the modern era, but a very real one, and I’m sure loads of people who’ve been through a bad breakup can relate to it. Ryeowook’s voice is once again lovely, but he’s once more singing a ballad, which just can’t win my heart.

Track 5 – Foxy Girl (feat. Din Din)

The name of this song and the fact that it featured a rapper lead me to hope that it would not be a ballad, and I’m glad that it wasn’t. It’s not a very special song, at least not in my eyes, and I’m quite sure that I’ll forget it quickly, but the fact that it’s mid-tempo alone makes it very special to me, for now.

Track 6 – POOM 

(Co-written by Ryeowook)

Of course a largely ballad album also has to end with a ballad. Once again it’s extremely pretty, and Ryeowook perfectly delivers the emotional lyrics that he took part in writing. But… Well… It just is not for me.

Final Thoughts

This is only an extended play, and only includes six songs. And four of those are ballads. That basically makes this album my worst nightmare. They’re all excellently sung, and for someone who really likes ballads I’m sure this is a dream come true. But for me… Not so much. I will download ”Hello”, acknowledge Ryeowook’s vocal power, and then take my leave. There’s not much more I can do.

For you ballad-loving people out there: how did this album hold up? Are these great ballads? They are, aren’t they?



5 thoughts on “Review of Ryeowook’s Album ”The Little Prince”

  1. Ryeowook is my FAVORITE Kpop vocal, the whole album completely SHINED his amazing vocals, his voice is full versatility and variety, which is exactly what this album had. Every track is carefully polished and beautifully sung, he showcased his confidence and passion for singing. I can’t believe SM waited 11 years to give him a solo, but regardless I’m so happy he finally came out with it.
    This album is everything i expected and more, yes it’s mostly ballads but that’s what he does best. He’s amazingly talented, and I can’t wait to see him in concert next month!

  2. I do agree that he did really well, but I’m not sure if I’d say that it’s a very versatile album… Almost all the songs are ballads, and quite similar ones at that. I really like ”Hello” though, I’ve been listening to it a lot!
    And you are so lucky that you can see kpop stars often…

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